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Fernwood Residents Association

Neighbourhood Plan

The residents of Fernwood recognise that their parish will grow considerably over the coming decades, and that they ‘need a strategy for the future, a plan that addresses what we want to achieve and is recognised by all interested bodies especially the developers and Local Authorities. To guarantee a voice for our community which should ensure that our concerns are never neglected.’ The vision for the Neighbourhood Development Plan is to help shape future development to deliver four elements:

  • Developing a strong community – to build on the successes of the already effective user groups, and to provide a framework of opportunities which recognises the needs of all residents.
  • Encouraging the growth of a business environment – in keeping with the planning aspirations of the current commercial business park, and is geared to provide employment opportunities for the growing Fernwood community.
  • Monitoring of the planned new build programme – so that any future development reflects the current nature of the village and the desires of residents.
  • Promotes the village as a desirable place to live – by protecting its natural fauna and flora as well as the maintenance of the built environment and the attendant facilities, so that the village will continue to appeal as an attractive, welcoming and sought after place to live. To deliver this vision, the Plan has set out 10 initial draft objectives critical to success.

The Neighbourhood Plan has now been produced for the Village of Fernwood. This looks forward over the next 15 years. 

The plan can now be viewed here: http://www.hugofox.com/community/fernwood-neighbourhood-plan-7892