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Fernwood Residents Association

Reporting Incidents

Fernwood NHW is aware that there have been some incident's of ASB involving young children and teenagers in groups.  Some of the teenagers involved live in Fernwood and some from Balderton and Newark.  These incident's are a cause for concern, not only due to the noise, but also the verbal abuse residents' receive and the total disregard for property which is displayed by these groups.

Could we therefore ask for your support in combating this behaviour by carrying out the following:

  1. If you take walks around Fernwood, please make Ruby's Walk and the recreation ground part of your route.
  2. If you feel it's necessary, challenge teenagers there asking them who they are, where they are from and what they are doing.
  3. Email fernwoodnhws@gmail.com any abuse received.
  4. If you identify any of these individuals make them aware that complaints have been received and possibly highlight the error of their ways, also inform them that if any further reports are received, their parents will be informed.
  5. Report names through email to fernwoodnhws@gmail.com

 Whilst we understand that a large proportion of residents are not affected by incidents of this type, it is very important that the majority support the minority who are.  Please pass this information on to your neighbours and friends, and ask them to do the above if they are walking in and around these areas.