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Fiskerton cum Morton

Fiskerton cum Morton CP
Address Fiskerton House Main Street Fiskerton NG25 0UL
Description T1 - Cedrus atlantica - Mature - Crown clean: removed deadwood >25mm, diseased and crossing branches Crown lift: give 4 metres clearance above ground level to facilitate site usage T2 - Conifer - Early-mature - Heavily suppressed by adjacent trees, unworthy of retention. Re-plant in a more suitable location with a Acer brilliantissimum Sectional dismantle to ground level and saw logs into 10" lengths T3 - Fagus sylvatica - Mature - Selective crown reduction: remove branches trespassing into neighbouring trees within reason, limit pruning cuts to 75mm dia. Crown lift above highway to give 5.2m clearance T4 - Acer psuedoplatanus - Mature - Co-dominant stem at 4 metres Semi lapsed pollard Re-pollard to knuckles End height 10 metre T5 - Aesculus x hippocastanum - Mature - Re-pollard to end height of 9m T6 - Tilia x europaea - early-mature - Re-pollard to end height of 11m T7 - Pinus sylvestris - Mature - Reduce end weighted limbs to south west by 0.5 metre to alleviate some biomechanical stress and a 20% thin Prop limb to south adjacent to boundary wall to mitigate the probability of foreseeable failure Crown clean: remove dead >25mm, diseased and crossing branches throughout crown G1 - Pinus spp. & Acer spp - Acer spp: Semi mature - initate pollard, reduce height by 5 metres and spread by 2 metres Pinus spp: Deadwood throughout, poor form and heavily supressed by neighbouring pine. Sectional dismantle to ground level and saw logs into 10" lengths
Status Decided
Decision Application Permitted
Received Date 15 Mar 18
Updated Date 16 Apr 18
Validated Date 16 Mar 18
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