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Information about Over 80’s COVID-19 Vaccinations

By Lynn Holland Fiskerton-cum-Morton Parish Council

Thursday, 24 December 2020


Fiskerton-cum-Morton Parish Council Contributor


The RollestonJunction
Important Announcement:
People aged 80 or over can now get an appointment for Covid vaccinations at either Kings Mill Hospital in Mansfield, or QMC Hospital in Nottingham. When you call you will need your NHS number and your date of birth.
The numbers are:
Kings Mill Hospital:
QMC Nottingham:
Please bear in mind you may be an appreciable time on the phone. However, we hear that some people have received their Covid vaccinations already by using this facility - so it’s worth your patience holding on.
Please can you alert your neighbours or other residents who may not use email as soon as possible?
Should you get an appointment and require a lift - please contact one of the Rolleston Covid Co-ordinators and we will organise transport:
Pati Colman : 01636 813260 or 07786 937266
Thea Chaaban : 07956 452930
Amanda Beswick: 01636 819583 or 07779 561934
The Editorial Team
Telephone: 01636 812936
Email :

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