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Our Neighbourhood Plan has received your overwhelming support

 On 12 December 2019 451 residents voted YES in the Fiskerton-cum-Morton Neighbourhood Plan Referendum with 82 voting NO. 

Thank you for your backing this plan. A big thanks also to the many residents who contributed to this process.



Neighbourhood Plan - Referendum Thursday 12th December

Newark and Sherwood District Council (NSDC) have confirmed the date of the Referendum as Thursday 12th December to coincide with the General Election.

The question which will be asked is:

‘Do you want Newark and Sherwood District Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Fiskerton-cum-Morton to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?’

This is a very special moment for our villages which is the culmination of over two years hard work and consultation. The Parish Council and Steering Group hope that all eligible residents will vote in support of the Neighbourhood Plan.
I would like to thank all of you for contributing to this fantastic community exercise which has produced a plan we can be proud of and
will help to shape our future over the next 15 years. Paper copies of the Neighbourhood Plan can be viewed at the Bromley,  Full Moon and Village Shop from Monday 25 November 2019. All documents can be viewed using the following link, and the Referendum Version of the Neighbourhood Plan is available below.

Rob Lancaster

Chair of the FCM Parish Council and Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

Neighbourhood Plan- Regulation 16 Submission 

Thank you for your opinions and comments on the Draft Neighbourhood Plan and all additional documents. The Steering Group has analysed all responses and have amended the documents accordingly. 

Your comments have been recorded in the Consultation Statement, which contains the Steering Group's response and amendments made to the Plan and documents in response to each specific comment.
On Monday 15th April, the Steering Group presented the amended Plan and documents to the Fiskerton-cum-Morton Parish Council, which resolved to submit the Neighbourhood Plan and documents to Newark and Sherwood District Council. You will find the Submission Version of the Neighbourhood Plan and all other documents supporting the plan below, including the Consultation Statement and Basic Conditions Statement.

You will have a chance to provide further comments on the submitted Neighbourhood Plan and documents as part of Regulation 16 Consultation, a 6-week consultation organised and managed by Newark and Sherwood District Council. Regulation 16 Consultation is expected to start in early May; additional information on the consultation and how to provide your feedback will be available on NSDC website in due course. 
Following this Consultation, the Plan, all additional documents and collected comments will be submitted to an Independent Examiner for examination. The Examiner may recommend amendments to the Plan. If the Plan meets all basic conditions, the Examiner will recommend that the plan proceeds to the Referendum stage.

The Referendum will be organised by NSDC: it will be successful if supported by the simple majority of the people voting (there is no quorum). If approved, the Plan will be ‘made’ by NSDC, becoming material consideration for all future planning applications.

Please find below the Fiskerton-cum-Morton Neighbourhood Plan and all additional documents for the Regulation 16 Consultation. 

Fiskerton cum Morton What is a Neighbourhood Plan?


What is a Neighbourhood Plan?
Neighbourhood Plans allow local people to take control over the future of their area. It will include a vision for the future of our villages, that may be delivered by a number of policies and projects.The Neighbourhood Plan is a legal document that will be used by officers at the Newark & Sherwood District Council when determining planning applications and by developers wishing to build in the area in conjunction with the National Planning Policy Framework and the NSDC adopted Local Plan.
Importantly, the entire content of the Neighbourhood Plan must be based on what local people have said they wish to see happen and change in the area, with these views collected through a comprehensive engagement programme that includes all members of the local community.
What can the Neighbourhood Plan do?
The Neighbourhood Plan will control the use of land within the local area over a long period, for the next 15 years. The Plan could cover where new homes, shops or employment opportunities should go; what they might be or look like; what community facilities should be protected and provided; and which green spaces should be protected and improved.
How can you get involved?
A Steering Group made up of local residents is already established, this will lead on producing the Neighbourhood Plan and is an open group that anyone who lives in the area can join, at anytime.
No previous experience or specific skills are required, just a passion for our area and being comfortable speaking with other local residents to discuss the future of our villages. If this is something you may be interested then please contact the Steering Group using the following contact details:
Hilary Gibbins
Phone: 07486 031131This section provides important information about what a Neighbourhood Plan is, why it Is important and how local residents can get involved.

There is lots of information available to view online:

A number of local communities in Newark and Sherwood have produced Neighbourhood Plans, these can be viewed on the Council’s website: