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Fleet United Bowling Club


Internal Club Tournaments

During the outdoor season the club holds a mix of knockout and league tournaments open to all full members of the club.


The Summer Competitions have been reviewed by the Comp. Sec. over the past few months. His report was considered carefully at the February. GC Meeting, and certain changes approved. In summary, the Beginners Comp.(BC), Wednesday afternoon Roll-Up (RU) Comps., and the Closed Tournament (CT)Triples Comp., will cease. It should be noted however that the Wednesday afternoon roll up themselves will continue without the underlying Comps., hopefully with even greater numbers involved in the middle of the week.

An exciting new replacement Comp. will be introduced, the  'ACHIEVERS' SINGLES, with a Final on the Finals Weekend. The particular characteristic of this new Comp. will be that entry will be restricted to those who have not previously won any Singles or Pairs Summer Comp. in this, or any other, Club. This will address a gap in the current range of Comps., providing an extra opportunity for a significant proportion of bowlers in the Club, whether new or much more experienced.  In contrast to the complex weekly RU Comps.' assessment, and the similarly more complex initial league structure of the BS, it will have a very easily understood knockout format as with most other Comps.

The Two-Wood Drawn Triples ['TWDT', now, effectively, incorporating the similar CT Triples] will become an 'all-season' league-based Comp., with entry via the normal Comp. Entry Form at the start of the season. Most matches are likely to take place in the quieter second half of the season when the Green is less used, and players have fewer matches to play. The Final will be on a normally 'quiet' weekday beyond the Finals Weekend. The Drawn Pairs (DP) will continue on an 'all-day' basis but be moved to a new regular late season 'slot', again, as with the 'TWDP', on a normally 'quiet' weekday, this time specifically in the last week of the season, becoming the final Comp. to be completed in the Summer. The changes will also provide opportunities in the future for more Friendlies on the extra vacant Weekend dates now created earlier in the season. 

The individual tournaments and round by round results have been removed from the website.

Below is a summary of the Finals Weekend results:

Internal Competition Results


Open Singles

Phil Mitton v Dennis Oakley >21-19

Ladies Singles 

June Messenger v Karen Vout > 20-21

Mens Singles

Mick wiltshire v David Fox > 5-21

2-Wood Singles

Dennis Oakley v David Wood > 21-18

Open Handicap Singles 

Dennis Oakley v Chris Sawyer > 26-21

(Chris Wins - dennis needed 27) 

Ladies Pairs 

Brenda Grout/Joan Wood v Pam Whittaker/Janice Doran > 20-8

Mixed Pairs

Richard Edwards/Pauline McCormack v

Brenda Grout/David Wood >25-15

Mens Pairs 

David Fox/David Wood v Phil Mitton/Bob Grout > 26-9


Janice Doran v  Bob Jesse > 21-20

Achievers singles

Bob Jesse  v Craig Handyside > 15-21