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Fleet United Bowling Club

Tea & Cleaning Rotas

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Cleaning Rota

Please will the first named make sure your "team" are aware of the date.

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Please Note: All Rotas published on the web site are "as published" and do not include subsequent changes made between individual members.

Tea Rota

The Tea Rota for 2018 will be updated after the publication of the 2018 Summer Fixtures

Will the first named please make sure that all members of the "team" are aware of the date.

It is the responsibility of each member of the "team" to provide cakes the cost of which will be reimbursed.

Cleaning Rota Short Mat 2017-2018

Date Lead Cleaner 2 Cleaner 3

30 Sep

J Messenger

R Messenger

C Phillips

14 Oct

L Pownall

B Bloomfield

J Love

28 Oct

J Brown

S Thompson

T Pike

11 Nov

A Heath

D Turner

S Murphy

25 Nov

J Wood

A Mortimer

D Matthews

16 Dec

J Doran

D McGee

J Campbell

13 Jan 2018

M M-Sylvester

V Sylvester

C Shaverin

27 Jan

B Lax

M Young

M Childs

10 Feb

H Jesse

E Williams

A Williams

24 Feb

R Edwards

C Walker

J Humphries

10 Mar

L Naylor

C Handyside

M Handyside

26/27 Mar

G Cotterill

A Duffell

F Duffell

7/8 Mar

J Kennedy

K Owen

H Lister

Catering Rota Summer 2017

Date Caterer 1 Caterer 2 Bar

30 April

Jennie Kennedy

Mike Kennedy

Richard Edwards

6 May

Sue Gray

Neil Gray

Gilbert Black

13 May

June Messenger

Peter Holliday

Brian Danks

20 May

Linda Naylor

Harry Lister

Phil Mitton

28 May

Marie Sylvester

Vic Sylvester

Peter Matthews

3 June

Pam Whittaker

John Bryan

Keith Owen

18 June

Doreen Coward

Ron Coward

Dennis Eldred

25 June

Joyce Brown

Mel Honeywood

Tony Pike

1 July

Janice Doran

Margaret Hughes

Alan Cooke

2 July

Jenny Harvey

John Matthews

Harry Lister

15 July

Carole Newman

Chris Phillips

Ian White

16 July

Beryl Lax

Michael Young

John Love

22 July

Linda Pownall

David McGee

Alan Heath

26 July

Carol Pritchard

Neil Pritchard

Gordon Griffiths

30 July

Pauline McCormack

Morley Glover

Trevor Sawyer

12 Aug

Margaret Makepiece

Chris Walker

David Plunkett

13 Aug

Joan Wood

Leonard Lawrence

Chris Shaverin

20 Aug

Jean Matthews

Dick Matthews

Tom Whitman

10 Sep

Carol Simmons

Chris Sawyer

Shaun Murphy