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Freeland Parish Council

Committees & Rotas

Internal Audit

Membership: 2017/18: Peter Newell and Jane Linnell

Terms of Reference:   To examine all aspects of the financial arrangements operated by the Parish Council with particular reference to the following:

1) Sources of funding and how they are received and banked

2) Payment of cheques

3) Handling of cash

4) Payment to employess

5) Internal audit systems, their application and effectiveness.


Footpath Rota

Membership:  All Councillors

Terms of Reference:   To ensure the continuance of the Public Rights of Way in Freeland, by walking Footpaths FP-3 to FP-10 and Bridleways BR-1 and BR-2, using a monthly rota.


March FP5                               Peter Foster

April FP6                                 Tim Webster

May FP 7 & 10                         Jane Linnell

June FP8 & 9                         Peter Newell

July     BR1                            Mary Ann Canning

Aug      BR2                            Bill Phillips

Sept.    FP3                            Robert Crocker                      

Oct.     FP4                             Matthew Ruddle

Please make notes in small blue book.

Please make alternative arrangements with another

Councillor if you are unable to check the footpath.                


Garden of Remembrance Working Group

Membership: Peter Newell (Chairman), Bill Phillips, Mary Ann Canning, Matthew Ruddle and Tim Webster.

Terms of Reference:   To expedite the further development of the new Garden of Remembrance, reporting back to Council at appropriate intervals for ratification of major proposals.


Planning Team

Council planning advisory team: Peter Newell, Jane Linnell, Mary Ann Canning & Peter Foster

Terms of Reference:   To inspect planning applications submitted through WODC, to liaise with the WODC Planning Department and to report to the Parish Council.


Play Equipment Inspection Rota

Membership:  All Councillors

Terms of Reference:   To inspect the condition of the play equipment on the playing field and to report back to Council with recommendations.


Freeland Parish Council Committees & Rotas