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Freeland Parish Council

Contact Details


Lisa Smith  Tel: 01993-880-067   66 Broadmarsh Lane   Email:lisa.fpc@gmail.com


Chairman: Peter Newell  Tel: 01993-881-792   42 Wroslyn Road   Email: witney42-website@yahoo.co.uk

Vice-Chairman: Robert Crocker, Tel: 01993-881-942   Glebe Farm, The Green  Email: robertcrocker@btconnect.com

Mary Ann Canning,  Tel: 01993-881-027   2 Blenheim Lane   Email: maryann@russcanning.co.uk

Peter Foster, Tel: 01993 881-273   2a Blenheim Lane, Email: peterfoster112@gmail.com

Jane Linnell  Tel: 01993-882-654   35 Pigeon House Lane  Email:  janelinnell@tiscali.co.uk

Bill Phillips   Tel: 01993-882-169   12 Church View  Email: bill.phillips@retired.ox.ac.uk

Matthew Ruddle Tel:01993-359-543   138 Wroslyn Road  Email: ruddlem@gmail.com

Tim Webster  Tel: 01993-881-430   Freeland Nurseries,  Freeland Gardens Cottage  Email: freeland.nurseries@tiscali.co.uk

District Councillors:

Colin Dingwall,  Tel: 07980 926535;    New Inn Cottage, Crawley, WITNEY, OX29 9TS  

Email: colin.dingwall@westoxon.gov.uk       

Carol Reynolds  Tel: 01993 200745   Mobile: 07872 676732, 57 Woodstock Road, Witney, Oxon OX28 1EB  

Email: carol.reynolds@westoxon.gov.uk

County Councillor:

Liam Walker Tel:  07850 014350

Email: Liam.Walker2@oxfordshire.gov.uk

Webpage: https://www.liam-walker.com

Updated 17/03/2015

Freeland Parish Council Contact Details
Freeland Parish Council Contact Details