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Freeland Parish Council

Freeland Garden of Remembrance

The garden is being designed for remembering and contemplating departed loved ones, with areas for the scattering or interment of ashes.  It is hoped that it will be a welcoming place to visit, regardless of whether people have relatives' ashes interred or scattered there.  

The Parish Council are responsible for maintenance of the garden and work is planned to be completed in 2018.

It is situated on the strip of land between the allotments and Wroslyn Road.  This area was formerly designated and constructed as a burial ground (see section on "Proposed Cemetery 1996 - 2014) but in 2014 it became apparent that, under current regulations of the Environment Agency, it is unsuitable for burials due to its high water table and only ashes of the departed could be buried or scattered there.  (See the Cemetery Report 2014). 

Two alternative schemes for the garden were initially prepared by Councillor Mary Ann Canning and after wide consultation one of these - the more informal option - was agreed by the Parish Council in 2016.

This agreed option is envisaged as an orchard within a meadow. The trees form a regular grid but the layout under them is curved, with areas of mown grass.  Lavender edged gardens will be situated at 3 points within the garden, with a central larger area and 2 subsidiary areas at the extremities.  

An entrance arch will form a gateway into the garden and some form of shelter or gazebo is to be be included to provide a more secluded area for contemplation.

The paved areas within these sitting areas would allow for memorial stones and possibly more elaborate monuments if requested.

Flat memorial stones would be laid along the edges of the surfaced paths through the meadow, which could be mown over for ease of maintenance. Ashes could also be scattered in the meadow areas.

The image below gives an idea of the layout and type of planting to be included.

Attached are the costs of the project and proposed fees as well as the proposed entrance arch and external signs

It is anticipated that the Garden will be open for use in September 2018

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