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Friary Bowling Club

Chairman's Message

As I write this letter, it is a beautiful sunny day (though pretty cold) and the green is looking wonderful. Congratulations to the green team, now strengthened by Moray Mackintosh.  You will also notice a new, very smart, window in the kitchen, and there have been a number of essential repair and maintenance jobs completed.  We look forward to a good playing season in 2016.  We are still unsure about how many leagues we are going to be able to manage.  At the time of writing, we have enough players for the Ladies S & D and the Whitchurch League, and Alan is counting heads for the Men's S & D.

Those of you who were at the AGM will recall that we became aware this year that, because the club is registered with CASC (a branch of HMRC) a few parts of our constitution needed to be changed.  The committee has taken the opportunity to make some other changes, mainly acknowledging the changes that have occurred anyway in our activities since the current constitution came into force.  We have discussed these changes at length, both at meetings and via email, and have received the constant and valuable professional support of Ralph Maingot.  Our final proposals are included with this newsletter.  Having been discussed so much, I don't believe that we have any major things wrong, but please read it now and let Pat or myself know if there is anything you are unhappy about.  There is still time for minor tweeks.  The Spring Meeting will start with a Special General Meeting at which you will be asked to vote in favour of accepting the new constitution.  We hope that, with all the work which has already gone into it and this opportunity for you to point out anything that we may have missed, we will not have to spend too long in discussing it at that meeting.

Finally, my thanks again to everyone of you who provides voluntary support on the green, in the kitchen and around the clubhouse.  The club couldn't survive without all this unpaid labour.

                                                                                  David Barber