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  • A maximum of 6 players may attend each session but only 4 players may play at any one time (i.e. we will play pairs, not triples).
  • Players must pre-book each session using the booking system on the Friary Bowling Club website.  Details of players attending a session will also be used for NHS Test & Trace in the event of any player testing positive for Covid-19.
  • To provide adequate ventilation the entrance door and the doors to the annex must remain open whilst playing.
  • Players should use the hand sanitiser provided before playing.
  • It is recommended that players wear a face covering whilst in the club house.
  • Shared equipment (mats, jack, block, and scoreboard) should be sanitised before and after each session.  Players may also wish to sanitise their woods if other players will touch them, e.g. to remove them from the ditch.
  • In each game only one player should touch the mats, jack, block and scoreboard.
  • Only use chalk spray to mark touchers.
  • Only one person should use the kitchen at any one time.


1st October 2020