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Reopening Guidance

Guidance for the reopening of the club

The Government has announced that bowling clubs can reopen, subject to severe restrictions, and we have now received guidance from Bowls England about how to reopen safely.  Please read the Bowls England guidance in conjunction with the information below. 

We have set a provisional date of Saturday 20th June to reopen the club to those members who have paid their annual subscription.  In order to comply with the Government rules and Bowls England guidance we will have to materially change the way in which we operate, and this page explains how we will implement the Bowls England advice when we reopen.

Booking a Rink

The guidance requires that rinks must be booked ahead of players arriving at the club.  We have established an on-line booking system that can be accessed via the club’s website.  This means that you will be able to book a rink without visiting the club.

Playing formats

You may play alone, with members of your own household or support bubble, or with up to three other members of the club who are not members of your household or support bubble.  So individual practice, singles games, or pairs games will be possible, but not triples. 

You may also play with any number of members of your own household or members of your support bubble who are not members of the club.  No green fees will be payable by such non members.

Please stay at least 2 metres apart from all other players, unless a member of your household or support bubble, at all times.

Please arrive at the green dressed ready to play (there is no dress code) so that you need to change only your shoes when at the green.

Although government guidance does now permit spectators the committee advises against spectators due to the difficulty in keeping 2 metres apart when using the perimeter path.  Any spectators who are present should use the raised terrace area and keep 2 metres apart from the players and other spectators.


The clubhouse is closed and must only be used to collect your bowling bags and to collect and return parking permits.

If you want to wash your hands please do not do so in the kitchen but use the toilets and use the paper towel roll provided to dry your hands.

No refreshments will be available in the clubhouse so please bring any drinks that you require with you but do not consume them in the clubhouse or use the club’s crockery, cutlery or any other kitchen equipment.

Please change your shoes outside of the clubhouse.


Apart from our woods, the only equipment that we will take onto the green is mats and jacks.  We will not be using pushers, scoreboards, ditch markers, measuring sticks or chalk.

The mats and jacks will be placed under the veranda.  The equipment shed will remain locked and should not be used.

We will provide a cleaning station under the veranda with anti-bacterial spray, hand sanitiser and a paper towel roll.  Please clean mats and jacks and use the hand sanitiser both before and after your game.  In line with Bowls England guidance we will not be providing a bin so please take all your rubbish, including used paper towels, home with you (you might want to bring a bag for this purpose).

Please also clean your parking permit with anti-bacterial spray both when you collect it and when you return it.


The toilets will be left unlocked so you will not need to collect or return the key.

On occasions it may be necessary to close part of the perimeter path because it becomes slippery but otherwise please only walk around the perimeter path in a clockwise direction (i.e. going from the clubhouse to the toilet take the path adjacent to the garden and then adjacent to the hedge at the far end and return by the path adjacent to the fence and then along the front of the clubhouse).

It is recommended that you either clean door handles after using them or use a clean piece of tissue to avoid touching the handle.


None of this is ideal but it will at least give us a chance to play on the green that we have worked so hard to create.

The Government rules and/or Bowls England guidance may change over time and we will amend our procedures to reflect any such changes.

Enjoy your games.