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Friary Bowling Club

Money Matters

As you might expect, during the winter months our outgoings tend to be much more than our income, since it is the time when we carry out maintenance on the buildings, green and equipment.  Fortunately this winter has been much less expensive than last, when we had major work done on both the green and the clubhouse roof.

This year, so far, we have spent £1850 on green maintenance and £833 on buildings and mower repairs.

Our only significant income this financial year has come from the raffle at the annual dinner, and the December coffee morning which raised £120 and £145.90 respectively.  Thanks to all who contributed.  There will be another coffee morning on 4th March to boost our funds until this year's subscriptions come in.

At the AGM it was agreed that subscriptions for 2016 would be the same as 2015.  £120.00 for full members and £5.00 for locker rental.

                                                                                                                                    Ron Cain