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2020 Club Pairs Leagues - Rules & Teams

Rules of the League

Dress - Greys

Either player in the team may play skip for a game and the skip may be changed for subsequent games. 

1) The games will be 4-wood pairs.  Two points will be awarded for a win and one point for a draw.

2) No visiting the head.

3) One shot on the first two ends.

4) Length of the game is 15 ends

5) Dead ends will be replayed.  If the last end is killed, 4 shots will be awarded against the team killing the end.

6) Should a team not be ready to play within 15 minutes of the start of the session they will incur a shot penalty to be determined by the management! (e.g. 1 shot will be awarded to the non-offending team for every end not played up to 15 ends.  i.e. If only 11 ends are completed the opposition will be awarded an extra 4 shots.  Subject to review.)

7) In the event of inclement weather a game may be postponed by one of the teams or, for all games, by the greenkeeper.  A postponed game should be rescheduled with the agreement of both teams preferably within the week before the next game.  In this instance, a rink should be reserved via Mike G in the usual online system.

8) Both "divisions" have weeks when a team(s) is not playing.  In the Monday group two teams are not playing in certain weeks.  These teams may arrange to play each other should they wish (a rink has been reserved) but the result will not count in the final table.


Frome Selwood Bowling Club 2020 Club Pairs League

Monday Teams 6.00pm

Frome Selwood Bowling Club 2020 Club Pairs League

Saturday Teams 2.00pm

Frome Selwood Bowling Club 2020 Club Pairs Leagues - Rules & Teams