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Short Mat Club History

Wyrral Park Short Mat Club came into being as a result of a conversation in August 1997 by three of the ladies of Wyrral Park Bowls Club.   They were discussing what to do in the winter of 1997/8 because the cost of indoor bowls at Tor Leisure had been increased significantly so as to make it non-viable to run.
That winter the old indoor mat was cut up and bound to make two short mats and used in Tor Leisure - and so the Club was born.  In early 1999 the venue at Tor Leisure was flooded because of a leaking roof and so a search ensued to find a new venue.   The only one suitable was The Leisure Centre at St Dunstan's School where we had been until 2018.  In September 2018 we moved this session to Walton Village Hall, meeting on a Friday evening from September through to March.  

Over the years the Club has expanded and we now also meet in Godney Village Hall on Tuesday afternoon during the winter period.
Over the years the Club has been successful and now has some 35 members, most of whom also bowl outdoors in the summer at Wyrral Park Bowls Club.

The Club has two teams in the Mendip Short Bowls League.