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Short Mat FAQs

Short mat bowls can be enjoyed by people of all ages.  It is played on a flat 45ft by 6ft carpet. The aim is simple - to get your bowls as close as possible to a small yellow ball called the "jack".  Because it is low impact sport, bowlers are able to continue playing for many years.

Why get into  bowls?  It is an accessible game that`s quick to learn and combines gentle physical activity with precision and patience.  
Who is it for?    Played indoors, typically in sports halls or village halls, bowls can be played by all ages and abilities
What if I want a proper workout?  It is not very physical but It can help to improve muscle strength, flexibility and endurance,  
Can I take it to another level?  It can be played at a competitive level, for those who want more of a challenge. As with any sport or skill to it demands determination, concentration and practice to play consistently well.
Is there a  disability option?  It is a non-contact sport which is enjoyed by all, including people with moderate disabilities.
How can I join Wyrral Park Short Mat Bowls Club?  Use the contact form on the Contact page.