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Coronavirus precautions

Let’s not panic - but let’s take precautions

Our age group is more vulnerable than most - and we may have existing respiratory weaknesses.

Be aware

When we touch surfaces, door handles, handrails etc used by others we could contact the virus.

Do NOT touch your face, mouth, nose and eyes particularly when eating/drinking.

Take precautions

Frequent and thorough handwashing with soap and water, rinsing away any virus you may have contacted.

When out, take a hand sanitiser (60%+ alcohol) with you and apply to all parts of your hands.

Keep your distance (2m+) from others, avoid confined spaces and coughing/sneezing people.

If YOU sneeze/cough do it into a paper tissue and bin it.

Watch out for symptoms

This virus is new. We have no natural antibodies, but countermeasures are being devised.

The main symptoms are said to be 

Fever sweat/high temperature,   

dry continuous cough,  

restricted difficult breathing, 

loss of sense of taste or smell 

other symptoms could be headaches and muscle aches and possible diarrhea

What to do if you think that you may have symptoms and/or they are worsening

Only you know what is normal for you.

Go onto official website

Phone 111

Follow the advice -  don’t go to hospital, doctors, or the chemist initially

Isolate yourself at home with a phone handy

Keep up to date with the latest Government instructions and advice