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Gordano Probus is run by a management committee democratically elected, by its members, at each Annual General Meeting.

The current committee follows

Probus Committee 2020/21

Chairman - Chris Parsons

Immediate Retiring Chairman - Jack Lewis

Vice-Chairman - Jeff Salter

Secretary - Jim Bougnague

Treasurer - Ivan Button

Asst. Secretary -  vacant

Asst. Treasurer - Tony Everett

Welfare Officer - Harry Clemence

Speaker Secretary - Paul Williams

Press Secretary - Bryan Stokes

Webmasters - Chris Parsons and Bryan Stokes

Committee - Mike Lockett, Graham Biggs, John Hewett,  Colin Burgin,  Brian Royden

Accounts Examiner - Paul Williams or Jack Lewis  

Updated - Apr 2020 -  subject to confirmation when 2019/20 AGM takes place