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Gordano Probus Club gives a high priority to the welfare and support of its members and their families who experience bereavement, illness or other distress. All club members share the responsibility for ensuring that the Welfare Officer and the Committee are kept up to date with news.

Contact is maintained with those members who are unable to attend club events through illness or infirmity. Our Welfare Officer, or others, may make contact with members who are in welfare need.

Monthly reports are given at our meetings to make other club members aware of who is in need of help or assistance. In times of urgency, information can be passed to members by phone or by email.

If you know of any member who is in need of help then please contact the Welfare Officer, Secretary, or any Committee member. Their contact details will be found in your membership booklet.

Members and their families have expressed their appreciation for the support Gordano Probus has offered in the past.