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Great Lumley Bowls Club

... so friendly and inviting

Hi Folks,

Thought I'd drop a word about the Great Lumley Bowling Club. Having played indoor at the Chester le Street Park View rink, only for the powers that be to close the venue, I needed to find an alternate club. The outdoor season was just starting so it was an ideal time to look around. I considered and tried out local clubs and although each club had benefits to offer, the Lumley club members were so friendly and inviting that I had now found my new “home”. What a joy it was just to turn up on a  Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday afternoon without having to pre book. These are the regular “jumbles” days when we all draw lots to make up small teams and play a “round robin”, playing a set number of ends against each of the other teams. No one is too bothered about winning and if you don't happen to then you'll have probably enjoyed the game just as well. The “banter “ can be hilarious when someone plays an extremely good shot or bad one or even played an outrageous fluke; all in the game.

New players can try out for three visits at a very small fee and someone is always there to help newcomers, and if and when you join the club as a member the annual fee is very cheap indeed. You can't play indoors at this price. With luck and time available I may find myself playing team matches against other local clubs this next year. Oh, I nearly forgot about the half time biscuits or cakes and tea and coffee etc. Just have to do your turn occasionally washing up or drying. I must mention the ladies, we all need them, and ours are extremely good at organising this, that and the other; who could do without them. I was pleased to have one of my “Park View” friends joining the club and like me, he doesn't like to miss a game. Get yourself along next season and enjoy some good friendships as well as the bowling.   Best regards to all, Brian Fairless.