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Greyhound Rescue West of England

Care Guidelines

Our fact sheets are provided to offer support and advice to new owners or those considering a rescue dog from GRWE. Simply click on the title of each to download a copy to your computer. Please remember that the fact sheets are for personal use and information only.

We have also put together answers to questions we are often asked regarding homing a greyhound or a lurcher. Please click here to download a copy.

For a copy of GRWE's training and behavioural advice, please click here.

For a video training guide for young sighthounds, please click here.

GRWE does not recommend the use of flexi/extendable leads as we do not consider them suitable for sighthounds.

GRWE does not, under any circumstances, support or condone the use of shock collars.

If your GRWE dog is experiencing any problems settling into his new home, you can check the fact sheets to see if your questions are answered here.

If not, please email the Behavioural Support Team or phone your home visitor, or our helpline, 07000 785 092 (referral service), and you will have access to free advice from an Open College Network accredited dog behaviourist used to working with rescue greyhounds and lurchers.

Remember – don’t struggle alone, we are here to help you and your dog!

Fact Sheet 1 - Getting Help

Fact Sheet 2 - Bringing Your New Dog Home

Fact Sheet 3 - Your First Night

Fact Sheet 4 - Feeding Your Dog

Fact Sheet 5 - Rescue Dogs and Food

Fact Sheet 6 - Responsible Ownership

Fact Sheet 7 - Greyhound Care and Health

Fact Sheet 8 - Homing a Dog with Young Children

Fact Sheet 9 - Homing a New Dog with Other Dogs

Fact Sheet 10 - When You Go Out

Fact Sheet 11 - The Indoor Kennel or Dog Crate

Fact Sheet 12 - Cats and Other Small Animals

Fact Sheet 13 - Puppies

Fact Sheet 14 - Emergency Stop

Fact Sheet 15 - Homing Young Greyhounds and Lurchers

Fact Sheet 16 - My Dog Doesn't Like To Play!
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