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Greyhound Trust Shropshire & Borders Comanche

Comanche, racing name Mo Cara Comanche, is a 3 yr old (DOB 16/07/2019) black and white greyhound who is looking for his new home with us. He's a playful young lad who gets on well with children and most other dogs. He walks nicely on the lead, travels well in the car and enjoys a day out with you.   He's a lovely boy and quite playful, he loves his toys so would appreciate a bit of a garden to fling his teddies about in. He is very loving and enjoys a fuss and a cuddle, he can be a bit of a thief around food so will need someone prepared to work on this or clear their work tops! He would love a home with another female greyhound or larger female dog, he's reluctantly let my young greyhound girl run off with his toys too! 

Comanche needs an experienced owner, he has been in a home for a few weeks, he was house trained but did show a few signs of separation anxiety but this could have been due to settling in to his first taste of home life. He would be best with someone who is around much of the day or with another dog. Although he is good on the lead and around other dogs most of the time, he has shown that he has a bit of an issue with small fluffy dogs that run around him or come up barking and bouncing about him. We would advise that he wears a muzzle on his walks as this will keep him and everyone else safe and is with someone who is aware of his body language. Comanche is not cat friendly, but could live with older children provided they are not allowed to walk him. He does also have the most amazing ears!!