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Greyhound Trust Shropshire & Borders


Meet Rupert, he is a real character and will definitely put a smile on you face! He has been with us three years now and we can't understand why no one loves him like we do! Rupert raced as Redley Rooster and had over 130 races. Born in Oct 2010 (7yrs old now) and on the smaller side for a lad, Rupert came to us direct from the track vet as his trainer decided to have him put to sleep!! 

Rupert has been in private kennels for over two and a half years now has become a firm favorite with his careers who sadly can't adopt him as he doesn't get on with the resident cat! Rupert is very playful and loves his toys, he is so much fun and we cannot stress enough how lovable he is! He loves having a fuss and if allowed will climb onto your lap or sofa to make the most of it! Rupert has become a firm favorite with everyone who meets him but he would dearly love his own home. He is a special boy, but after such a long racing career he still has the instinct to chase small furries - cats, rabbits, squirrels and sometimes small dogs. He doesn't like dogs barking at him or ones that run up off the lead, but has proved with careful introductions that he can make friends with other dogs. Rupert would  ideally be suited to a person or family who are happy that he may need to wear a muzzle on his walks while they continue to work on his socialisation and get to know him. 

Rupert has been fostered in a home environment and was clean in the house and loved the sofa, he is very lovable and all he wants is to be able to cuddle up to you and have a fuss.  He would make an ideal only dog, he may not be suitable for small children as he does jump up and might accidentally knock them over! He is happy to be left on his own for quite a while so may suit someone who still works. He would need a garden where he can let off steam and be the “crazy boy” we have come to know and love.  No one has told Rupert he is 7 yrs old and he is a bouncy, playful boy, however as with all greyhounds it doesn't last long and he is prepared to chill out on the sofa or in his bed for most of the day. 

Rupert loves coming to events with us and is always very happy to meet new people, he just needs the right person to come along and give him a chance. His kennel family love him to bits but he deserves to have a proper retirement in a loving home of his own.  If you would like to know more about Rupert or want to meet him please contact us by phone or email – we would love to hear from you!

Greyhound Rescue Shropshire & Borders Rupert