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Haddenham Beer Festivals Trust

About Us

The Haddenham Beer Festivals Trust was formed to formalise the fund raising activities and distribution of funds raised which the Haddenham Beer Festival Committee previously managed. 

The Charity was formed with the following specific formal objective: To further such purposes as are exclusively charitable according to the laws of England and Wales as the trustees may from time to time determine for the public benefit of the communities of Haddenham in Buckinghamshire and surrounding areas.

The beer festivals have been very successful over the years and many donations have been made to local organisations and charities whose existence better the lives of the community of Haddenham and surrounding areas.

All surpluses resulting from the beer festivals are redistributed to the community generally in the form of cash grants. These grants are made after application to the Trust and are made to causes that directly impact community affairs or help to promote activities that raise funds that in turn are invested in the local communities.

Administrative overheads are kept to an absolute minimum with the Trustees offering their time and resources on a totally voluntary basis. 

The Charity also relies upon the invaluable voluntary services of many helpers in organising, setting up and assisting on the day of each festival.

The Beer Festivals are run to a relatively simple formula relying upon sponsorship, donations, entry fees and sales at each festival to generate income. The direct costs relating to each beer festival are then deducted from the income to provide a surplus to be distributed. Costs associated with making the festivals, better, safer and generate more income are met out of the surplus and the remainder is distributed to the Charity’s beneficiaries. A general cash reserve of £3,000 is retained in the Charity to cover any unexpected event or circumstance.

To date the beer festivals have distributed approximately £95,000 to local organisations and charities that benefit the local communities within its remit.