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Hampshire Farmers Market

2013 Create and Cook

Hampshire Farmers’ Markets delighted to see Create and Cook Competition’s support of local produce.

Young Hampshire cooks have been busy sourcing local produce and visiting farmers markets and farms to find ideas for their own award winning dishes. The Create and Cook Competition was recently won by Dan Moya and Chris McLennan from Robert May’s School in Odiham, for their outstanding locally inspired menu.

Chris and Dan’s award winning menu included Lyburn Winchester cheese, Pratt’s rapeseed oil, and asparagus from Durleighmarsh Farm Shop: all Hampshire Farmers’ Markets producers, as well as other local in season produce.

We are delighted to be one of the supporters of the competition and it is great to see Fit2Cook Food Education, who run the Create and Cook Competition encouraging these talented budding young cooks to source and use local produce, giving them a greater understanding of where food comes from and the benefits to the environment and local economy.

Alex Handford, Hampshire Famers' Markets Business Manager

The Create & Cook Competition is run for 12-14 yr olds in schools across the South by fit2cook food education. Sponsored by The Southern Co-operative, it aims to nurture young talent and celebrate local food. The winning duo, both aged 14, fought off stiff competition from three other schools in the Hampshire finals, held on 21st May in the catering kitchens at Highbury College, Portsmouth: John Hanson School Andover, Kings’ School Winchester and Costello School Basingstoke.

Dan and Chris’ menu was a rack of herb crusted local lamb with potato and courgette rosti served with a cherry reduction sauce, plus profiteroles filled with gooseberry cream covered in white chocolate and pistachios.

Min Raisman from fit2cook food education who runs the Competition commented “Dan and Chris are very accomplished cooks. Their lamb dish was stunning with a sophisticated yet balanced mix of flavours. Their profiteroles would sit comfortably on any top local chefs menu. They certainly deserve their place in the Regional Final”

Dan and Chris will now go onto the regional final of the 2013 Create & Cook Competition which is being held at Newlyns Cookery School near Hook on 26 June. Here Dan and Chris will cook their Hampshire menu in competition with county finalists from West Sussex and the Isle of Wight schools. If they are crowned overall 2013 Create & Cook Competition winners they will win £1000 for their school food technology department and the fit2cook trophy.

2013 Create and Cook, Hampshire Farmers Market

Chris McLennan one of the Create and Cook Competition winners from Robert May’s School at Odiham commented: “My mum is my ‘food hero’ because pretty much every day she has to cook for all six of us and it is not easy, especially when we are nagging her about when dinner is ready and what is for dinner. She always makes everything from scratch and has taught us all how important home-cooked food is. I think learning to cook is really important because when you live on your own, you can’t just live on beans on toast or ready meals - you’d get bored. Apart from the fact it costs so much more. Everything tastes better when you make it, cooking is a life skill and is rewarding to see other people enjoy what you have created.”

“The most important reason for buying local food is less transportation is required. This means that it won’t create as much CO2 which has a positive effect on global warming and reduces air miles. In addition, locally produced food means jobs for local people, which helps the local economy. In fact it has meant I have my first job! I work at Newlyns Farm Shop. If you work with local people you have a better understanding of the soil, local weather conditions and it’s much better working with local people too,” concluded Chris McLennan.

The Create and Cook Competition was supported by Hampshire Fare, Hampshire Farmers Markets, Lainston House Hotel and Newlyns Farm Cookery School visit www.fit2cook.co.uk/createandcook.