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Parish Council Objectives


The objectives of the Council are based on the Joint Community Led Plan (CLP) which was developed through consultation with the three villages of Harby, Thorney, and Wigsley. 

The Plan was adopted by the Council in 2015 and the priorities of the Council therefore reflect the areas which are important to the community.   

CLP Objectives and Priorities

Objective Priority

1. Better Communication

a. Increase broadband speed and reliability. 

b. Improve mobile phone signal.

c. Increase content on the Council website.

2. Safer Community

a. Improve road and footpath conditions.

b. Reduce speeding traffic and inconsiderate parking.

c. More local gritting. 

d. Reduce robbery/theft in the parish.

3. Community Led Development

a. Support the CLP Group to help deliver the CLP.

b. Use the results of the CLP to help inform planning consultation responses,including those for renewable energy.

c. Facilitate the provision of additional groups/activities for residents including children and young people