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Headway Basingstoke

About Brain Injury

Every year more than a million people attend hospital as a result of having a brain injury. Brain injuries are non-discriminatory; they strike people from all ages, from all walks of life and in a variety of situations. Thousands will sustain a minor brain injury resulting in unconsciousness for 15 minutes or less; many will have short term loss of attention, concentration or memory. Although they usually recover completely within 3 - 6 months the problems they face during their recovery period are very real and people often feel frustrated that they are not fully informed about these "unseen" injuries.

Thousands of others may suffer severe brain injuries and be unconscious for 6 hours or more. Brain injury does not necessarily affect life-span and those with severe injuries could require full-time, around the clock care for the rest of their lives. Families take most of the strain and the impact of care can place the family unit under severe pressure.

Headway helps by providing information about the possible consequences of brain injury and the related problems which can face both the injured and those involved with them. Headway, the brain injury association, produces a wide range of publications on the various issues concerning brain injury and written by professionals.

As a local organisation Headway Basingstoke can provide support, guidance, information and be a community environment for rehabilitation. We have a local network of contacts with professionals who can help with advice on neurological, behavioural, cognitive, emotional, physical, housing or legal problems.