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Headway Basingstoke

About Us


Headway Basingstoke is a local charity that was formed in 1982 by relatives and carers of people suffering brain injury, together with some other professionals involved in the provision of services for brain injury. It began primarily as a support group because the idea of providing a rehabilitative resource for brain injured adults already existed. The Management Team and Trustees of Headway Basingstoke have been able to help a large number of people, who have suffered brain injury, regain their confidence and achieve their potential.

In January 1986 Headway Place Basingstoke was opened as a day centre initially for 2 days a week using Health premises free of charge and eventually moved to rented accommodation at its present location in Rooksdown in 1997.

Headway staff, therapy input, management and support services have previously been provided through local National Health services. A grant for the rental cost was originally made to Headway Basingstoke by the North and Mid-Hants Health Authority and until March 2014 our building and rehabilitation team were provided by Southern Health, the local National Health Service (NHS). From April 1st Headway has been providing a more proactive service to those from the area who have acquired brain injury (ABI) and we have added to our staff who transferred to Headway from Southern Health under TUPE conditions; our services are now delivered under contract to the NHS North Hampshire Clinical Commissioning Group. 

Headway Place is now operational in some form 5 days per week, but at present for day-clients is still currently open 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. only Tuesday to Thursday; the plan is for this to be extended during 2015. In addition to our  4 members of staff who transferred from the NHS, our Operational Co-ordinator and 3 Rehabilitation Care Assistants, we now (January 2015) have a Headway Service Manager, Administrative Support, a further Rehabilitation Assistant currently being recruited and of course we are continuously supported by dedicated volunteers.

Over the years we have had a variety of support groups and we have recently reintroduced the Carer's Group on Mondays between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m.. Activities vary dependent upon volunteer attendance and the various interests of the client group. Clients can seek referrals and referrals can be taken from any other professional agent such as Hospitals, GP Practices, Social Services etc. For those who have difficulty attending the day centre, for example due to anxiety, visits can be arranged to see them at home.

Find us at www.headwaybasingstoke.org.uk for a wide range of information and assistance