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Headway Basingstoke


As we know, every year thousands of people may suffer severe brain injury. It will not necessarily affect life-span and those with severe injuries could even require full-time, around the clock care for the rest of their lives. Families take most of the strain and the impact of care can place the family unit under severe pressure. Brain injury often severely affects an individual's ability to complete tasks they had previously found simple to perform. Headway provides an environment where people with brain injury can re-learn. 

Activities at Headway Place are many and varied; workshops to improve both cognitive and practical skills are offered, which range from memory, attention and language, to cooking, art, pottery and gardening. Additionally, we also offer an external rehabilitation service accessing local and national amenities.

We achieve our mission by offering:

1. In-house rehabilitation programmes and therapies across 3 days a week in order for those who have suffered brain injury to regain their maximum degree of independence including gardening, cookery, pottery, woodwork, arts & crafts, IT, quizzes,jigsaws, pool, exercise, memory group, men's group and quiet time, in addition to individual ‘one to one’ consultations andmultimedia group workshops

2. External rehabilitation programme to supporting community inclusion which includes monthly hydrotherapy pool, swimming and bowling sessions, and various other events 

3. Carers support

4. A 6-week transitional assessment programme

5. A drop-in service for existing clients

Our practice is person-centred, focusing on personal goals, outcomes and independence. Personal goals can be anything from overcoming extreme fatigue or developing creative skills, to learning strategies to cope with memory impairments, psychological adjustment and behavioural management. Often there is a repetitive need for re-learning of everyday skills for independent living or return to work and/or education, wherever possible.

Our fully accessible facilities include a large community room, a purpose-built kitchen, a games room, an IT suite, a woodwork room, a pottery workshop, an art room, a large garden with allotment, raised beds and social areas, and a number of individual rooms for ‘one to one’ or ‘time out’ sessions. 

The Headway Team consists of a Rehabilitation Team Leader, an Admin Assistant,  a number of Rehabilitation Assistants, bank Rehabilitation Assistants, Volunteers and a Board of Trustees. We also benefit from and promote the attendance of student nurses as part of their training programme.

Having an acquired brain injury can turn a survivor’s life upside down by impairing their ability to manage their physical, cognitive, emotional and psychological wellbeing. Our purpose is to provide a semi-controlled dynamic environment that will, support, challenge and inspire. Our approach is holistic considering the whole person; supporting the survivor to manage personal challenges and practical issues which include making referrals to Occupational and Physiotherapy services or other multidisciplinary teams. We also provide support to access housing benefits and other services where required.

Referrals to our service typically come from survivors, GP’s, Residential Rehabilitation Centres, hospitals, neurologists, psychologists and next of kin. 

If you would like more information about our services or would like to make a referral contact us.