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Herefordshire Farmers Market Association

HFMA Rules and Criteria

Farmers’ Markets in Herefordshire are run by the Herefordshire Farmers’ Market Association on a non-profit-making basis. 
The Association’s primary aim is to operate regular farmers’ markets across the county of Herefordshire and enable local producers to sell directly to consumers, thereby cutting down on food miles, unnecessary packaging, and other environmental costs of modern food retailing. 
Producers wishing to sell in the market must be members of HFMA Ltd and must agree to meet to meet the criteria below and agree to the rules. The Board of Directors reserves the absolute right to reject Applications. 
Membership of the HFMA confers significant benefits to your business beyond just being ‘allowed to trade’ including accreditation by Farma, support and help from other traders and the assurance and guarantee that as part of this group, your produce and service are of the highest quality. In short you are benefiting from being part of the HFMA ‘brand’. In recognition of these benefits we expect a degree of commitment from you to the market and your fellow traders. A detailed set of rules are below but in addition you should be prepared to engage with the wider needs of the co-operative and our markets. These markets are ours, we own the stalls and it is up to all of us to provide as good a customer experience as we can. Arriving promptly, helping with stall erection and/or stall dismantling and generally being involved in the markets makes it a pleasant place for everyone to be – including our customers. 



1. All goods must be produced within 30 miles of the market. The Directors may extend this to 50 miles in exceptional circumstances e.g. for produce unavailable within the 30-mile radius. 
2. As vacancies arise for a particular type of product priority will be given to producers who are closest to the market. The aim is that the market should be made up of no more than 10% of any one Product. 
3. All food or drink offered for sale must be grown, reared, caught, brewed, pickled, baked, smoked or processed by the stall holder. No bought-in produce is allowed. 
4. Primary produce, including livestock, must have been grown or finished on the producers land. 
5. Processed goods must contain as much locally grown/reared ingredient/s as is possible for the product – a minimum of 25% for all products; 10% minimum for bakers of bread and cakes but major ingredients such as fruit or meat must be local and from identifiable sources. 
6. Produce which is not edible or drinkable may be allowed at the discretion of the HFMA Board. 
7. Selection and balance of produce available at the market will be agreed by the HFMA Board. 
 8. The stallholder must sell what they have been accepted onto the market to sell, if there are any significant changes then they must speak to the Market Manager. 
9. The stall must be attended by someone directly involved in the production process. Producer co-operatives and community groups may take stalls at the discretion of Board but must ensure that the stall is attended by representative producers. Each producer represented on the stall must apply separately and satisfy the other criteria. 
10. Producers must agree to be visited at their place of production by a representative of the market. 
11. Stall holders must comply with current Trading Standards, Environmental Health, alcohol licensing and any other relevant requirements. 
12. Producers must maintain public, employee and products liability insurance. Copies of these should be sent to the market manager. 
13. All members are expected to promote the Farmers Markets to the public and co-operate with the HFMA Board. Members will be asked to help with marketing, erecting/dismantling stalls, signage, joint promotions, etc. 
14. Antisocial or inappropriate behaviour by stall holders including smoking at the stall will not be tolerated. 

Practical Arrangements: 

1. Stallholders must apply in writing on the approved form, stating that they agree to sell within the rules of the market. 
2. Stalls must be booked and paid for in advance and cannot otherwise be guaranteed. 
3. Cancellations must be made by email or telephone direct to David Griffiths by 5pm Tuesday preceding the market. Cancellations after this time and No shows will result in the full fee being lost. 
4. Stalls will be allocated by the Market Manager . 
5. Stalls must be ready for trading by 09.00 when the market opens. Vehicles must be removed to the designated parking area by 08.45. Packing up should not begin before the market closes. 
6. Stall holders should be clean and tidy and keep their stalls clean and remove all packaging (for re-use if possible) and rubbish at the end of the market. No rubbish can be left on site.