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Hertford Shires Rotary

Event Information - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Q Why should we enter a team?

A – To have a fun day out with your friends or colleagues and enjoy the friendly rivalry of competing with other like minded teams.

To generate sponsorship monies and raise the profile of your organisation and chosen charity

Q How much does it cost to enter a team?

A - £400 per team payable at application

Q How many people are required in a Dragon Boat team?

A –Up to 10 rowers and 1 drummer (plus a spare rower, if possible)

Q Does the money raised have to go to Rotary?

A - Although the Rotary Club of Hertford Shires would like all or part of the money raised to go to charities supported by Rotary the teams can choose their own registered charities  

Q Where is the event held?

A – At the Sacred Heart School in Ware (postcode SG12 9HY) and the adjoining stretch of river

Q Where do You Register on the Day?

A - The registration tent will be located on the school playing field. Please register your teams on arrival. The rules of the racing for the day will be on display at the control tent.

Q Registration of Teams?

A - Please arrange for your whole team to be within the grounds by 9.00 am sharp so that the first race can start at 10.00 am.

Q Is there any safety Briefing?

A- After registering at the Registration tent where the registration process which will consist of a safety briefing and demonstration by TAG Events and the signing of disclaimer forms required by the Dragon Boat Company. A green wrist band will then be issued to each participant which will allow them to enter a boat.

Q Do we need to buy Team T shirts with our team name on?

A – T shirts will be issued free of charge with your chosen team name printed on them. (Team name to be supplied at time of booking).  Teams are welcome to supply their own T shirts with their team names if they prefer.


Q Where do we find the Dragon Boats?

A - After registering you will be called and shown from the school playing field towards the river and walk over the bridge from which you will see the landing bay where the Dragon Boats will be moored.

Q Does the team have any time to practice?

A – After boarding the Dragon Boat for the first time there will be some training by the experienced Oarsman as the boat makes its way down the river towards the starting point

Q How Many Races on the day?

A - Each team will race in three heats which start by the Saracens Head and finish alongside the gazebos just before the Priory.

Q Is there a Final Race?

A - After the all heats there will be a final between the two teams recording the fastest times.

Q How long does the day last?

A - Races will run continuously from 10.00 am during the day with a short break at lunchtime normally after all teams have completed 2 heats with the final taking place at around 3.00 pm.

Q  Prize giving ceremony?

A - There will be a prize giving ceremony for the three winning teams after the final

Q Are timings recorded to chart the Progress of Event?

A - Just after the first race a schedule of all races for the day will be on display. Announcements over the tannoy system will give the progress of races

Q How are the times recorded for each race?

A - Advanced technology is used to time each race. This will be updated and displayed on a chart at the race control tent in the main area.  The judges’ decision will be final.

Q When do we know when to race?

A- Please ensure you are aware of the time of your next race and be ready to have your complete team at the assembly point when called to prevent any delays.

Q Do we have an area where our team can locate?

A - A pitch will booked on the playing field for your team to place a small tent/gazebo as your base and as an area to relax between races.


Q  Can team Members have alcohol Drinks

A - Please note that wearers of green wristbands should not consume alcohol until their races are completed.

Q Is there food available to buy on the day?

A - There will be a variety of stalls selling hot and cold food as well as tea, coffee and a range of drinks during the day.

Q Is there any entertainment?

A - Entertainment to visit on the site during the day including those which form part of The Sacred Heart’s summer fete.

Q Can we bring dogs?

A- Please respect the school’s rules of no dogs

Q can we smoke within the school grounds?

A -No smoking within the school grounds.

Q Who do contact if we have any queries?

A - If you have any queries use the e mail in the information pack or if urgent use the following mobile no 07778 673323.

Q Is there Parking?

 A - Free parking will be available at the Sacred Heart school in Broadmeads

(postcode SG12 9HY)

Q Are there any toilets at this event?

A – There are portaloos toilets located on the school playing fields

Q Is there any further information to provide for the event?

A – Please complete the Crew Information Form on which you can provide some amusing information about strategy and some information about the team. (to be sent before the event).  This will be used by our commentator