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Environment Project 2021


In the early Spring of 2021 Hindringham Parish Council started to discuss a new environmental project for the village, the main areas to benefit being Coldham Corner and Moorgate Road triangles. The triangle at Coldham Corner, in particular, was not looking its best after a diseased elm had been felled by the County Council and a replacement memorial tree eventually planted after requests by the Parish Council.

It was agreed that the sowing of seeds to attract insects, butterflies and bees would not only be environmentally friendly but also save costs to the parish by reducing the amount of grass cutting carried out in the village.  It was also agreed to plant bulbs later in the year, to flower the following Spring and brighten up those two areas, and other areas in the village including the village approaches.

Our Chairman then worked hard, calculating sowing and planting ratios, to submit an application in record time, for a North Norfolk District Council Sustainable Communities Grant to cover the cost of the seeds and bulbs.  This application fulfilled the criteria for the new grant funding and was successful. Thanks are due to the District Council for the funding of £850.  The project became a financial success, as the grant paid the costs and the grass cutting bill was reduced.  Hard working volunteers cleared the ground ready for the seeds to be sown and this was done just in time to allow them to germinate and grow on.  The seeds included general purpose meadow mixture, yellow rattle, cornfield annuals wildflower mix, bees and butterfly wildflower meadow mix and borage and phacelia specifically for the bees.  The phacelia proved to be the most successful, very pleasing to the bees no doubt, but tending to crowd out the other flowers.  This will therefore be thinned out when it appears to be growing too thickly!

The first batch of mixed daffodil bulbs were purchased direct from the field at a competitive rate, with thanks to Robert McNeil-Wilson of Manor Farm, East Winch who delivered them personally.  Tulips and crocuses were also purchased following by lots of planting hours! 

The Parish Council are pleased to be at the forefront of efforts to improve the environment and take a small part in North Norfolk District Council’s efforts to react to climate change.  The spring flowers brightened up the village in early 2022 and will hopefully increase in the Spring of 2023.  The wild flowers looked good in  the summer and benefited wildlife and will hopefully continue to do so in the future.