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Parish of Hound Timeline

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Queen Elizabeth I visits Netley Castle in 1560.




The Marriage took place on 26/01/1703 between Thomas Longland and Miss Elizabeth Stone of Nursling. (Ken Ford 02/01/1994 from Hound Parish Registers)

Thomas Cooper of Hound married Elizabeth Banister of St Mary’s on 10/02/1723 at St Mary’s Southampton.  

James Phillips and Mary Fewater, both of Hound were married at St Mary’s Southampton on 04/10/1735.    

Hockley, the son of John + Sarah Kingate of Netley, Hound was christened on 02/09/1736.

Catherine, daughter of Edward + Margaret Heath of Sholing, Hound was christened at St  Mary’s, Southampton on 07/02/1740.

Mary, the daughter of John and Mary M Delamore of Netley, Hound was christened on 26/05/1740 at St Mary’s Southampton.      

At St Mary’s Southampton on 19/06/1743, William Starkes of Hound and Sarah Gill of Saint Maries were married.   

At St Mary’s Southampton on 25/06/1746, William Miles of Hound and Mary Long of Saint Maries were married. 

At St Mary’s Southampton on 19/05/1748, John Westcombe married Mary Wade, both of Hamble.   

At St Mary’s Southampton on 25/10/1754, William Longlin of Hound and Elizabeth Bailey were married.  

At St Mary’s Southampton on 25/10/1761, Henry Hamerton of Hound married Martha Hinks.   

At St Mary’s Southampton on 02/10/1768, Jacob Heath of Hound married Elizabeth Buxey.

At St Mary’s Southampton on 09/10/1769, John Tithridge married Mary Tucker    

At St Mary’s Southampton on 17/06/1770, Richard Penten of Hound married Jane Chapman (widow).    

At St Mary’s Southampton on 15/08/1772, George Hickman married Hester Loten, both of Hamble.


Hampshire Chronicle, 04/07/1774:

"On Sunday afternoon a child belonging to Farmer Primmer at Netley accidentally fell into a well in the yard; another of his children, in endeavouring to get the other out, fell in likewise; the father, alarmed at the cries of the children, in his attempts to save them, also fell in but providentially saved himself and one of his children; the other, a child about four years of age was drowned.  And on Monday, an inquisition was taken by J Fleetwood  on the body of the above child."

Hampshire Chronicle, 15/08/1774:

"On Sunday night, persons unknown very maliciously and cruelly, cut and maimed a greyhound belonging to Jonathan Coles, Game-Keeper to Thomas Dummer, Esq., of Netley Grange. The dog afterwards was obliged to be destroyed.  An Reward of Five Guineas was offered by William Chamberlayne, North Baddersley, in the event that the person who did this “piece of barbarity” be convicted." 

Northampton Mercury, 26/12/1774:

"A fine male child was on Wednesday last found dead in a field at Netley, near this Town.  Upon examination by the Coroner, it appeared there were Marks of Violence about the Head an other circumstances coinciding so as to induce a Relief of the Child being born alive, the Jury brought in a Verdict of Wilful Murder against some Person or Persons unknown."

Hampshire Chronicle, 11/09/1775

"Thursday night last, in the storm of thunder and lightning, in a field belonging to Mr James Cleverley at Netley Grange, a single barley “tythe pook” took fire and was entirely consumed, without the least injury to the others in the field. " 

[Author’s Note:  No prizes awarded but anyone throwing some light on what actually caught fire would earn my appreciation!]

At St Mary’s Southampton on 20/06/1781, James Cooper of Hound married Leah Watson.     

At St Mary’s Southampton on 06/11/1781, Thomas Cooper Ewer of Bursledon married Betty Mathews, widow.

Hampshire Chronicle, 17/09/1787:

"Monday last, an inquisition was taken at Hound by Mr Fleetwood, coroner, on the body of Henry Smith, accidentally drowned as he was bathing in the sea near Netley Abbey." 

At St Mary’s Southampton on 28/12/1790, Peter Chapman of Hound married Ann Living of St Mary’s Extra.   

Aris’s Birmingham Gazette, 17/10/1791:

"Master Scott, son of Jonathan Scott, Netley Abbey died on 08/10/1791."

Hampshire Chronicle, 12/03/1792:

"Notice from Netley Lodge, 08/03/1792 - whereas a bay cropped Gelding about 13.5 hands high with a switch gait, came upon the premises of Thomas Ewer of Netley Lodge in thearish of Hound, near Southampton.  Whoever owns the horse may have him again on paying this and all reasonable expenses; otherwise he will be sold or taken at a fair valuation for whatever expense shall then have incurred for keep etc." 

At St Mary’s Southampton on 10/06/1793, James Young married Jane Westcomb, both of Hamble

Hampshire Chronicle, 06/07/1795:

"A few days ago, a duel was fought by two officers of the army near Netley; one of them was so dangerously wounded that his life is despaired of. "

At St Mary’s Southampton on 30/10/1795, Samuel Dickerson of Gillingham, Kent married Sarah Fox (a minor with consent from her guardian)

At St Mary’s Southampton on 15/04/1800, Richard Coate married Mary Besant, both of Hound.

Hereford Journal, 18/06/1800:

"On Monday evening, a melancholy accident took place at Netley Camp.  As the men were firing, a soldier who had incautiously loaded his musket with ten cartridges, had his hand so miserably blown up that the knuckles were all torn asunder and the wrist only hung by the skin.  He was immediately carried to the Hospital Tent where it was deemed necessary an amputation, higher up in the arm, should take place.  An Officer said to him “My poor lad, you have done with Soldiering” to which he replied “Although my King and Country can no longer have my arm, they shall ever have my heart”.  All his cry to the Officers was “For God’s sake, Gentlemen, get me the “Bread”, a military cant word for a pension."   

Chester Courant, 29/07/1800; Reading Mercury, 04/08/1800:

"Ensign O’Brie and Lt Smith, both of the 9th Foot Regiment based at Netley Camp, fought a duel during which Lt O’Brie shot Lt Smith in the head.  Lt O’Brie is admitted to bail, as the jury returned their verdict of manslaughter.  He is to take his trial at the next Assizes in Winchester. He  was ordered, together with his second, to be imprisoned six months and each to pay a fine of 6s 8d."

Hampshire Telegraph, 02/12/1805:

"Last Monday, Mr Whipps of Netley, a farmer, died leaving a wife and 11 children."

Oxford University + City Herald, 22/02/1812:

"At Hound, W Burnett of Winchester married Miss Smith of Netley Grange."

At St Mary’s Southampton on 23/11/1812, Thomas Elkins of Hound, widower, married Martha Willibank.

Hampshire Chronicle, 25/12/1815:

"Last week Mr Richard Wooldridge died at Netley near Southampton.  He was for many years a respectable maltster."

Hampshire Chronicle, 29/03/1819:

"On Thursday an inquest was taken by Mr Todd of Netley on view of the body of Edward Blackman who was found drowned in a pond there.  From his conduct on the day preceding, it is thought he committed the act in a fit of derangement.  Verdict accordingly."

Salisbury and Winchester Journal, 26/03/1821:

"Stolen or Strayed, from the Common of Bursledon or Netley on Wednesday the 14th of March - A brown blood mare, coming three years old, light clean legged, never broke in, fifteen hands high, long tail, right leg before rather goes in; supposed to have been seen in the possession of some Horse Stealers on the night of the 14th.  Whoever will bring the said Mare, or give information here she may be found, to Mr Ware, Bursledon Lodge, Hants shall receive FIVE GUINEAS, if Stolen and if Strayed, ONE GUINEA Reward."

Public Ledger and Daily Advertiser, 16/04/1822:

"At Hound near Itchen Ferry, Hants, an Inquest was held on the body of a man, which was found the day before in Netley Wood where it appeared to have been for some days; his throat was much lacerated with some sharp instrument and nearly all his clothes stript from him, and lying near the corpse, except his coat, which could not then be found.  At the time he was discovered no one recognised him nor could any thing be then found with which it was likely his life had been taken away.  It appeared, however, on the Inquest, that his name was John Lock; that he had been for some time insane, and had once before endeavoured to destroy himself; an old penknife was also produced which had been found with his coat at some distance from him and which was evidently the instrument of his destruction.  Verdict - Lunacy."

Salisbury and Winchester Journal, 14/04/1823:

"On Wednesday last, an inquest was held by Mr Corfe, the Coroner, on the body of Richard Tomlin, a sailor, who was in a small boat off Netley Abbey when a squall of wind suddenly came on and before there was time to disengage the sail, the boat upset, and the unfortunate man was drowned.  Verdict - 'Accidentally drowned'."

Hampshire Advertiser, 15/12/1823:

"At Ghent in Flanders, Wm Plowden Esq, second son of the late E Plowden, Esq by the daughter and co-heiress of the late Sir Berkeley Lucy of Netley Abbey, Hampshire died."

Hampshire Chronicle, 23/06/1823:

"A large shark was seen on Wednesday afternoon near Netley Abbey and shot at twice by one of the men on board the “Two Brothers” but without effect."

Hampshire Advertiser, 01/03/1824:

"On Tuesday last, a man named Holloway and his son, were committed to Winchester gaol for felling an ash tree, near Netley, the property of Lady Holland."

Morning Post, 21/06/1824:

"On Tuesday evening last (14/06/1824), a rustic masquerade took place at Netley Abbey in which some of the characters were well supported.  The actors were about 30 in number and the spectators between 300 - 400. Such was the number of people attending, the event had to be curtailed before its expected finish."

Morning Post, 20/06/1825:

"It is not Mr Chamberlayne’s intention to stand for this town again at the ensuing election.  By the death of Lady Holland, Netley Abbey, and all the property adjoining, comes into the possession of Mr William Chamberlayne and we hear that it is his intention to build a handsome inn, for the accommodation of the visitors of this enchanting spot, and to make other improvements, especially in the means for landing there."

Hampshire Chronicle, 12/09/1825"

"Jonathan Coles, by William Chamberlain, esq for Hound and Netley, obtained a Game-Keeper Certificate at £3 13 6d."

Hampshire Advertiser, 11/09/1826:

“A Superbly Elegant Villa”

"Opposite Netley Abbey, near Southampton.  Not to be surpassed for Situation, Beauty, Accommodation, Comfort and Elegance, by any other in the Kingdom and to LET on LEASE for Fourteen years or longer.  The House on an eminence commanding views to a great extent and unrivalled beauty of Southampton’s charming River and the beautiful Forest, Isle of Wight and surrounding county with about 50 acres of land and a tastefully laid out lawn, encompassed by a fine shrubbery and delightful walks around it."

Hampshire Advertiser, 16/04/1827:

"Notice to Creditors - All persons having demands upon John Smith of Netley Grange Farm in the County of Southampton, Yeoman are requested to forward the particulars of the same forthwith, to the Office of Mr Ralfe, Solicitor, Winchester and to attend at the George Inn Itchen Ferry near Southampton on Thursday 19 inst at 12 o’clock in order to come to a Decision upon the most eligible mode of disposing of his Estate and Effects for the benefit of his Creditors."

Hampshire Telegraph, Public Ledger and Daily Advertiser, 14/12/1829:

"William Chamberlayne, Member for the town of Southampton, was sadly found dead in his bed  at Cranbury House, on Thursday morning, 10/12/1829.  His large possessions, including the Netley Abbey property, which fell to him on the demise of the late Lady (Dame) Holland, will devolve to his only sister and eventually to a nephew.  To a mind stored with the richest vein of classic lore, was added a most correct and elegant taste for the Arts.  He was a speaker of first-rate talent, though he never took part in the debates in the House."

Morning Post, 02/09/1833:

"It is in contemplation to restore the old way to Netley Abbey through the beautiful grounds of Mr Chamberlayne, that were stopped up during the life of the late Mr Chamberlayne and which circumstance created considerable disappointment to the inhabitants and visitors of Southampton, and injury to the villages of Itchen and Weston.  By making of a convenient road, however, round the shore, which was at that time done, the public will now possess the double advantage of a beautiful marine and inland walk to view the venerable ruin."

Hampshire Telegraph, 27/05/1833:

"The Sale at the Grange Farm, Netley will last two days (Wednesday and Thursday next), the Stock will be sold the first day." 

Hampshire Telegraph, 16/06/1834:

Common Rights Protected

"On Thursday, 12th inst, the Copyholders of Hound, with others deeply interested in the protection of Democratic Rights, presented Mr George Cleverley of Bursledon Bridge, with a handsome Silver Cup (with Mottoes and Inscription) as their tribute of respect for his late courageous conduct, when in the face of threat and intimidations, he boldly came forward as the champion of their privileges and conscious of the Righteousness of his cause, and the rectitude of his motives, fearlessly threw out an attempted enclosure on Netley Common, in the aforesaid Manor of Hound.  Thus has this “Village Hampden” by his “dauntless” stand against Aristocratic encroachment deservedly gained the esteem of his neighbours, which will follow him to the grave, and live in the grateful recollection of their children’s children when the “little tyrants” will be forgotten or recollected only, for their grasping and greedy monopolies.

     Motto - 

“Power usurped is weakness when opposed”

“Those fenceless Fields the sons of wealth divide,

“And even the bare worn Common is denied”.

     Inscription - 

'Presented to Mr George Cleverley, by his brother Copyholders of the Manor of Hound, and other friends to popular rights in the neighbourhood of Bursledon Bridge, as a mark of their approbation for his independent conduct, in having recently resisted the enclosure of part of Netley Common, in the aforesaid Manor of Hound - June 12th, 1834'."

The Marriage took place on 09/11/1834 between John Stone and Mary Anne Terry.  (Ken Ford 02/01/1994 from Hound Parish Registers)  

Hampshire Advertiser, 22/04/1837:

"To be sold by Auction by Mr A Fletcher at the Anchor Inn, Eling, the following properties of the Late Mr Richard Light:

              Lot 6 A Cottage, with blacksmith’s shop, cart house and outbuildings with a large productive garden, situated at Netley in the occupation of Mr Henry Osman, with a long frontage to the turnpike road, copyhold of inheritance under Winchester College; and

              Lot 7 Two Freehold Cottages, with gardens, situated at Netley near Lot 6, in the occupation of James Hurst and George Harris, fronting the turnpike road        

The Marriage took place on 25/11/1837 between John Emery and Mary Anne Stone. (Ken Ford 02/01/1994 from Hound Parish Registers)

Hampshire Advertiser, 10/07/1841:

A Grisly Tale

"At the Guildhall in Thursday and Friday last, the County Magistrates were occupied with the investigation of a charge of child murder, preferred against a young woman named Selina Riddle.  The Court was crowded to excess.  

The prisoner appeared to be about 18 years of age, rather plain and down-looking; casting a furtive glance from under her bonnet at the witnesses as they gave their evidence.  Mr Isaac Othen of Leak Farm deposed that on the 23 June last near the new road from Botley to Itchen, he saw a dog gnawing something and found it was the body of a child.  He took the body to Mr Bold’s lodge.  The body had no clothes on and the dog had apparently dragged the body some yards from the place where it was buried. 

William Hayden, police officer, deposed that about a fortnight since the body of a child was found on Netley Common, in the Parish of Hound, and a verdict returned of “found dead”.  He apprehended the prisoner at the house of her father, in Newtown on the charge of having murdered her child.  On passing the spot where the body of the child was found, she confessed to him that she had given birth to a male child and made away with it, she did so a month ago as she was returning from South Stoneham workhouse where she had been confined.  She said that she had been keeping company with Arthur Knowles, who was the father of her child but she had not seen him for the last 10 months.  She said that no-one was with her at the time she destroyed the child. 

H Wooldridge, surgeon, deposed to having examined the body.  Certain parts had been gnawed away and the left arm also, probably by the dog.  The body had not the appearance of having been attended to as corpses usually are but the limbs very much distorted.  He could not say what was the cause of death. 

The case was adjourned to this day for further evidence.  The girl had borne a good character till her having this child.  Her mother having died and her father being a working man, she was not watched at home and formed the illicit connection with Knowles, a mariner."

Hampshire Chronicle, 25/04/1842:

"To be sold by auction by Mr Fletcher on Wednesday 27/04/1842, the valuable Live and Dead Farming Stock at Netley Grange, Weston and Lodge Farms, the property of Mr John Buckland who is giving up that portion of his Farming Business."  

[Author’s Note - “Dead Farming stock” does not refer to dead animals but to the tools, equipment associated with a working farms such as ploughs, seed machines, etc.] 

Reading Mercury, 24/09/1842:

"On the 20th inst. at Hound Church, Hants by the Rev J Martellie, Wm Warner Esq of Steeple Court married Sophie Kidgell Godrich of Netley Grange."

Wiltshire Independence, 14/12/1843:

"At Stratford-sub-Castle on 07/12/1843, Thomas Godrich of Netley Grange married Mary Jane, eldest daughter of Mr Waters."

Hampshire Advertiser, 20/04/1844:   

"A Sonnet to Netley Abbey by David Lester Richardson was published:

   "Romantic Ruin! who could gaze on thee

   Untouched by tender thoughts, and glimmering dream

   Of long-departed years? Lo! nature seems

   Accordant with thy silent majesty!

   The far blue hills - the bright reposing sea -

   The lonely forest - the meandering streams - 

   The gorgeous summer sun, whose farewell beams

   Illume thine ivied halls and tinge each tree 

   Whose green arms round thee cling - the balmy air -

   The stainless vault above, that cloud or storm

   ’Tis hard to deem will ever more deform -

   The season’s countless graces, - all appear

   To thy calm beauty ministrant, and form 

   A scene to peace and meditation dear!"

Salisbury + Winchester Journal, 13/04/1844:  "At Netley, Mr Wm Pierce died, aged  82."

Hampshire Chronicle, 18/05/1844:

"On 28/12/1844 at St John’s Church, Adelaide, Francis Duval of Myponga, nephew to Lewis Duval of Peterborough House, Bayswater married Lucy Anne, eldest daughter of Thomas Hudson Beare of Netley

Wiltshire Independent, 05/06/1845:

"On Thursday last, 29/05/1845, two young men named Robert Spencer and Henry Bedford belonging to  Itchen Ferry, were brought before the county magistrates, charged with tying a poor Gypsy boy, Jacob Light, on the back of an ass on Netley Common, the previous Tuesday when the ass took to kicking  and the boy being fastened to him and unable to extricate himself, was kicked and dragged to death. They were both sent to Winchester to take their trial for this monstrous piece of barbarity."

Fife Herald, 07/08/1845:

"The trial took place at Winchester on Tuesday week (05/08/1845) for the manslaughter of Jacob Light on 20/05/1845.  This was a very distressing case so much so that the learned Judge was in tears during most of the trial.  The jury found the prisoners guilty and they were sentenced to be imprisoned for a fortnight but without hard labour."

Cambridge Independent Press, 11/07/1846:

"Two sharks were, on Wednesday evening week, seen in Southampton Water between Calshot and Netley.  They had followed in the wake of a shoal of porpoises."

Hampshire Chronicle, 22/08/1846:

"Married on Thursday at Hound, John Waggett MD of Norland Square, Notting Hill to Florence Blechynden, second daughter of James Whitchurch Esq of Netley."

Hampshire Telegraph,  07/08/1847:

"Mr Gearing, who is still at Netley Grange, took out a General Game Certificate at £4 0s 10d which included the Additional Duty of 10 percent."

Hampshire Advertiser, 20/11/1847:

"Henry Bedford and George Whitlock were charged with assaulting Alfred Young at Netley and throwing him into a horsepond.  The assault was proved.  The defendants and others had prepared a bonfire of furze which was set fire to secretly on the night of the 04/11/1847 and then the complainant being suspected, the ducking was the consequence.  They were fined 5s each and the expenses."

Oxford Chronicle and Reading Gazette, 20/05/1848:

"Hay-making was commenced by Mr Reynolds, of Netley Abbey on the 12th inst."

Hampshire Telegraph, 03/06/1848:

"On Thursday last (25/05/1848) Mr Edwin Perkins, grocer of Southampton married Miss Rose Gearing of Netley."

Freeman’s Journal, 24/01/1849:

"On 15/01/1849, Mr Henry M Augley of Clifton House, Netley Abbey, grandson of John O’Brien and of the late Major William Angley of Stonehall, Palace Kenry married Marianna, eldest daughter of Edward Kent of Brighton."

The 1849 Post Office Directory shows Hound is a Parish in the Hundred of Mansbridge, Fawley Division and lists the following Villagers: 

            George Aslett, Cattle Dlr at Netley Green;

             George Bell, Farmer at Netley Farm;

             Jonathan Coles, Beer Retailer;

             Jonathan Coles, senior, Farmer;

             James Fielder, Wheelwright;

             Charles Gearing, Farmer at Netley Grange;

             Thomas Gearing, Farmer at Netley Grange;

             James Heath, Wheelwright;

             Thomas Holding, a Carrier

             William Hooper, Farmer;

             George Hunt is at the Castle;

             George Mash “White Horse”;

             Henry Randall, Blacksmith;

             Rev George Southouse is at Netley Lodge;

             George Spencer, Grocer;

             John Spencer, Shopkeeper;

              Mrs William Webber is at Hamble Cliff.

By 1855, the following Villagers are listed:

            Miss Sarah Randall, Blacksmith;

            James Harris is at the Abbey Hotel;   

            Rev G Southouse is at the Lodge; 

            Mr G Aslett - Castrator; [Author's Note - not a man to cross!]

            W Coles - Tailor;

            G Hunt is still at the Castle;

             Rev Scratchley is at Netley Cliff;

             W Smith is a Beer Retailer and Grocer;     

             Captain G Wilder is at the Lodge.                    

              There is a Chemist listed in Victoria Road.

By 1859:    

              W T Hearns is at The Post Office; 

              There is also a shoemaker and a bailiff - both unnamed;

               Nightingale Inn is found opposite W T Hearns;

               R Slade is a Victualler.

Morning Post, 22/07/1859:

"On 17/07/1859, at Abbey Villa, Netley Abbey, Victoria, the wife of R H Andrews, late Collector of Customs, Portland, gave birth to a daughter."  

North London News, 17/01/1863:

"Mr Cowdery. for many years the Toll Collector at the Itchen floating bridge that leads from Southampton to Netley Abbey was found dead in the Toll House on Friday 16/01/1863."

1867:  Thomas Adams, Grocer is listed in the new Trade Directory.

1870:  The Coastguard Station is still at the bottom of Beach Lane but the Coastguard houses (Chatham Place) are near The Prince Consort.  Victoria Road is shown and New Road is dotted in but no roads between them.  Station Road is also dotted in. 

Ken Ford's "Netley Abbey Village":

Hamble Cliff House, built for Sir William Paget in 1809,  was purchased in 1870, by the Earl of Hardwicke, father-in-law of Hon. Mrs Eliot Yorke.  She is the daughter of Sir Anthony de Rothschild who lived there for many years and featured prominently in the life of the Village.

Hampshire Advertiser 25/07/1874:

“Drowned whilst Bathing”

“An Inquest was held at the Old Manor House, Netley Green on Thursday afternoon before Mr Harfield, Coroner, on the body of James Triggs, aged 13 years.  The deceased with others went from the harvest field in the dinner hour and went to bathe in the reservoir which supplies Netley Hospital with water.  Being unable to swim and getting out of his depth, he drowned.  The body was recovered the same afternoon by William Gibbins, chief boatman in the coastguard, stationed at Netley.  In accordance with a suggestion of the Coroner, the jury requested him to write to the Commandant at Netley and call his attention to the fact of persons bathing in the reservoir and ask him to take some means for preventing its continuance.”

Hampshire Advertiser, 29/12/1877:

"On Thursday evening a treat, consisting of a Christmas Tree loaded with toys and other ornaments, as through the kindness of Mr, Mrs and Miss Goold Adams of Lake House, Netley provided for the children of the above school.  The kind donors also distributed gifts to the little ones who attend this school.  Presentations were then given to the teachers and at the termination of the gifts, ringing cheers were given by the children for their benefactors and wishes were expressed that a happy new year might attend them."

Hampshire Advertiser, 26/01/1878:

"On 22/01/1878, at The Court, Netley Abbey, the wife of Thomas Keppel gave birth to a daughter."

Hampshire Advertiser, 23/10/1880:

"The closing match and annual dinner of the Netley Reading Room Cricket Club was held at Netley on Tuesday when a most enjoyable day was spent by all present.  Sides were chosen and the game being over by 4 o’clock, the members spent the remainder of the time in quoits and football until 6 o’clock when they adjourned to the Nightingale Hotel where an excellent dinner was provided by Host Gibbons and which, as on all former occasions, gave the greatest satisfaction to all present."

By 1881:

    Mrs Deal is Mistress of Butlock’s Heath Council School.

    Poor Law Guardians are Captain Robert Gillson, RN + William Gale.

    The Crichton family have moved into Netley Castle.

    Henry Smith, Scripture Reader at Royal Victoria Hospital, is living in 4 Granada Cottages.

    There is a Customs Packet Office at Laurel Cottage, managed by Mr F B Cooper.

    Mrs Cudlipp is running a Ladies’ School at Sunnyside with Mr Charles Cudlipp as the Clerk;

    William Cudlipp is a Schoolmaster and Surveyor; Jos Cudlipp is a Farmer at (Old) Netley Farm.

    Rd Davies is clerk and curator to St Mary Extra Burial Board, Cemetery Lodge, Portsmouth Road.

    Henry Dawson is a Dairyman at The Towers, Old Netley

    Ernest Edward Easton is a Mineral Water manufacturer at Butlock’s Heath.

    William Edginton is the Manager at Lankester + Spencer, Station Road, Netley Abbey.

    W Emery is the Verger at St Augustine’s Church.

    Thomas Fernen is a Beer Retailer at the Crown + Cushion, Victoria Road, Netley

    Thomas Fielder is the Game-keeper, living at Thatched Cottage, Butlock’s Heath

Hampshire Advertiser County 31/01/1883:

Blue Ribbon Mission

A successful mission has been held at the White Rose Coffee Tavern during the past week and efficiently conducted by Mr T W Glover of Freemantle.  The Rev W E Ffrench has been Chairman at each meeting.  Effective and stirring addresses have been delivered.  The choir from St Augustine’s Church, Netley with their organist, Mr George Andrews have rendered excellent service.  Over 200 persons have signed the pledge and taken the blue ribbon.  Great good has been accomplished during the mission.”

London Evening Standard, 14/06/1883:

"At Netley Court, Netley Abbey, the wife of Alexander Allan gave birth to a daughter on 09/06/1883."

By 1885:

        Mrs Williams, Professor of Music, is residing at Heatherside, Butlock’s Heath;

        Stephen Whitlock is a Market Gardener in Old Netley;

        The Misses Rashleigh are in Abbey House;

        Miss Rickman is in The Nurses Home, Netley Abbey;

        George Adams is a fly owner and shopkeeper in Netley Abbey

        John Pettit is the Caretaker at Jubilee Hall;

        John George Monds is a Tailor in Netley Abbey;

        Charles Napper is an Insurance Agent in Netley Abbey;

        George Eames is the Caretaker of Netley Mission Hall;

        Mrs West is the Manageress of Netley Reading + Coffee Room, Victoria Road, Netley

        Mrs Elizabeth Sheehy is a Shopkeeper in Netley Abbey;

        Miss Eliza Hannah Smith, Girls’ School is at St Hilda’s, Netley Abbey

        Simeon Summerfield is at The Red Lion Hotel, Victoria Road, Netley Abbey;

        Sumner + Thirkettle are Grocers in Netley Abbey;

        John Thompson is a Bootmaker;

        David Tuckey is a Boat owner;

        William Vickery is a Market Gardener;

        John Menel Winfield is a Shopkeeper and Sexton

Kelly’s Directory 1885:

Hound Board School (mixed), Butlock’s Heath, to hold 155; average attendance 120; Louis Harold Edward Kent, master; Mrs Mary K Kent, Mistress

The Foundation Stone for Netley Abbey Infants School was laid in 1884 and the school opened on 13/04/1885.  The first Headmistress was Miss Edgington who served until 1888. 

One of the first surnames to appear on the School Register is Clatworthy.  (Her Father is the Caretaker at the Abbey in 1885).  Lady Eliot Yorke and Colonel Pennington both served as School Managers. 

Hampshire Advertiser, 08/08/1885:

"A fancy fair is to be held on Thursday and Saturday next (13 + 15 August 1885) by the kind permission of Lt-Colonel the Hon H G L Crichton at Netley Castle, in aid of the fund which is being raised for the erection of a new Church which is to be the parish church for Hound.  A new church has long been the a necessity in this parish and the committee has already begun the work of erecting one on a beautiful site above the Abbey."

In 1887, Jas Guggle is the County Policeman; Charles Cudlipp is a Clerk at Sunnyside.

Western Gazette, 27/11/1891:

"Cook (experienced) Assistance given.  Wage £25; no beer.  Address Colonel Lee, Netley Abbey."

Hampshire Telegraph, 23/04/1892:

"On the 20/04/1892 at St Edward’s Church, Netley by the Rev Wyndham, Frederick Hubbard RN married Caroline Jessie Langton, only daughter of Joseph Saunders, late RN, Forest View, Netley Abbey."

Hampshire Advertiser, 08/07/1893:

"For Rent":

 "A comfortable detached residence, beautifully situated close to the Southampton Water, with good garden and conservatory.  Stable and coachhouse would be added for good tenant. Rent £60."

Hampshire Advertiser, 01/08/1894:

"For Sale":

"A capital Summer Residence or Shooting Box, in pretty grounds of seven acres, including large ornamental lake, affording good fishing.  Excellent yachting facilities within easy distance.  For sale at low price to close estate."

Kelly’s Directory 1895:

Netley Abbey Infants Board School, holding 110; average attendance 42; Miss Louise Hellyar, Mistress.  

Southern Echo, 26/05/1896:

"Situation WANTED as a Groom; good references; Army Reserve man, character exemplary and five years’ temperance references.  Apply W Batts, 11 Victoria Terrace, Netley Abbey."

Southern Echo, 12/11/1896:

"WANTED - Cook-General Servant, House-maid kept. M Redmill, Netley Abbey."

Hampshire Advertiser County Newspaper, 24/04/1897:

"The marriage took place between Mr J C G Longmore, Army Service Corps, second son of Sir Thomas Longmore, CB and Lady Longmore of the Paddock, Woolston to Miss Nita Davis, younger daughter of the late Mr F Davis and Mrs Davis, Netley Abbey."

Hampshire Advertiser, 08/09/1897:

"The following people are mentioned in a newspaper article in which Arthur Turner, Salesman, was on remand, charged with committing arson in Moira Place, Southampton - William John Egerton, sub-Postmaster, Netley Abbey; William Smith, a cabman employed at the Royal Victoria Hotel, Netley; Ada Dorey of the Victoria Hotel Netley Abbey and daughter of the proprietor


Western Gazette,  06/10/1899:

"House - Parlourmaid (superior) Good needlewoman, plate and lamp cleaner. Also young Housemaid or Between-Maid. Small family.  Lady Gethin, Netley Abbey."

"Nurse-Housemaid.  Wages £10 - £12 according to experience.  Ms Ashworth, Netley Abbey."



Hampshire Advertiser, 09/03/1901:

"The following are elected Parish Councillors at the annual meeting without opposition - Messrs W J Edginton, G F Gatesman, C Homan, W H Homan, I Peppler, J Saunders, J S Sellwood, E A Summerfield and the Hon Mrs Eliot Yorke.  All except Mr Summerfield were members of the expiring Council."

By 1901:

   Netley Abbey and Hound are tithings in the Parish of Hound. 

   At Netley Abbey, a Wesleyan Chapel is erected with 200 sittings. The Sexton is Harry Shipley.

By 1902:

   Arthur Robert Steel was Postmaster at Butlock’s Heath Post Office.  Letters dispatched at 8 am; 3 pm and 7.15 pm.

   William J Edginton was Postmaster at Netley Abbey Post Office.

   Mrs Kill is Caretaker of Jubilee Hall, Netley Abbey.

   George Goss is Netley Abbey Stationmaster.   

   By Local Government Board Order No 44,456, on 1 October, part of Hound was added to Hamble-le-Rice.


Western Chronicle, 14/02/1902:

"WANTED Woman (strong, young) as General Servant; must be clean and willing.  Mrs Scott, Hazelmere, Station Road, Netley Abbey."

Hampshire Advertiser, 06/09/1902:

"For Sale":

"Lodge Farm, Netley Abbey, close to Netley Railway Station Unreserved Sale, consequent on termination of Summer Season:

Forty Bus Horses, regularly worked in the Brakes and Ponies, 4 Town-made Busses, light and in good condition.  Spring Cart, 15 Breeding Sows with and in pig, 60 Porkers and Shutes, 6 head of Horned Cattle, the property of Mr J Walbridge which Richard Austin + Son are favoured with instructions to sell by auction on the premises in early October." 

By 1903:

The School Board formed in 1878 for St Mary Extra, Sholing & Hound is dissolved by the Education Act of 1903 and the schools are now controlled by a Board of Managers of Hampshire County Council Educational Committee.

"Mr Matthew and Mrs Bridget Kiley were found dead in their home in Butlocks Heath by neighbours on 26/02/1905. Mrs Kiley was found burnt to death in her chair despite nearby curtains being unburnt.  Mr Kiley’s body was reduced to a pile of ashes on the floor.  Cause of death was given as “suffocation by fire” at the time but the inquest held at the Cottage Pub failed to find an explanation.  However, in 1996, a research scientist claimed to have found proof that “double spontaneous human combustion” happens. (Their house and Terrace have since been demolished)." 

Hampshire Advertiser, 12/08/1905:

"Mr Tankerville Chamberlayne MP threw open the grounds of Netley Abbey to the officers and men of the French fleet who may visit Netley Hospital and Southampton Water."

Southern Echo, 07/03/1906:

"For Sale":

"Short Notice of Unreserved Sale of Outdoor Effects and Trade Utensils, property of the Mineral Water Works, New Road, Netley Abbey was published on 12/03/1906."

Hampshire Advertiser, 14/04/1906:

"The wife of Lt Spackman, RAMC, Netley Hospital, died on Tuesday 10/04/1906 at the Royal South Hants + Southampton Hospital where she was under treatment for cancer.  The funeral will take place at Netley Hospital on Saturday 14/04/1906."

By 1907:

William John Edginton is the Postmaster at Netley Abbey.  Money Order, Telegraph, Savings Bank and Parcel Post.  Letters are delivered from Southampton and are delivered at 0700h, 1040h and 1830h; Sundays at 0700h; dispatched at 1025h, 1400h, 1600h and 2040h; Sundays 2045h only.  Parcel Post dispatched 1025h, 1600h and 2040h.

Samuel Oxborrow is Postmaster at Butlocks Heath.  Letters are dispatched 0730h, 1350h and 1920h; Sundays 1930h.  Postal Orders issued and paid.  The nearest money order and telegraph office is Netley Abbey.   

Hound Parish Council consists of 9 members - 

        E Summerfield;

        C Homan

        R Knowlton

        W J Edginton

        E E Easton

        J Sellwood

        H G O’Neil

        George Jacobs;

        W J Saunders; 

        Clerk - J E Cross

Mrs Wills is the Caretaker of the Jubilee Hall;

George R Goss is the Stationmaster at Netley Station;

Thomas Edward Downing is the Stationmaster at Bursledon Railway Station

The Market House is still not in use. [Author's Note - See "Notable Buildings"]

Hampshire Advertiser, 12/01/1907:

"The Hound Parish Council held a meeting at the White Rose Coffee Room on Monday.  Present were Mr Burch (presiding), the Hon Mrs Eliot Yorke, Messrs Holman, Sillwood, Summerfield, Knowlton and Edgington.  It was decided that a Committee of the Council should inspect the footpaths leading between Old Netley and Butlock’s Heath with a view to having some put in proper repair." 

Hampshire Advertiser County Newspaper, 08/06/1907:

Mr Matthew Blakiston of Freehills, Hound who died at Sherborne, Dorset on 09/04/1907, aged 86 years, left an Estate of the gross value of £32854 11s of which the net personality has been sworn at £23964 17s 11d.  Probate of his Will has been granted to his widow, Mrs Anne Blakiston and Mr Julian Cubitt of Ciifton.  He left £1000 each to his brother, John Bochfort Blakiston and his sister, Dorothea, £500 to his nephew, John Francis Blakiston, an annuity of £200 during the life of his wife in trust for his niece and nephew, Jeanie and Lawrence Wright Blakiston, £100 to Mr Julian Cubitt, £50 each to his 4 god-children, one year’s wages to each domestic servant of 5 years’ service and 1 year’s wages to each farm employee of 6 years’ service.  The residue of his property was left to his wife absolutely except for the sum of £10000 which passes on her decease to his niece and nephew, Jeanie and Lawrence Wright Blakiston."

Hampshire Advertiser, 24/08/1907:

"A marriage will take shortly at Capetown between Sidney Scott Phythian of Johannesburg, eldest son of the late J P Phythian CE, Principle of the Victoria Jubilee Technical Institute, Bombay and Margery Birnie (Poppy), elder daughter of the late Lt-Colonel Charles Birnie Hill, RAMC and Mrs Hill, Netley Abbey and granddaughter of the late Captain Charles R P Forbes, RN."

Hampshire Advertiser, 24/08/1907:

"The death occurred early on Wednesday morning of the little baby daughter of Mr M  Crompton, 4 Winton Cottages, New Road, Netley Abbey.  The child who was 1 month old had been sickly since birth and particularly unwell several days before her death.  Dr C Tessier was called but could only pronounce life extinct." 

At Butlock’s Heath Council School:

    W J Saunders is Master;

    Walter Amos Earwicker is an Assistant;

    Mrs Hodder is an Assistant;

    Miss H F Chequer is Assistant Mistress;

    Miss Clark and Mrs Wenman are Assistants.

At Netley Infants School, Mrs Cattrell is Mistress; average attendance is is 55 out of a maximum of 113.


By Local Government Board Order No 51,814 on 1 April, part of Hound was transferred to Bursledon and by Under the County of Southampton (Hound and Hamble) Confirmation Order No 1925, a further part of this parish was transferred to the Parish of Hamble.

Globe, 01/07/1911:

"For Sale":

"Yachtsmen of the Solent and Southampton Water are familiar with Abbey House, Netley Abbey standing as it does practically on the eastern bank of SW and overlooking the grounds of Netley Castle and the ruins of Netley Abbey.  Abbey House with about 5 acres of prettily timbered and secluded grounds is to be offered at auction at the end of July."

Hampshire Advertiser, 18/07/1914:

"A rather serious accident occurred on Abbey Hill on Monday afternoon.  Mr Prouton of The  Avenue, Southampton was riding a Durley Pedereen cycle down Abbey Hill and saw a man walking in front of him.  He rang his bell but before the man decided which side of the road to get on, Mr Prouton knocked him down.  The pedestrian came off lightly with only a few scratches but Mr Prouton was not so fortunate, he having dislocated his shoulder. 

Mr J S Sellwood, a member of the St John Ambulance Brigade, happened to be passing and promptly rendered first aid and took Mr Prouton to the home of Dr Roote, close at hand.  The doctor put the shoulder back with the assistance of Mr Sellwood and sent Mr Prouton home in a cab."

By 1915:        

Tom Cutler is not only a blacksmith but he now has refreshment rooms.  [Author's Note: “Cutler’s Corner” is still there at the corner of Station Road and Victoria Road.  Look for the  blacked out facade on the exterior of the building. The writing can just be made out.]   

        The Netley Abbey Motor Works;

        Richard J Towers, Photographer;

        Aldrich Auborne Pyke is at The Hermitage;

and now 3 Banks in the Village:

        Capital + Counties;

        National Provincial, 69 Victoria Road;

        Union of London and Smiths, 54 Victoria Road.

Portsmouth Evening News, 06/08/1915:

"Carter, good wages, permanent.  Potter, Victoria Road, Netley Abbey."

Hampshire Advertiser, April 1916:

"Reverend W E Henty Summers, Vicar of Netley until 1936, succeeded the Reverend W A Chevalier."

Portsmouth Evening News, 25/09/1916:

"For Sale":

"In Liquidation on Wednesday 27/09/1916, Netley Motor Works, Victoria Road, Netley Abbey. Notice of Sale by Auction of the stock and utensils in trade comprising 14-15 hp Darracq Lorry (with additional 7 seater touring body), Douglas Motor Cycle, H F Standard Vulcaniser, a 3 hp Tangye Gas Engine, a 6in Drummond Lathe, 2 4.5in Super Reim Lathes, a 4.5in Relmac Lathe, 2 x 4.5in Drummond Bench, Lathes, Drilling Machine, Accumulator Charging Board, 25 volt Verity Dynamo, New and secondhand Covers and Tubes, Portable Forge, Plate Shearing Machine, Quantity of Oils, Grease and Carbide, Mild Steel and American Cast Steel Bars, Speedometer Parts, Emery and Buffing Wheel, small quantity of Phosphur Bronze, set of “Weston’s” Chain Blocks, Garage Jack, Wood Milne Foot Pump, Shafting and Belting, Vices, Tools, Copper and Asbestos Washers and a quantity of various Motor Accessories together with the Office Furniture, including a 4ft Oak Roll-top Desk, a “Barlock” Typewriter."

Hampshire Advertiser County Newspaper, 15/12/1917:

"On Thursday last week, an excellent concert was given to a crowded house at the Old Netley Reading Room.  The performance was organised by Mr J Malyon."

Hampshire Advertiser County Newspaper, 14/07/1917:

"Great sorrow is felt in Netley over the sudden death on Tuesday last of Mr George Turner, aged 70, who was Sir Harry Crichton’s outdoor steward.  The deceased was greatly respected in Netley and was a sidesman at St Edward’s Church.  The burial will take place on Saturday at St Mary’s Extra."

Hampshire Advertiser, 25/08/1917:

"Bertram E Ponsford whose mother resides in Arthur Terrace, and who lost his life on HMS Bulwark, was one of the first local boys to join the Royal Navy in 1912.  He was the first boy to join the Scouts movement when it started in Netley under the late Mr Thomas and carried the flag in the procession on Coronation Day, also at the demonstration in the grounds of Netley Castle."

Hampshire Advertiser, 16/02/1918:

"Lt W Burton Metcalfe, R N (killed in action on 31/01/1918) was the only son of Mr + Mrs C Percival Metcalfe of Netley Abbey.  He had seniority of 15/02/1917."

Hampshire Advertiser, 27/04/1918:

"On Saturday, 20/04/1918, the wedding took place at St Edward’s Church, Netley Abbey  between Lt Norman Mitchell RNVR and Miss Frederica Roots, 3rd daughter of Mr + Mrs Roots of Abbey Hill, Netley Abbey."

Hampshire Advertiser County Newspaper,24/08/1918:

“General sympathy will be felt in the county with Colonel the Hn Sir Harry Crichton in the death, which has taken place at Mullaboden, Co Kildare of his brother, Lt-Col the Hon Charles F Crichton.  He served 12 years in the Grenadier Guards (from which regiment he retired in 1876).”

Hampshire Advertiser County Newspaper, 24/08/1918:

Mr Thomas Carrey of Butlock’s Heath, Netley Abbey has received news that his son, Sergeant Thomas Carrey, Royal Field Artillery, has been specially mentioned in despatches by Sir Douglas Haig for his conduct and action in the Cambrai battle."

Hampshire Advertiser, Saturday 12/07/1919:

"The question of allotments at Old Netley and Netley Abbey was brought up during the Parish Council Meeting on Monday evening in reference to a reported sale of land in the neighbourhood, and it was resolved to take steps to protect the interest of the allotment holders.

The recreation ground was also dealt with, and it was decided to attend to the trees of which complaint had been made."

Hampshire Telegraph, 29/08/1919:

"August 1919 Mr H Bull, Police-court Missionary, Winchester has kindly arranged to take the service at Old Netley this month."

Hampshire Telegraph, 29/08/1919:

"August 1919, Mr F Preece has resigned from Butlock’s Heath School in order to enter college.  Miss E Collings has been appointed there, vice Mrs Ward.

Hampshire Advertiser, Saturday 12/07/1919:

“Can I have time to pay?” abruptly demanded James Dowden of 10 Orchard Lane, Southampton when at Southampton on Monday, he was fined £1 for damaging, with intent to steal, certain strawberry plants, value £1, the property of Edgar Spencer Warwick at Hound on the 27th ult. 

“How much time do you want?” enquired the Chairman.  “Oh, about a couple of months,” replied the youth carelessly. 

He was allowed 7 days."

Hampshire Advertiser, 29/11/1919:

"The smartness of a police constable at Old Netley on Sunday 26/10/1919 resulted in 8 men and youths being summoned for gaming with cards and 3 others for aiding and abetting at the Southampton County Bench on Monday.  Only one of 12 men concerned succeeded in making good his escape. 

The Constable, PC Tanner, stated that in consequences of complaints, he kept watch at Green Lane, Old Netley on the Sunday in question and saw the defendants who formed a “ring”, playing cards.  The 3 charged with aiding and abetting were presumably keeping a lookout.  From behind a hedge, he kept observation on them for some time and as all but one were known to him, he took their names in his notebook.  Then he rose from his hiding place and shouted “I have got your names and addresses.  You will be reported.” 

Most of them ran away amongst them, the man whom he didn’t know.  Four of the defendant who did not appear, pleaded guilty and the remainder not guilty.  Fines were inflicted as follows -

    Charles Whitlock £1;

    Joe Johnson 10s;

    Edward Bowers £1;

    Edward Whitlock 10s;

    William Whitlock £2;

    William Hatcher £2;

    Samson Johnson 10s;

    Sam Barton 10s.

For aiding and abetting - 

    John Hatcher £2;

    Hector Whitlock £2;

    Albert Arkland £2

The defendants asked for time to pay but as the magistrates did not accede to this request, several of them were sent to the cells."

By 1920:   

The Parish Council consists of 9 members - 

        R Knowlton; 

        W J Edginton; 

        Rev W E Summers; 

        J Sellwood; 

        F B White; 

        J Wallbridge; 

        J Burnett-Crooke; 

        G Warwick; 

        F Lusby. 

        The Clerk is J E Cross.  

Frederick G Norton is a Chimney Sweep at Old Netley.

Hampshire Advertiser, 28/02/1920:

"For Sale":

"On Wednesday 17 March 1920, at Chalons Villa, Station Road, Netley Abbey, Cheverton + Son will sell by Public Auction on the above premises, the whole of the useful Household Furniture and Effects, including brass and iron bedsteads and bedding, Bedroom Appointments, walnut dining room suite, dining table, occasional chairs, two dinner services, Carpets, Nearly New Linos and Rugs, gardening implements and numerous useful effects; also a 2.5 HP Motosacoche Motor Cycle."

Hampshire Advertiser, 14/08/1920:

"A meeting of the Hound War Memorial Club was held on Thursday in the Oddfellows’ Hall when the secretary was empowered to negotiate for the purchase of a YMCA Hut which had been recently viewed.  The ground has already been given by Mr S B Crook for this institution."

Hampshire Advertiser, 14/08/1920:

"Mrs Caroline Sellwood, Grange Road, Netley passed away after a long and painful illness.  She was 63 years old, well known and took great interest in local matters.The funeral took place on Tuesday afternoon at Hound, Rev W E Summers officiating.  Floral tributes came from Hound Parish Council, St Edward’s Choir, Miss Curtis Hayward, the Misses Pennington, Mr + Mrs Hamerton, Mr + Mrs Medland, Miss Coles, Mr + Mrs Sharp, Lake House, Kathleen Sharp.  She had been the oldest member of the Mothers’ Meeting."

Hampshire Advertiser, 21/08/1920:

"The death is reported of William James Billett at the age of 76.  The deceased was employed under the Government for 28 years at the Royal Victoria Hospital and had held the license of the Crown and Cushion for 32 years."

Hampshire Advertiser, 16/07/1921:

"The remains of the late Mrs Jane Peppler were brought to Hamble by motor hearse to be placed by the side of her husband, the late Mr Sam Peppler in Hamble Churchyard.  Her only daughter was serving in Gibraltar so could not make the funeral.  Among the mourners were Mr +  Mrs Isaac Peppler, her grandchildren, Jean + Peggy; Will + Rose. Mr Frank Peppler sent a beautiful wreath."

Hampshire Advertiser, 25/03/1922:

"The tragic death of an elderly woman who died as a result of extensive burns caused by her clothing accidentally catching fire at a kitchen range was investigated by the County Coroner, Mr P B Ingoldby at Netley on 23/03/1922.  The deceased was Rose Burns, aged 70, was the wife of Frederick Burns, a civil subordinate and engine driver in the employ of the Royal Victoria Hospital and resided at 109 Married Quarters at the Hospital.  The Coroner recorded the Cause of Death as 'death from misadventure'."

Hampshire Telegraph and Post, 05/05/1922:

"Mrs J Foote, a deeply respected and loved resident of Waverley Avenue, passed away on Sunday morning 30/04/1922, quietly though suddenly."

Hampshire Advertiser, 14/10/1922:

"The funeral has taken place of Miss Mary Phipps, aged 9, who died after a short illness, daughter of Mr T Phipps of the Limes, Netley Abbey.  The deceased was very popular with her fellow school chums and as a Brownie."

Portsmouth Evening News, 07/09/1922:

"Doris Birt, a scholar at Butlock’s Heath County School has won a County Scholarship, tenable at Eastleigh Pupil Teachers’ Centre."

Hampshire Advertiser, 02/12/1922:

"The cross-roads at Old Netley were discussed at this week’s meeting of the South Stoneham Rural District Council when it was reported that the owners of adjoining and had now come to terms with the Council.  Quite recently, Mr G W Harrison, one of the owners concerned, said he had no objection to the Council’s proposals to “cut off” his corner provided he received £20 compensation and that his fence was re-instated on the new line.

The Clerk stated that he had interviewed Mr F G Norton of Oakleigh, Portsmouth Road, Bursledon, the owner of the land on the opposite corner, and the latter had replied through his solicitors that he would give up the land needed for rounding off the opposite corner on payment of £50 compensation, the Council to make good the boundary of his garden.

The Council referred the matter to the District Valuer for an opinion as to the compensation that should be paid.

The Highway Surveyor reported that he had received a letter from the Ministry of Transport stating that they were willing to contribute £12 10s towards the cost of improvement at Netley cross-roads.  The Surveyor suggested the proposed improvements to Dog Kennel Lane be put forward, also that the reduction of a rather bad corner at Butt’s Road, Hound be included, to bring the total estimated grant to at least £80 towards the Council’s total cost of £320."

Hampshire Advertiser, 02/12/1922:

"Measles at Bursledon"

The Medical Officer of Health for the District (Dr A S Pern) reported that the epidemic of measles at Bursledon was abating but the schools were still closed.  There had been one death and the doctor remarked that people were beginning to realise that measles was a disease that had got to be looked after.  He added that since the last Board Meeting, one case of diphtheria at Netley Abbey had been reported and also a case of scarlet fever at Botley."

Hampshire Telegraph, 13/04/1923:

"On Sunday, the newly-organised “Sir Harry Crichton’s Own” Boy Scouts, led by the Scouts band, held their first church parade at St Edward’s Church.  They were specially addressed by the Vicar and were inspected by Lady Emma Crichton and Mr J Smith."

Hampshire Advertiser, 20/10/1923:

"Harvest Festival Services were held in the Garrison Chapel, Royal Victoria Hospital. Rev Farren was Chaplain and assisted by Rev L G Mead."

Hampshire Advertiser, 28/07/1923:

"The wedding of Miss Angela Baynton Glyn, daughter of the late Canon F W Glyn, JP and Mrs Glyn of Netley Court, Netley Abbey and Mr Rupert Lyne Hancock Nunn, son of Mr and Mrs Hancock Nunn of Lealands Hellingly, Sussex and 29 Palace Gate, London took place at St Edwards Church, Netley Abbey on 21/07/1923.  Assisted by Rev W F Summers, Vicar of Netley. 

The reception was held at Netley Court."

Hampshire Advertiser and Independent, 04/08/1923:

"The death has occurred of one of Netley’s oldest and most respected inhabitants in the person of Mr Joseph Brooks, a resident for 43 years and for many years, an employee of the Hon Mrs Eliot Yorke, Hamble Cliff, Netley Abbey.  The deceased was born at Arreton, Isle of Wight in September 1845 and died at St Margaret’s, Netley Abbey on 21 July in his 78th year.  The funeral took place at Hound Churchyard on 25 July."

Hampshire Advertiser + Independent, 15/09/1923:

"Miss Nellie Lillian Hamerton married Archibald James Wigginton at St Edward’s Church, Netley Abbey on 8 September 1923. Miss Hamerton is the daughter of Mr + Mrs C Hamerton, Glenrose, Station Road.  Mr Wigginton is the son of Mr + Mrs R Wigginton, Eperney Villa, Station Road, Netley Abbey.  The bride’s 4 sisters - Clara, Kathleen, Marion and Freda -  and Miss Freda Wigginton (bridegroom’s sister) were bridesmaids.  The bride’s brother, Mr Charles J Hamerton was the Best Man. 

The wedding breakfast was held at the Oddfellows Hall." 

Hampshire Telegraph, 22/08/1924:

"The funeral of the late Rev Henry George Allfree, MA St Edmund Hall Oxford took place at Hound on Monday 18 August 1924.  The organist was Mr Waite. The deceased clergyman had worked at Hound before his retirement.  Among the mourners were Colonel and Mrs C Y Crommelin (daughter), Engineer Captain and Mrs Drought, Mr Willie Crommelin, Major and Miss Drought, Miss Mayhew, Mr E R Moody, Mr A Pyke and Mr H W Veasey."

Hampshire Telegraph, 05/06/1925:

"The late Mr Aubone Aldrich Pyke, 78, of The Hermitage, Netley Abbey and formerly of Argentina left an estate worth £76157."

Hampshire Telegraph, 26/06/1925:

"After a long illness, one of our most respected residents, Mr W Medland passed away on Saturday morning last.  He had always led an active life and was a sidesman, leading bell ringer etc at St Edward’s. 

The funeral was on Tuesday afternoon at Hound, the Vicar Rev W E Henty-Summers officiating.  Among the chief mourners were Miss Coles, Mrs Stevens,  Messrs T + J Stevens, Mr + Mrs Dicker, Mr + Mrs Willoughby; also attending were Col Colomb, Messrs Cutler, Young, Wilson, Earwicker, Bedbrook and Mrs C Hamerton, W Gillard, J Redman, J Gattrall, H Kill. 

Previous to the party leaving the home, a shortened peal was rung at St Edward’s.  Mr C Hamerton was in charge of the funeral arrangements."

Hampshire Telegraph, 26/03/1926:

"The funeral of Mr Walter Amos Earwicker, a native of Portsmouth, took place at St Mary Churchyard, Hound on Thursday.  The deceased was ill only a short time and died after an operation in the RSH Hospital aged 52. 

He was a teacher at Butlock’s Heath Council School for over 20 years and was most respected.  He was a sidesman and a Sunday School teacher at St Edward’s Church.  He leaves a widow and a daughter."

Hampshire Telegraph, 26/11/1926:

"The death took place on Tuesday afternoon 23/11/1926 of Mrs Ada Roughen who was 39.  She has left one little daughter.  

Mrs Roughen was the daughter of Mr J Lusby of Station Road, Netley Abbey who is well known. She at one time resided in Cowes.  She had been poorly for some time and pneumonia set in from which she did not rally."

Hound Listings:

Town Sub-Post Office, Butlock’s Heath - Mrs Walter Vanderplank is sub-postmistress. Netley Abbey is the nearest Money Order + Telegraph Office.  Mrs Vanderplank is also a shopkeeper.

Tom Abraham is a Blacksmith at Old Netley

Mrs Florence Beatrice Alexander is a shopkeeper at Butlock's Heath

Alfred Geo Allen is a Cycle dlr in Botley Road

Mrs Charles Brown is a farmer at Hound House

John James Cockerman, carman, Old Netley

Mrs L Dear, shopkeeper, Butlock’s Heath

Joseph William Collins ia a saddler at Priory Cottage, Butlock's Heath

Mrs Lucy Dyer is a Shopkeeper at Butlock's Heath

Reuben Eldridge is at the Manor House Public House, Old Netley

Walter + William Fisher are Market Gardeners at Old Netley

Arthur Gale, The Plough Inn, Portsmouth Road

George Henry Gosling is a wheelwright in Portsmouth Road

Frederick W Harwood is the Proprietor of The Plough Public House, Old Netley

Mrs Agnes Hellhouse, New Inn Public House, Butlock’s Heath

Robert Hodder is a haulier at Butlock's Heath

William Hodder is a brick maker

Charles Jarvis is a Market Gardener at Old Netley

Mrs Agnes Kelly is a Beer Retailer at Butlock's Heath

Robert Mallet is a Grocer in Portsmouth Road

Frederick Geo Norton is a chimney sweep, at Old Netley

George Alfred James Norton delivers Coal in Old Netley

Robert Pressley Junior is a Fishmonger at Butlock's Heath

Robert Pressley Senior is an Upholsterer at Butlock's Heath

Harry Ricketts, 4 Netley Cottages, Hound

Robert Russell is Proprietor of The Roll Call Public House at Butlock's Heath

Charles Robert Shearing is a Shopkeeper in Butlock's Heath

George William Spencer Is a Boot repairer in Portsmouth Road

Frederick Stride Frederick is a Fruit Grower, High Town

Frank Martin Thomas Frank is a Shopkeeper in Portsmouth Road

Mrs Walter Vanderplank is a Shopkeeper and manages the Post Office at Butlock's Heath

Edgar Spencer Warwick Edgar is a farmer at Old Netley Farm

Stephen Whitlock is a Market Gardener at Old Netley.

Hampshire Telegraph + Post 30/03/1928:

Mercury’s Head Master’s Death

"Mr P E Newman, who had been Head Master on the training ship “Mercury” for many years, died suddenly on Friday, 23rd, in tragic circumstances.  He attended to his duties as usual during the day and boarded the 6.05 pm bus from Hamble. Shortly afterwards he was seen to collapse.  The conductor and passengers rendered what assistance they could and the bus was hurried to Dr Butler’s surgery at Netley.  The Doctor, however, was out and Sergeant Woodsford was called.  The deceased gentleman was removed to the Scouts’ Drill Hall, Netley where artificial respiration was applied, but without success.  Valuable assistance was remedied by Mr S B Williams of Hamble.  Mr Newman was later seen by Dr Butler who pronounced life extinct.  Mr Newman had been attended for some time by Dr Hopper of Bitterne Park for heart disease.”

Hampshire Telegraph + Post, 06/07/1928:

At the Netley + Hound Parish Council meeting on Monday evening, Mr J E Cross, the Clerk, reported that all rents had now been received for the allotments and small-holdings.  Many names as prospective tenants were received for 18 new Council houses in course of erection.  Mrs Della Gana has resigned as the Caretaker of the Jubilee Hall and Mrs Gregory has been appointed in her place, from 1 August.  

Hampshire Telegraph, 14/09/1928:

"With vacant possession, within a short distance of Southampton, the Picturesque Residence known as Netley Lodge, with outbuildings, Gardens and Grounds extending to 6.75 acres will be offered by auction at the Dolphin Hotel, Southampton on Friday 28 September at 2.30 pm precisely, unless sold privately in the meantime."

Hampshire Telegraph + Post, 28/09/1928:

“A very pretty wedding of local interest was celebrated on Saturday at St Edward’s Church which was filled with guests and friends.  The bride was Miss Clara May Hamerton, daughter of Mr + Mrs Charles Hamerton, Glenrosa, Station Road, Netley Abbey and the bridegroom was Mr Frank Dixon Claydon, son of Mr + Mrs Frank Claydon of Bury Lane, Great Waltham.  There were 4 bridesmaids  - Miss Kitty Hamerton, Miss Marie Hamerton, Miss Freda Hammerton (sisters) and Miss Barbara Berridge, a friend of the bride.  The brother of the bridegroom, Mr C Claydon, was the Best Man.  The Organist was Mr Reed. 

Hampshire Telegraph, 23/11/1928:

"The gale which raged between midday and 8 pm on Friday did surprisingly little damage despite 3 feet high waves.  Two barges were driven ashore near the “Seaweed Hut” and the spray was carried halfway across the football ground in Victoria Road.  Several rowing boats, moored off the boatyard, filled and sank. 

At Butlocks Heath, the little son of Sergeant Pick was caught by a falling tree and suffered from concussion."​

Hampshire Telegraph + Post, 22/03/1929:

“Much sympathy is felt for the relations of Mr Harry Edgar Sutton of 17, Butlock’s Heath, Netley Abbey who passed away after a short illness on Wednesday, 13 March.  

He was employed at the Shell-Mex in Hamble where he was much respected by his fellow workmen.  He was 43 years of age and leaves a widow and an 8 year old daughter.

The funeral took place on Saturday morning at St Mary’s Hound Churchyard, the Rev W Henty Summers officiating.  The chief mourners were the widow, his brother Mr Fred Sutton, his parents and workmen from Shell-Mex.”

Hampshire Telegraph + Post, 22/03/1929:

“The annual meeting was held of the National Deposit Friendly Society at the Jubilee Hall on Monday, 18 March. The Secretary reported continued marked progress, the membership on 31 December 1928 being 300 in Deposit and 134 in State Sections.  The Society was now the second largest in the UK.  The new juvenile section was making good headway.”

Hampshire Telegraph + Post, 22/03/1929:

“Police-Sergeant, PC Woodford’s perception in noting a left-foot print beneath a window led to the arrest of Harry Roper of Woolston, who at Eastleigh on Monday, was charged with breaking into the house of Emily Annie Cooper at Butlock’s Heath and stealing a gold watch, two gold rings, a gold chain and a gold brooch, valued at £11 10s on 7 March.

There was a second charge of stealing 3s in money and a gas-meter lock, the property of the Southampton Gas Co at the same time and place.  

The prisoner pleaded guilty to both charges but said there was only 1s 6d in the meter.  The charge was accordingly reduced.  Being unable to deal summarily with a house-breaking charge, the Bench sent the prisoner for trial on this count and gave him a month’s hard labour in the second case.”

Hampshire Telegraph, 31/05/1929:

"At Eastleigh Magistrates Court, Joseph James Shaw, 24, of Victoria Road, Netley, pleaded guilty to stealing two £1 Treasury notes from a till at Netley, the property of Harry Phipps on 18/05/1929.  He was sent to prison as he was a repeat offender."

Hampshire Telegraph + Post, 29/11/1929:

“In passing a watercart which was refilling in the Dip, near Keeper’s Lodge, a motor-cyclist unfortunately touched the wheel with his leg.  He was conveyed to the hospital where it was found he  had sustained a fractured knee-cap.”

[Author’s Note - does anyone know where the “Dip, near Keeper’s Lodge” was?]

Portsmouth Evening News, 25/09/1929:

"The funeral took place at Hound Cemetery on Monday, 23/09/1929 of Mr J A Tulitt, The Moorings, Station Road, Netley Abbey who retired from the Royal Navy in 1913 as senior writer after 49 years unbroken service either afloat or on the Coastguard Administration Staff. 

He began his career at Greenwich Nautical School at the age of 11 and was at the bombardment of Alexandria in 1882.  Although his service officially terminated in 1913 at the outbreak of the Great War, he again offered his services to the Admiralty and was sent to Portsmouth Naval Barracks on the instructional staff. 

He died on Thursday 19/09/1929 at the age of 70.  He leaves a widow.  He had been a resident of Netley since 1893.  A keen Churchman, he was for some time church warden and Secretary of the Parochial Church Council of St Edward’s and was at one time a member of the Hound Parish Council."

Hampshire Telegraph, 04/10/1929:

"Mrs Thompson, who has been assistant teacher in the infants’ department of the Butlocks Heath Council School has resigned.  She was very much liked by the children and she will be greatly missed.  Mrs Thompson started her duties in April 1913 and finished on 30 September 1929 completing just over 16 years of service.

Hampshire Telegraph, 25/04/1930:

"The wedding at St Edward’s Church (by special licence) on Tuesday 15 April 1930 of Miss Ivy May Gillard, youngest daughter of Mr + Mrs Martin Gillard, 76 Butlocks Heath, Netley Abbey and Mr Basil George Grindell of HMS Tribune, Portsmouth.  Ivy Georgina Grey (niece of the  bride) and Pamela Baker (friend) were bridesmaids.  Mr Harold Gillard (the bride’s brother) was Best Man.  The bride had been a member of St Mary’s Hound Choir.  The Organist was Mrs Ross."

Hampshire Telegraph, 25/04/1930:

"At St Matthew’s Church, Southampton on Easter Monday, the marriage took place between the eldest daughter of Mr + Mrs E Rofe of Southampton (bride’s name unmentioned!) and Mr Raymond Gould, only surviving son of Mr + Mrs H H Gould, 5 Waverley Avenue, Netley Abbey.  

The Bride’s sister Miss Ruby Rofe, the Bridegroom’s sister Miss Eileen Gould and cousins of the bridegroom, Misses Gertie and Phyllis Cook were amongst the bridesmaids. The Best Man was Mr Robert Grey. The Reception was at Haig Hall, Carlton Terrace."

Hampshire Telegraph, 25/04/1930:

"On Easter Monday, the wedding took place at St Edward’s Church, Netley Abbey of Miss Florence Ivy Mary Hunt, the youngest daughter of Mr + Mrs Fred Hunt of Grange Road, Netley Abbey and Mr Reginald Charles Reed of Salisbury. The bride’s sister, Miss Margaret Elaine Hunt and the bridegroom’s sister, Miss Kathleen Reed were both bridesmaids.  The bridegroom’s brother, Mr George Reed, was Best Man.  The bride’s cousin, Mr Maurice Hinxman was the organist."

Portsmouth Evening News, 04/07/1930:

"A story comes from Netley concerning the plight of a horse which was allowed to graze in a field swamped by water and rain.  The owner of the horse went away on business and when he came back, he found the field deserted.  He was about to go and make inquiries when his eye caught something brown sticking up from the earth.  It was a portion of the animal which had gradually sunk lower and lower into a bog in the corner of the field.  The stout assistance of several persons was required before the unfortunate animal could be rescued."

Hampshire Telegraph, 19/12/1930:

"The Scouts Hall was opened on Saturday last (13 December 1930) by Colonel Richard Crichton.  Scoutmaster Bannister and Cubmistress, Miss Williams presented gifts to Colonel Crichton in recognition of the efforts he had made on behalf of the hall."

Hampshire Telegraph + Post, 20/03/1931:

“The annual meeting of the National Deposit Friendly Society was held at the Jubilee Hall, Netley on Monday, 16 March.  The Chairman, Mr J W Sedgwick, presiding, the Secretary, Mr H T Davis, reported that the District was still increasing rapidly.

The membership on 31/12/1830 being 360 in the Deposit Section and 159 in the State Section.  

A social followed the annual meeting when Miss Eckett’s pupils gave a clever display of classical dances.  The music was excellently supplied by the Misses Ruthen, Mabbett and Mr Ken Kilford.” 

Hampshire Telegraph + Post, 20/03/1931:

“At Butlock’s Heath Band of Hope meeting at the Hollies Hut on Saturday, the Shield, prizes and certificates were presented. The Shield was hung in the Hollies Hut; also an enlarged photograph of the late Mrs Elliot Yorke who was the originator of the Band of Hope.  Each child was then presented with a certificate, book and badge and those with the highest marks received a money prize.  Top Boy, Norman Provins with 91 marks and Joan Vanderplank, Top Girl, with 86 marks were much applauded.

A concert was given by the children amongst whom present were B and D Pressley, Sidney Bowles, J and G Vanderplank, W Hallum, V and N Collins, Gretta Cross, B Newton, Dolly Finch, E Jeans.  The proceedings closed with a verse from the National Anthem.”

Hampshire Telegraph, 03/04/1931:

"The last meeting of the old Parish Council was held at the Jubilee Hall on Monday evening, 29 March 1931.  Sympathy was expressed for the Secretary, Mr J Cross who was ill and unable to attend.  The retiring Councillors, Messrs Knowlton, Moorman, Hunt and Captain Buckmaster were thanked for their past services."

Hampshire Telegraph + Post, 24/04/1931:

“The first meeting of the newly-elected Parish Council took place on 20/04/1831.  Mr J Adams was elected Chairman and Mr Mortimer, Vice-Chairman.

It was decided to accept, provisionally, the contract of Messrs Rawlins and Knowles to repair the Netley Hard.  Mr Denman kindly offered a temporary loan to enable the work to proceed immediately.  A Committee was formed to consider what should be done with the Coastguard Station.”

Hampshire Telegraph + Post, 20/03/1931:

“An old and respected resident of Netley in the person of Mrs Louisa Lover, in her 71st year, passed away on Saturday 14th ay the Southampton Hospital.  She had been ill for some time at her residence in Waverley Avenue, Netley Abbey, previous to going into hospital. Her husband pre-deceased her over 7 years ago.  

Mrs Lover was well known as she kept the Tea Rooms near Netley Station for some years.  The funeral took place at St Mary’s Hound on Tuesday morning, the Rev W Henty Summers officiating.  There were many floral tributes.”

Hampshire Telegraph, 03/04/1931:

"The wedding took place at Southampton on Tuesday 31 March 1931 of Miss Winifred Mabbett, only daughter of Mr E J Mabbett, the “Crown and Cushion”, Victoria Road, Netley Abbey and Mr H Lowe, only son of Mrs Harrop, Victoria Road, Woolston."

Hampshire Telegraph, 14/08/1931:

"The Marriage of Miss Winifred Edith Hall, only daughter of Mr F G Hall and the late Mrs J Hall of Highfield, North Wingfield, Chesterfield and the bridegroom, Mr G T P Tarrant, only son of Mr + Mrs G L Tarrant, Station House, Netley Abbey was solemnized at St Edward’s Church, Netley Abbey on Wednesday, 12/08/1931. 

Her Chief bridesmaid was Miss Hilda Booth.  Her bridesmaids were Miss Beryl Tarrant (the groom’s sister), Miss Avernie Thompson (cousin) and Miss Mary Hancock.  Train bearers were Masters Melville and Grahame Thompson. Mr Reginald (Dick) Oades, BA of Pembroke College Cambridge acted as Best Man. 

The Organist was Mr L Poore.  The groomsmen were Mr G J Pratt, Mr E Rye, Mr L H Clarke BA, Mr A J Arberry MA.  Mrs E Campion (bride’s Aunt) acted as hostess."

Hampshire Telegraph, 14/08/1931:

"The wedding took place at St Edward’s Church, Netley Abbey on Saturday, 08/08/1931 of Mr John Bush Matthews, second son of Mr + Mrs Edward Matthews, Waverley Avenue, Netley Abbey and Miss Hilda Ann Hallett, youngest daughter o Mr + Mrs H Hallett, Forest View, Abbey Hill, Netley Abbey. 

It will be remembered that Mr Matthews, with Mr Hook, came down in the jungle when on a flight recently to Australia.  The bride was given away by her brother, Mr Guy Hallett.  Mr Henry Matthews, the Groom’s brother was Best Man."

Hampshire Telegraph, 18/09/1931:

"The wedding of Miss Beryl Lisle P Tarrant, only daughter of Mr + Mrs G L Tarrant, Station House, Netley Abbey and Mr Eric Lionel Rye, second son of Mr + Mrs W Rye of Manor Farm Road, Bitterne was solemnised at St Edward’s Church on Saturday, 12/09/1931. There were 3 bridesmaids - Miss Doris Hoare, Miss Meeanee Tarrant (cousin), Miss Eileen Smith (cousin).  Master Melville Thompson (cousin) acted as a page.

Mr Bert Trigger, Mr J Coward and Mr Chris Tollerton were groomsmen. The Best Man was Mr Ronald Rye (groom’s brother). The service was officiated by the Rev Pulford, Chaplain at the RVH.  Mrs Chinn was the Organist."

Hampshire Telegraph, 21/08/1931:

"The Graf Zeppelin flew over the village on Tuesday evening.  It was fairly low so a good view of it was obtained."

Hampshire Telegraph and Post, 07/08/1931:

Much sympathy is felt for Dr Peters of Inglemere, Netley Abbey, in the loss of his wife who passed away at a London Hospital early last week after an illness.  Mrs Peters was well known in Netley and will be greatly missed.  The funeral took place at St Mary’s Hound Churchyard on Friday afternoon.“

Hampshire Telegraph and Post, 07/08/1931:

A pretty wedding of local interest was celebrated at St Edward’s Church on Monday 03/08/31 between Miss Doris Irene Davis, only daughter of Mr + Mrs R F Davis of Victoria Road, Netley Abbey and Mr William Herbert Wadd, only son of Mr + Mrs H Wadd, Ruvingny, Putney.  There were 2 Bridesmaids, Miss Doris Birt and Miss Annie Birt.  Mr W Billman was Best Man.  After the ceremony, a Reception was held at the Jubilee Hall.”

Hampshire Telegraph, 21/08/1931:

"Miss Ethel Irene Moore, third daughter of Mr + Mrs William Moore of Pasadena Cottages, New Road, Netley passed away suddenly on Tuesday evening, 18/08/1931. 

It appears that the deceased had run out to see the Zeppelin pass over, being accompanied by her sister, Miss Elsie Moore and friends, when she suddenly collapsed and passed away just outside the Prince Consort Hotel.  Dr Basil Howard Tripp, Captain in the RAMC who was staying at the Hotel was called but he could only pronounce life extinct. 

She had been treated for some time by Dr Loughlin of Woolston for chronic heart trouble.  Miss Moore was of a bright disposition and liked by everyone.  She had been employed for some time by Mr Rogers, Grocer in Station Road. 

Much sympathy is felt for the Moores who lost another daughter about 7 years ago in somewhat similar circumstances."

Portsmouth Evening News, 27/10/1931:

"James Gallagher, 30, a steward, of Denzil Avenue, Netley Abbey, was charged on remand at Eastleigh Police Court on Monday 26/10/1931 with attempted suicide.  A report was read from the Medical Officer of Winchester which stated that he showed no signs of mental disorder. The doctor thought that Gallagher must have been under the influence of alcohol and not responsible for what took place. 

He was bound over for 12 months to keep the peace."

Hampshire Telegraph + Post 25/12/1931:

"Mr Hughes of Denzil Avenue, Netley Abbey was riding his “push” bicycle down Grange Road on Tuesday morning when he was run into by a motor-cyclist of the RAMC as he turned into Victoria Road going tow rds Woolston.   The motor-cyclist was proceeding towards Netley and was not observe by Mr Hughes.  Mr Hughes received a scalp wound and other abrasions, also an injured ankle.  PC Knight secured a taxi and took Mr Hughes to Dr Butler.  He was then taken to his home.  The motor-cyclist was not hurt."

Hampshire Telegraph + Post, 11/03/1932:

“The funeral of Mr West, RN, (retired), 79, of Briar Leigh, Victoria Road, Netley Abbey took place at St Mary’s Hound Churchyard last week. The deceased was an old and respected resident of Netley having lived there since his retirement.  He leaves a widow and 2 daughters.  His only son was drowned during the Great War, he being one of the Officers on the ‘Asturias’.”

Hampshire Telegraph + Post, 01/04/1932:

“The funeral of Mrs Tabitha Mitchell, aged 77 years, who had resided at 20, Butlock’s Heath, Netley Abbey took place at St Mary’s Hound Churchyard on Tuesday 29/03/1932.”

Hampshire Telegraph + Post, 13/05/1932:

“The funeral of the late Mr George Iles took place at St Mary’s Hound Churchyard on Wednesday last week.  The chief mourners were Messrs G A Iles, A E Iles, W E Iles and T R Iles (sons) and Mrs A Russell (sister).  There were also representatives of the Southampton Buffaloes; also of the Freemasons.  Mt Iles who was in his 59th year, was Steward of Netley Victoria Club and had lived in Netley Abbey since 1913.  He was a native of Battersea and has left 4 sons.  His wife pre-deceased him 5 years ago.”

Hampshire Telegraph + Post, 03/04/1932:

“The result of the election of the new Winchester Urban District Council was that the following were elected to represent the Parish of Hound - Commander Cole-Hamilton, Mr H G Ross, Mr F Hunt and Mr H E Barnes.”

Hampshire Telegraph + Post 03/04/1932:

“It has been possible through the Diocesan Council for Women’s Work to engage the services of a lady Churchworker, Miss Stilling, more particularly for work at Old Netley.  She will take up her duties this week and her appointment is largely due to the initiative and generosity of the Misses Pennington who are, through ill health, unable to carry out the good work they have always done in the Parish.”

Hampshire Telegraph + Post, 03/04/1932:

“The monthly meeting of Hound Parish Council as held at Old Netley Reading Room on Monday. Mr J Adams was elected Chairman for another 12 months.  The chief business, brought forward by Mr W Randall, was lighting and sewerage at Old Netley and it was arranged to hold a meeting of ratepayers at an early date to discuss the matter.”

Hampshire Telegraph + Post, 04/11/1932:

“A Parish meeting was held in the Jubilee Hall on Monday evening in connexion with Hound Parish Distress Fund.  If money is forthcoming, it is hoped with the help of the Rural District Council that some work and relief may be provided in the near future for the local unemployed.  Colonel Richard Crichton and Mr Fred Hunt were both at the meeting.”

Hampshire Telegraph + Post, 26/08/1932:

“The death took place on Monday, 22 August of Mr Mennel John Winfield at his residence, Colaba, Grange Road, Netley Abbey.  Although he had been in ill health for several years, the end came rather suddenly.  Mr Winfield, 81, had lived in the Village since he was a lad and was well respected.  He leaves a widow and 4 daughters.  The funeral took place on Thursday afternoon at St Mary’s Hound Churchyard.”

Hampshire Telegraph + Post, 26/08/1932:

“The wedding was solemnised at St Edward’s Church, Netley Abbey on 20 August of Miss Zash Bate Slade, younger daughter of Captain and Mrs J B Slade, Milton Lodge, Station Road, Netley Abbey, formerly of Cornwall and Mr George Jackson Edge, only son of Mrs Edge and the late Mr Walter Edge of Bispham, Blackpool.  She had 2 bridesmaids - Miss Marjorie Edge (bridegroom’s sister) ad Miss Barbara Martin (niece of the bride).  The duties of the Best Man were carried out by the bride’s brother-in-law, Mr B Martin.”

Hampshire Telegraph, 16/09/1932:

"The death took place on Monday 12 September 1932 of Mr Martin Gillard, 67, at his residence, 76 Butlocks Heath, Netley Abbey, after a short illness. He leaves a widow, two sons and two daughters (and one son killed in the Great War).  The funeral took place at St Mary’s Hound Churchyard on Friday 16/09/1932."

Hampshire Telegraph + Post, 14/10/1932:

“The marriage of Mr William J Morse, elder son of Mr + Mrs J Morse, Vine Cottage, New Road, Netley Abbey and Miss Elfreda Mabel Ellen Hibbert, only child of Mr + Mrs W Hibbert of Portsmouth Road, Sholing took place at St Mary’s Sholing on Saturday last.

The bridegroom works at the Netley Post Office.”

Hampshire Telegraph, 23/12/1932:

"The wedding of Miss Winifred Beatrice Shaw, the third daughter of Mr J Shaw, 66 Victoria Road, Netley Abbey and Corporal A Medhurst, RAF, youngest son of Mr + Mrs Medhurst of 89 New Road, Chatham was solemnised at St Edward’s Church on Saturday, 17/12/1932."

Hampshire Telegraph + Post, 13/01/1933:

“Much sympathy is expressed in Netley Village for Mr T Jacobs, coal merchant, Station Road, Netley Abbey in his bereavement.  His wife, who had influenza, contracted pneumonia and was taken to the Royal South Hants and Southampton Hospital where she passed away on Sunday afternoon.  She leaves 2 small children.”

Hampshire Telegraph, 23/12/1932:

"The pupils of Miss Julia Price (LRAM), teacher of singing, voice production and piano of 2 Victoria Road, Netley Abbey were successful in gaining Pass Certificates at the recent examinations of the associated board of the Royal Schools of Music, London held at the Watts Hall, Southampton.

Elementary - Rita Towten; Elfreda Capon; Primary - Ruth Daniels, Eric Steer; Preliminary Joan McCormick."

Hampshire Telegraph, 08/09/1933:

"Miss Phyllis Nethersole, Netley Abbey, swam from the Royal Pier, Southampton to East Cowes on Wednesday week, a distance of about 16 miles covered in 4.5 hours."

Hampshire Telegraph + Post, 13/01/1933:

“A Christmas tea was given to the members of the Coal and Thrift Club at Old Netley by Miss Ada Pennington.  It was held in the Old Netley Reading Room on Thursday of last week.  Amongst those present were Rev Henty Summers and his sister, and Miss Stilling.”

Hampshire Telegraph + Post, 13/01/1933:

"Motor Cyclist Injured"

“An Indian Air Student, Mr S V Pantvaiduya, of New Road, Netley Abbey met with a rather serious accident on Friday last.  He was riding his motor cycle from Hamble and came into collision with a petrol lorry when he received severe head injuries, also both legs broken.

The injured man is a student at the Air Service Training Centre, Hamble.  He was conveyed to the Royal South Hants and Southampton Hospital where an operation was performed and one of his legs amputated.”

,Hampshire Telegraph + Post 18/08/1933:

“The condition of Miss Gladys Hammerton, who had been lying dangerously ill in the Royal South Hants and Southampton Hospital since last week, has slightly improved.  It will be remembered that Miss Hammerton was cycling to her home in Grange Road, Netley Abbey when she came into collision with a motor-car.”

Hampshire Telegraph, 08/09/1933:

"At St Edward’s Church Netley Abbey, on Monday 4 September 1933, the marriage took place of Miss Lillian Rose Palmer, third daughter of Mrs M A Palmer and the late Mr J Palmer, 61 Victoria Road, Netley Abbey and Mr Cecil J G Haines, only son of Mrs Doyle and the late Mr Haines of 22 Hunt Avenue, Netley Abbey. 

The bride’s brother, Mr J Palmer gave her away.  Miss Rhoda Palmer, the bride’s sister, was the bridesmaid. Mr Mitchener was Best Man.  The reception was held at the Victoria Club.  The bridegroom is employed by the Hants + Dorset Motor Services local branch."

Coventry Herald, 29/09/1933:

"The death took place on Friday, 22/09/1933 at Lake House, Netley Abbey of Mary Jane Owen Pennington, eldest daughter of the late William Pennington, Thickthorn, Kenilworth. The funeral service was at St Edward’s Church Netley Abbey on Tuesday."

Hampshire Telegraph, 01/12/1933:

"The late Miss Mary Jane Owen Pennington’s estate has been valued at £6968."

Hampshire Telegraph, 05/01/1934:

"While returning from Bournemouth on Friday, 29/12/1933, Mr Robinson of 8 Woodland Terrace, New Road, was taken ill.  He called a taxi on arrival at Southampton West Station but on reaching Netley, it was found that he had passed away. The funeral took place on Tuesday." 

Hampshire Telegraph + Post, 04/04/1934:

“Great sympathy has been extended to Mrs Bass and her daughter in their recent bereavement.  Quartermaster-Sergeant Bass passed away at the Royal Victoria Hospital last week after a short illness at the early age of 42.  He will be greatly missed by the Netley Angling Club.” 

Hampshire Telegraph + Post 18/05/1934:

“The death has occurred of Miss Charlotte Augusta Stilling who was a licensed lay reader and a Sunday School Teacher un the Parish for some time.  She was a former paid church worker at Netley Parish Church under the Rev G Henty Summers.  Aged 57, Miss Stilling was a native of Birmingham and had lived in Eastleigh for many years where she had been a Sunday School Superintendent and member of the Parochial Church Council.  Prior to coming to Eastleigh, she was at All Saints’ Church, South Lambeth for many years.   She had been ill for several months and passed away at a nursing home in Southsea at the weekend..  The funeral took place at Eastleigh on Wednesday.

Hampshire Telegraph 13/04/1934” 

“The monthly meeting of Hound and Netley Parish Councillors was held at the Jubilee Hall on Monday.  Mr J Adams, Chairman was able to be present after his prolonged illness.  The members of the new Council are Messrs Warwick, Beak, Adams, Foyle, Freeman, French, Knight, Knowlton, Orman, Thomas, Cooper and Chaplain.  The Council decided to apply for a piece of ground behind the Plough Inn, Portsmouth Road as a playing field for Old Netley, a part of which to be railed off for the children’s own use.”

Hampshire Telegraph, 14/09/1934:

"Police in the Netley Abbey District are searching for a 14ft sailing boat which disappeared from its berth opposite Sea Road, Netley Abbey.  The boat belongs to Mr W J Kilford of the Post Office, Netley and the police were notified on Sunday morning. The boat has a white hull, a brown gunwale and a red bottom."

Hampshire Telegraph + Post, 11/01/1935:

“A fourteen year old boy admitted at a Children’s Court at Eastleigh onThursday last week, that he used obscene language while cycling at Abbey Hill, Netley Abbey.  A police witness produced a copy of the language used, and said that it was most disgusting, as there were several women walking along the road at the time.  The boy who received a severe lecture from the Chairman of the Magistrates, the Rev H P FitzGerald, was fined 5s.”

Hampshire Telegraph + Post,  25/01/1935:

Harry C A Vanderberg, 19, a Private in the RAMC, stationed at the Royal Victoria Hospital, Netley, pleaded guilty at Eastleigh Petty Sessions on Monday to stealing a £1 note from a fellow Private, David H Campbell and also to stealing a pair of stocks, the property of Victor Boley at Netley.  Supt Pragnell said that Campbell left the note in the pocket of his tunic, buttoning up the flap.  He left the accused man in a room with the tunic and later the note was missing.  The accused man was interrogated by the Sergeant-Major and at first denied any knowledge.   Later he admitted he had taken the note.  An officer of the regiment gave the prisoner a good character  They were willing to take him back.  After the accused had expressed his regret, he was told that he would be bound over for a year. 

Hampshire Telegraph + Post, 11/01/1935:

“The death took place on Thursday week of Mr Abner Pearmain, after a long illness, at his residence, Rose Cottage, New Road, Netley Abbey. The deceased man was an old and well respected resident having lived in Netley for over 50 years.  

He was, for several years, Butler at Hamble Cliff with the late Mrs Elliot Yorke and at Sydney Lodge with the late Lord Hardwicke, but had recently retired.  He was in his 76th year and leaves a widow and 3 daughters.  

The funeral took place at St Mary’s Hound Churchyard on Tuesday.  The service was taken by Mr E B D Dolomore, assisted by Mr Maddick and Major St John Knight.  The main mourners were - his widow, Lt-Commander Williams (brother-in-law), Mrs Adams (eldest daughter), Mr + Mrs Sanders (daughter and son-in-law), Mr + Mrs Halsey (daughter and son-in-law), Mrs Shoesmith and Mrs Williams (both sisters-in-law), Mrs Grossmith, Mrs Armstrong, Mr + Mrs Newton, Mrs Curtiss, Mr + Mrs J Lusby, Mr + Mrs Kilford, Mr Budge and Mrs Gould.”

Hampshire Telegraph + Post,  25/01/1935:

In the passing of Mrs G M Vanderplank of The Hollies, Butlock’s Heath, the Rechabites and Band of Hope have lost a valued friend and teacher.  Much sympathy is expressed fo Mr B J Vanderplank and his family in their sorrow.  Mrs Vanderplank who was 43 years of age, had been ill for a year but the end came rather sudden.  Before her marriage, she was a teacher at Butlock’s Heath Council School and received her training at Salisbury College.  The funeral took place on Thursday.” 

Hampshire Telegraph, 26/03/1935:

"On Saturday last, at St Edward’s Church, Netley Abbey, the marriage took place of Miss Hilda Florence Armitage, only daughter of Mr + Mrs Sidney Armitage, Sea View, Abbey Hill, Netley Abbey and Mr Robert George Hodder, Woodside, Butlocks Heath, Netley Abbey.  The bridegroom’s brother-in-law, Mr Godfrey Stride, was Best Man. The bride’s friend, Miss Yvonne Dianna Espezel was the bridesmaid."

Hampshire Telegraph, 26/04/1935:

"The wedding took place at St Edward’s Church, Netley Abbey on 20 April 1935 between Miss Rosina L Ware, eldest daughter of Mr + Mrs A J Ware of 45 Hunt Avenue, Netley Abbey and Mr David Adams of Woolston. The brother of the bridegroom, Mr Sidney Adams, was Best Man. 

The bride’s father is the Secretary of the Central Club where the Reception was held."

Hampshire Telegraph, 28/06/1935:

"A former 'Saints' centre-forward, Norman Cole (who has recently transferred to Norwich City) was the bridegroom at St Edward’s Church on Wednesday, 26 June 1935.  His bride was Miss Kathleen May Appleton, daughter of Mr + Mrs T F Appleton of Nuthatch, Denzil Avenue, Netley Abbey.  Her sister, Miss Rosina Appleton was in attendance.  Mr Cecil Cole, the bridegroom’s brother, was Best Man."

Hampshire Telegraph, 28/06/1935:

"The death of an old and well-respected resident in the person of Mrs Cecilia Dicker has taken place in her 81st year.  She had been ill for about 5 weeks and passed away at her residence, 8 Grange Road, on Monday 24 June 1935.  She was a staunch member of St Edward’s Church and the Mothers’ Union.  She leaves a husband, two sons and one daughter (who is in Malta)."

Hampshire Telegraph, 28/06/1935:

"The marriage took place at St Edward’s Church last Saturday (22/06/1935) between Miss Annie Haysom, eldest daughter of the late Mr Walter Haysom and Mrs Ernest Worley of Bitterne and the bridegroom, Mr George Horace Kill, 4th son of Mr + Mrs J Kill, Denzil Avenue, Netley Abbey.  The bride’s brother, Mr Walter Haysom, gave her away.  Bridesmaids were Miss Alice Haysom (sister), Miss Barbara Ingram and Miss Ellen Kill (nieces)and Catherine Lavender (friend).  Mr Keith Kill (bridegroom’s brother) was the Best Man.  The Reception was held at the bridegroom’s home.  He was a bell-ringer."

Hampshire Telegraph, 09/08/1935:

"At St Edward’s Church, Netley Abbey, the wedding took place of Miss Ruby May Bunday, only daughter of Mr + Mrs H Bunday, 36 Hunt Avenue and the bridegroom, Mr Arthur Hall (Royal Marines, Portsmouth), the youngest son of the late Mr and Mrs H Hall of Portsmouth."

Hampshire Telegraph, 09/08/1935:

"The death of Mr Charles Edward Willoughby, age 65, took place at the Royal South Hants Hospital on 3 August 1935.  He resided at The Abbey, Netley Abbey where he was Custodian for about 30 Years.  The funeral took place on Wednesday 7 August at Hound.  Amongst the mourners were his widow, brother-in-law Mr Smith, sisters Mrs White + Mrs Arnold, nephews and nieces Mr + Mrs H Reynolds, Mr + Mrs F Hessell and Mr + Mrs E March."

Hampshire Telegraph + Post, 02/08/1935:

"A special Parish meeting was held at the Jubilee Hall on Thursday evening, 26 July 1935, by request of 6 electors of Hound following a resolution of “no confidence” in the Parish Council passed at a public meeting held at Butlock’s Heath School recently.  The hall was crowded and heated discussions took place.  Mr F Adams, Chairman of the Parish Council who took the Chair, reminded those present that he had the power to call in a police officer so that order might be enforced for a fair hearing for all." 

Hampshire Telegraph, 30/08/1935:

"Mr W W Olding of Netley Abbey had a narrow escape from injury last week when the van he was driving was in a collision with a coach in St Andrew’s Road, Southampton.  The van which is the property of Mr Percy Oxborrow was struck by the coach close to the driver’s seat but luckily Mr Olding was able to get out of the damaged door - shaken but uninjured.“

Hampshire Telegraph and Post, 20/12/1935:

“The ‘Roll Call’ Loan Club share out took place at Butlock’s Heath, Netley last Saturday evening, 454 sixpenny shares being distributed at £1 6s 4d each.  Mr W Buggy provided supper for members and friends.  The Chairman, Mr W J Squires moved votes of thanks and a musical programme followed."

Hampshire Telegraph, 30/08/1935:

"Paddy Chaplain, 11, only daughter of Mr + Mrs Chaplain of Grange Road, Netley Abbey swam 3 miles from Hythe Shore to Netley Hard on Friday evening, 23 August."

Hampshire Telegraph + Post, 02/08/1935:

“A young Netley soldier who admitted taking a raincoat which had been left in a sports pavilion was charged at Eastleigh Petty Sessions on Monday with the theft of the coat which was the property of Frank Cooper of Netley and was valued at £1 5s.  Explaining the case, Supt E Pragnell said that Cooper left the coat in the pavilion at the Royal Victoria Military Hospital, Netley and later found that it was missing.  Inquiries were made by Police Sergeant Parmenter and the accused subsequently admitted taking the coat.  An officer stated the accused had 2 years’ service and his military character was good.  The authorities were prepared to take him back.  A fine of £2 was imposed.”

Hampshire Telegraph + Post, 02/08/1935:

"An agreement between two friends for the sale of a quantity of jewellery belonging to one of them led to a police court case at Eastleigh Petty Sessions on Monday, when Francis George Roberts, aged 53, of Inkerman Road, Woolston was charged with stealing a turquoise brooch, antique ring, two powder boxes, three amber pendants, one gold and 2 silver rings and other jewellery of the total value of £11, the property of Henry Nelson Frost of Seaview, Abbey Hill, Netley Abbey.  He pleaded not guilty.  In evidence Frost said that he had known the accused for some time and they were friends.  On 2 July the witness and his wife looked out a certain quantity of jewellery which they gave to Roberts for the purpose of selling.  Accused had said that he had means of disposing of the articles by selling them to a Mrs Viney of Highfield.  Accused took the jewellery away and the witness received no money but later information was received that Mrs Viney did not wish to buy the jewellery.  Mr Roberts stated that he did not want to hurt the Frosts’ feelings when he found he could not after all sell their jewellery.  The Magistrates were not satisfied that Frost actually intended to steal the articles.  The case would be dismissed." 

Hampshire Telegraph and Post, 20/12/1935:

"Stewart Alpheous Hyde, 31, Labourer was charged with breaking and entering the Netley British Legion Club on the night of December 4 and 5 and stealing £17 10s 7d in money, a quantity of cigarettes, a large bottle of whisky, small bottles of whisky and a quantity of chocolate, together valued at £11 15s 8d.  At Eastleigh Petty Sessions, he protested complete innocence of this charge and declared that he did not even know where the Netley British Legion Club was situated." 



Hampshire Telegraph, 20/09/1935:

"For Sale"

"Grange Farm, Netley Abbey, one mile from Woolston, five miles from Botley, instructed by Mr R F M Wiltshire (quitting) to sell by Auction on the premises on Friday, 27 September 1935 -

The whole of the Live and Dead Farm stock comprising -

50 British Friesian Cattle including the Grade A herd milking cows and some excellent down calving heifers; 33 Shorthorn Dairy Cows; 3 Cart Horses and Cob; Farm Implements and Tools; Dairy utensils and harness; 250 lot of Nursery Stock and Sundry Household Furniture."



Hampshire Telegraph, 15/11/1935:

"The Parishioners of Netley Abbey heard with regret of the death of Miss Ada Pennington which took place at her residence, Lake House, Abbey Hill early on Sunday morning last. 

Miss Pennington who was in her 84th year was a staunch member of St Edward’s Church where she was organist for a great number of years. 

Unfortunately she met with an accident, breaking her hip and had to retire from being organist.  The Parishioners presented her with a self-propelling chair which she used a great deal to get about in doing her visiting and church work.  She was also a Sunday School teacher and did a lot of good work at Old Netley where she held a clothing club and Bible classes.

Miss Pennington was only ill about a week and passed away with heart trouble.  She is survived by one sister, Miss Georgina Pennington.  A memorial service was held at St Edward’s Church on Wednesday afternoon and the interment took place at St Mary’s Hound following this service."

Hampshire Telegraph and Post, 20/12/1935:

“Great sympathy is expressed in the village for Mr Fred Hunt and family of Sunnyside, Grange Road, Netley Abbey in their sad bereavement.  Mrs Hunt who was only ill for a short time, passed away at her residence on Friday 13/12/1935.”

Hampshire Telegraph + Post, 03/01/1936:

Much sympathy is felt for the wife and family of the late Mr George W A Damen who met his death by accident whilst crossing the road near Boscombe.  Mr Damen who was 72 years of age was Stationmaster at Netley for several years and on his retirement went to live at Bournemouth.” 

Hampshire Telegraph + Post, 03/01/1936:

The death of a very old resident of Netley Abbey, in the person of Mrs Rebecca Cornell, 5 Arthur Terrace, New Road, Netley Abbey, took place on 25/12/1935 at the residence of her daughter, Mrs Davis, 15 Victoria Road, Netley Abbey.  Mrs Cornell was 89 years of age.  She had been a widow for a great number of years and leaves one son and two daughters.  She had lived in the village for over 55 years.  The funeral took place at St Mary’s Hound Churchyard on 30/12/1935.  Amongst the mourners were Mr Cornell (son), Mrs Doyle (daughter), Mrs Wadd (granddaughter), Mr Martin (brother), Miss Harding, Mr Gray, Major and Mrs O’Hara.”

Portsmouth Evening News, 20/01/1936:

"Miss Georgina L Pennington, of Lake House. passed away around 17 January 1936.  She was in her 89th year.  She was suddenly taken ill about a week ago and developed bronchitis.  Her sister, Miss A Pennington died in November 1935.  Miss G Pennington was the second daughter of William Pennington, Thickthorn, Kenilworth, Warwickshire. 

Miss G is the last of the family who were old residents of Netley Abbey and well known for their good work with the poor and needy.  She was also a keen supporter of the Hound Nursing Association.  A memorial service will be held in St Edward’s Church, Netley Abbey on Tuesday 21/01/1936 followed by her burial at St Mary’s Church, Hound."

Hampshire Telegraph, 07/02/1936:

"Another old resident, Mr Sainsbury of Garfield Road, Netley Abbey has passed away on Friday 31 January 1936.  He was in his 73rd year."



Hampshire Telegraph, 07/02/1936:

"Robert Henry Green, 35, a Salesman of Millais Road, Woolston pleaded guilty at Eastleigh Petty Sessions of embezzling sums of money whilst employed by Katherine Augusta Wiltshire of Netley Abbey.  He was employed for 2 years to sell milk and collect money. 

He was bound over to be of good behaviour for a year."



Portsmouth Evening News, 14/03/1936:

"Re Miss Georgina L Pennington, deceased. Wednesday + Thursday 18 - 19 March 1936 at “Lake House”, Netley Abbey, Sale of the well-made, old-fashioned and antique equipment, including The Furnishings of 8 Bedrooms, Gents Mahogany and other wardrobes, Mahogany, Oak and other Chests of Drawers, Vertical Pianoforte by Bechstein.  Carved Oak Dower Chest.Dining Room Appointments in Mahogany, about 1200 ozs Silver, Sheffield Plated Articles, Valuable  Antique Gold and Enamel Musical Snuff Box, fine old English Bracket Clock, Sofa, Tables, Antique Break Front Inlaid Mahogany Cabinet, Antique Coffee Tables, Library of 2000 Volumes.  Pictures, Prints, China, Glass, Linen, Invalid’s Self-Propelling and other Chairs, Garden Seats, Outdoor Effects, Coal etc etc which will sell by Auction on the premises."



Hampshire Telegraph, 27/03/1936:

"Much sympathy is expressed towards Mr + Mrs H Bowyer, Victoria Road, Netley Abbey in the loss of their 2 year old child, Brenda who passed away at the Isolation Hospital on Saturday, 21/03/1936.  The funeral took place at Hound on 25/03/1936."

Hampshire Telegraph + Post, 03/04/1936:

“The death of Mrs Constance Carr, wife of Major-General Howard Carr, CB, took place in a nursing home in Southampton on March 25.  The funeral took place at the Southampton Crematorium on Saturday.  Until recently Major-General Carr resided at Thymira, Abbey Hill, Netley Abbey.”



Hampshire Telegraph, 17/04/1936:

"Congratulations are extended to Walter John Kilford, youngest son of Mr W Kilford, Postmaster of Netley Abbey, in passing the preliminary scientific examination of Pharmaceutical (Chemist and Druggist) Society of Great Britain."



Hampshire Telegraph, 17/04/1936:

"A very pretty wedding of local interest was celebrated at St Edward’s Church, Netley Abbey on Tuesday 14 April 1936.  The bridegroom was Mr John A W Knight, only son of Mr and Mrs A E Knight of Prince Consort, Victoria Road, Netley Abbey and the Bride, Miss Emily Audrey Taylor, youngest daughter of Mr and Mrs Bert Taylor, Pine Grove, Thornhill, Bitterne. Bridesmaids were - Miss May Taylor (bride’s sister); Miss Molly Munslow (bride’s cousin); Miss Sheila Sleeman (bridegroom’s cousin); Miss Thelma Sleeman (bridegroom’s cousin); Miss Paddy Chaplain (friend). 

The Vicar was the Rev W E Henty Summers.  Mr Harry Low was the Best Man and the organist was Mr W Hammond.  The reception was held at the Netley Abbey Central Club."

Hampshire Telegraph, 01/05/1936:

"The funeral of Mr Albert Edgar Iles, who met with a fatal accident, took place at St Mary’s Churchyard on Thursday 23 April.  The chief mourners were his brothers, Alfred, William Edward and Thomas Roland Iles, his Aunt, Mrs Russell, Fiancee Miss B Slee, his sister-in-law, Mrs W E Iles. 

Mr Iles who was in the RAF was shortly to be married.  He passed away on Monday 20 April."



Hampshire Telegraph, 01/05/1936:

"Admitting the theft of a bantam hen, valued at 1s 6d, the property of Mrs E Gosling of Netley Abbey, Edward W G Sergeant of Netley Common, Sholing was bound over at Eastleigh Petty Sessions on Monday for a period of 6 months. 

Mr Sergeant initially denied all knowledge of the offence but when his premises were searched and the bantam hen was found secreted in an outhouse, sitting on some bantam eggs, he then confessed."

Hampshire Telegraph, 21/08/1936:

"Burglars made an attempt to open a safe in Mr H G Ross’s office in Victoria Road, Netley Abbey but were not successful.  The discovery was made when the staff found paper strewn all over the floor."



Hampshire Telegraph, 21/08/1936:

"The wedding took place at St Edward’s Church, Netley Abbey on Saturday 15/08/1936 of Miss Stella May Howells, youngest daughter of Mrs and the late Mr Howells, 6 Denzil Avenue, Netley Abbey and Mr Reginald Charles Brown, youngest son of the late Mr + Mrs Brown, Exmouth. 

The bride was given away by her youngest brother, Mr Frank Howells.  Her bridesmaids were Miss Rhoda Palmer, Joan Kelly (bride’s niece) and a friend Pat Eastman.  Best Man was Mr Fred Fox (groom’s friend)."

Hampshire Telegraph, 18/09/1936:

"The wedding took place at St Edward’s Church, Netley Abbey on Saturday, 12/09/1936 of Miss Elsie Gertrude Moore, youngest daughter of Mr W H Moore (late RN) and Mrs Moore, Pasadena, New Road, Netley Abbey and Mr Arthur James Britnell, only son of Mr + Mrs ? J Britnell, 24 Campbell Street, Derby.  The service was officiated by the Rev Strunton of Netley RV Hospital.  Her bridesmaids were Miss Marjorie Alcott and Miss Myra Dudley (friends) and Misses Edith and Lanie Moore (bride’s nieces)."

Hampshire Telegraph, 18/09/1936:

"The funeral of Mrs Anna M Hamerton took place at St Mary Hound Churchyard on Saturday 12/09/1936. The chief mourners were Mr + Mrs Charles J Hamerton (son), daughters - Mrs Gifford, Mrs Wigginton, Mrs Ruthen, Mrs Montague, Mrs Barber; sons-in-law - A Wigginton, F Claydon, L Ruthen, R Montague, P Barber; Mrs L Hamerton (sister-in-law) and Miss W Hamerton (niece).  

Mrs Hamerton, 61, had lived in the village for over 35 years.  She was a member of the Mothers’ Union, Church Council, Nursing Association, Netley Cruising and Angling Club.  She was a native of Fishbourne, Chichester."



Hampshire Telegraph, 21/08/1936:

"Richard Forrester, 38, a painter who has been lodging in Victoria Road, Netley Abbey pleaded not guilty at Eastleigh Petty Sessions on a charge of stealing a 10s note, the property of Herbert Thorpe at Netley. The case was not proven."

Hampshire Telegraph, 21/08/1936:

"Donald Windsor Smalley, a soldier from Netley Hospital was charged at Eastleigh Sessions with stealing by finding a 10ft boat at Netley.  He pleaded guilty and was fined 20s.  He had sold the boat on for the sum of 12s 6d and was ordered to repay that sum.  The Army Authorities took responsibility of ensuring the monies were paid."



Hampshire Telegraph + Post, 04/09/1936:

“Netley Castle and grounds are up for sale which takes place on 24 September.  It is the home of the late Sir Harry Crichton and Lady Emma Crichton who died in January last."



Hampshire Telegraph, 25/09/1936:

"A quiet wedding took place at St Edward’s Church, Netley Abbey (the Rev J Briggs, Vicar of St Mark’s Woolston officiating), when Miss Edith E Fox, eldest daughter of Mrs L Fox (and the late Mr Fox) of New Road, Netley Abbey was married to Mr E Dingley, RAMC, Royal Victoria Hospital.  The bride was given away by her mother.  The Best Man was Mr Hanlon."

Hampshire Telegraph, 25/09/1936:

"Mr James M Wigginton, 23, fourth son of Mr + Mrs Wigginton, Station Road, Netley Abbey passed away on Tuesday morning, 15 September 1936 at Bishopstoke Sanatorium after an illness of about 4 months. 

The funeral takes place on Friday 18/09/1936 at St Mary’s Churchyard.  The Rev Evans Jones, Vicar of Hedge End officiating.  Mourners were his father and mother, Mr + Mrs R J Wigginton, his brothers - Messrs B, A and P Wigginton;  Mrs Hobson, his sister.

Mr Wigginton was employed at the Shell Mex factory, Hamble for some time before his illness.  He was a keen sportsman, playing football and cricket for the village."



Hampshire Telegraph, 23/10/1936:

"Patricia Chaplain, The Rosary, Grange Road, Netley Abbey has won the Mayor of Southampton’s Medal for the best senior piano player for the year.  She gained 88 marks in the local examination of the Trinity College of Music, London.  Patricia was presented with the medal on Saturday, 17/10/1936 by the Mayor (Alderman T H Sunders) at the Coliseum." 



Hampshire Telegraph:

"Dr A F Langley’s funeral took place on 8 November 1936.  He lived at Longmead, Station Road, Netley Abbey."

Hampshire Telegraph, 25/12/1936:

"At St Edward’s Church on Saturday, 19 December, the wedding took place of Miss Peggy Miles, eldest daughter of Mr + Mrs Miles, New Road, Netley Abbey and Mr B Phelps of the Royal Victoria Hospital.  Miss Dulcie Toby and the bride’s cousin, Miss Nellie Miles were bridesmaids.  Mr James Oram was Best Man. 

The Reception was held at the Jubilee Hall."



Hampshire  Telegraph, 25/12/1936:

"At the recent pianoforte examinations of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, RAM, RCM, held at the Civic Centre, Southampton, Daphne Mills, 10, of Victoria Road, Netley Abbey was successful in passing the Elementary Examination by gaining 112 marks."



Hampshire Telegraph, 29/01/1937:

"The funeral of Mrs Mary Hooper, 1 Cliff Cottages, Victoria Road, Netley Abbey took place at St Mary’s Hound Churchyard on Tuesday 26/01/1937.  Mrs Hooper, 69, passed away at her home on 22/01/1937 after a short illness.  She was born in the village and passed all her life there.  Amongst the mourners were the widower, Mr Hooper, Mr Charles Hooper (son), Mr + Mrs Catchpole (daughter), Mr + Mrs Wright (daughter)."

Hampshire Telegraph, 29/01/1937:

"The funeral of Mrs Greenaway took place at St Mary’s Hound Churchyard on Monday 25/01/1937.  Among the mourners were her husband, Mrs Brindy (daughter), Mrs Ridout (daughter) Mr T Greenaway (son).  Mrs Greenaway, 63, had been ill for over a year.  She passed away at her residence at 2 Cliff Cottages, Victoria Road, Netley Abbey on 21/01/1937."



Hampshire Telegraph, 26/02/1937:

"Mr Edward Francis Usborne of Leigh Grange, Netley Abbey who has represented the division including the villages of Netley Abbey, Hamble and Bursledon for the past 9 years on the County Council has no opposition."

Hampshire Telegraph + Post, 05/03/1937

"The last meeting of the present Hound Parish Council was held in the Jubilee Hall on Monday.  According to the number of applicants requiring houses, the Council will ask for more at Old Netley and Netley Abbey.  Coronation plans were discussed and arrangements made for a full meeting on 8 March."



Hampshire Telegraph, 12/03/1937:

"The husband of Mrs Lily Robertson of New Road, Netley Abbey died at the Royal South Hants Hospital on 6 March.  He will be buried at St Mary’s Churchyard, Hound on 18th March."

Hampshire Telegraph, 12/03/1937:

"The son of Mr and Mrs Lawrence of Station Road, Netley Abbey, died at the Royal South Hants and Southampton Hospital after a short illness at the early age of ?? years."

Hampshire Telegraph, 12/03/1937:

"A fatal accident occurred at Netley Abbey on Friday last when Alfred Judd, a labourer who was employed in connection with the Hound Sewerage Scheme met his death whilst working in a trench.  Dr Turner of Netley certified that death was due to a broken spine and broken neck."

Hampshire Telegraph + Post, 19/03/1937:

“Mr H Lowe, Sorrento, Station Road, Netley Abbey passed away at his residence on Sunday evening, 14/03/1937 rather suddenly although he had been an invalid for some time.  Mr Lowe was a well-known and respected resident, having lived in the village for 40 years.  He was in his 79th year.  He leaves a grown up family of 2 sons and 2 daughters.  His wife pre-deceased him 2 years ago.” 

Hampshire Telegraph + Post, 19/03/1937:

“The funeral of Mr John Robertson took place at St Mary’s Churchyard Hound on 11/03/1937.  The chief mourners the widow, Mr A Robertson, brother, Mrs W Robertson, sister-in-law, Mr Brann (father-in-law), Mrs Corbett (sister-in-law), Mr + Mrs Barnes (brother + sister-in-law), Mr Fielding (brother-in-law), Messrs L + V Kitcher (cousins).  Floral tributes included one from the Watch Department of the Cunard White Star Line and members of the Netley Workmen’s Club.  Mr Robertson was a naval pensioner and for many years was a master-at-arms in the service of the Cunard White Star Line.  He was 54 years of age.”

Hampshire Telegraph, 07/05/1937:

"Mr H H Gould, Waverley Avenue, Netley Abbey passed away suddenly after collapsing at home on Sunday.  He was a  well known figure in Netley Abbey and much respected.  He was a landscape gardener and was employed at the Wesleyan Church Vicarage.  He leaves a widow, a son and a daughter.  He will be greatly missed in the Village.

A Memorial was dedicated to Mr Gould at the Methodist Church, New Road, Netley Abbey just over a year after his death. The Memorial consisted of a communion table and a plain oak cross behind the rostrum.  It was unveiled by Mr F A Kerry.  The Rev W H Bridge officiated."

Hampshire Telegraph, 04/06/1937:

"A sad accident occurred at Butlocks Heath, Netley Abbey on Thursday last week.  Agnes Dorothy Hayward, 11, whilst on her way to Butlocks Heath School in the afternoon ran from The Grove opposite and came into collision with a motor cyclist, Mr Jack Taylor, of Station Road, Sholing.  

Dr R D Gibson of Hamble and PC Palmer were quickly on the scene and the child was driven to South Hants and Southampton Hospital by Mr Harding, the Headmaster of the School.  The child passed away on Friday from head injuries. 

She was the only daughter of Mr + Mrs Albert E Hayward, Heath Place, Butlocks Heath, Netley Abbey.  Mr Hayward is a printer on the Cunard White Star liner, Aquitania which left Southampton on Wednesday last week.  News of the tragedy has been cabled to him.  Mrs Hayward collapsed in the Hospital."

Hampshire Telegraph, 11/06/1937:

"William Thomas Turrall (23) of Victoria Road, Netley Abbey, a jetty hand at Hamble, dived into Southampton Water fully clothed and rescued a man, Harry Wilson from drowning.  The incident took place at Hamble on Thursday 03/06/1937.  Wilson, a ship’s cook, died in the  Southampton Hospital on the Friday."

Hampshire Telegraph, Friday 09/07/1937

“A very pretty wedding of local interest was celebrated at St Edward’s Church on Saturday 3 July. The bridegroom who is well-known in Netley Abbey was Mr Walter Hamerton, second son of Mrs Hamerton and the late Mr W Hamerton of Vermbridge, Grange Road, Netley Abbey.  The bride was Miss Ethel L Lamerton, only daughter of Mr + Mrs E Lamerton, 31 Radstock Road, Woolston.  There were 3 bridesmaids - Miss Gladys Hamerton, Miss Doris Hamerton (both sisters of the bridegroom); Miss Margaret Lovett (cousin of the bride).  The Best Man was Mr Reginald Hamerton (brother of the groom).  The Vicar was W E Henty-Summers and the Organist was Mr M Hamand.”



Hampshire Telegraph, 11/06/1937:

"Colin Herbert Allan with Thomas Lucets, whilst as a patient, was remanded in custody at Eastleigh Petty Sessions having been charged with having carnal knowledge of a girl at Netley on 8 May 1937 without her consent."

Hampshire Telegraph + Post, 10/09/1937:

“When the case of Percy J Pink, aged 19, formerly of Netley Abbey and now of the Hampshire Regiment, stationed at Winchester, was called at Eastleigh Petty Sessions on Monday, it was explained by the Magistrates’ Clerk that the accused was charged in October last year with stealing a bicycle valued at £3 at Netley and with stealing a pair of waterproof overalls, valued at 6s.

In view of the fact that he was at the time still under probation, it was decided to hold sentence over until the period of probation had expired. The Probation Officer, Mr J Pothecary, said that the young man had done very well under probation.  In view of this report, the case was dismissed.”

Hampshire Telegraph + Post, 10/09/1937:

“How a Netley boy rode to Portsmouth and back on a stolen bicycle with his parents who thought the bicycle had been borrowed, was described at Eastleigh Juvenile Court where the boy, who is aged 14, appeared on a summons for the larceny of the machine, valued at 10s.

It was stated that when the party arrived back from Portsmouth, the boy from whom the bicycle was stolen, recognised his machine and reported the matter to the police.  The theft was admitted and PC Dolbey explained he had interviewed the accused boy at his residence and charged him with stealing the machine from Grange Road, Netley Abbey on 23 August.  The bicycle was recovered from a shed in the garden.  It was a first offence and the boy was bound over to be of good behaviour  for 6 months.”

Hampshire Telegraph + Post 17/09/1937:

"An alleged case of housebreaking at the Plough Inn, Old Netley led to the appearance at Eastleigh Petty Sessions on Monday of Frederick Stark, 36, labourer of Vine Road, Shirley, Southampton and Walter Lloyd, 37, labourer of Jameson Road, Itchen.  They were charged with housebreaking and larceny.  After evidence in reply to the charge, Stark pleaded not guilty and said he did not enter the building.  Lloyd, who pleaded guilty, said he was under the influence of drink.  Both the accused were allowed bail on their own recognizances and bound over in the sum of £10 to appear at the next sitting of the Hants Quarter Sessions to be held at Winchester on 22 October.”



Hampshire Telegraph Friday, 09/07/1937:

The monthly meeting of the Hound and Netley Parish Council was held in the Jubilee Hall on Monday.  Mr Warwick presided.  The subject of Netley Hard was discussed at some length and the Council decided that the repairing should be deferred.  A proposition by Councillor A Knight that a scheme for putting the Hard in good repair and the work begun immediately was defeated, Mr Knight saying they needed a good Hard at Netley.  The matter is deferred pending a Surveyor reporting on the subject.  

Protests ere made concerning the absence of a footpath on the road leading to the new Senior School in Satchel Lane.  The Clerk was asked to express the views of the members to the District Council and point out the danger which would arise when the new School opened.



Hampshire Telegraph + Post, 22/10/1937:

The death took place at Lynton, Station Road, Netley Abbey on 18 October of Major W N Archibald RAMC.  He was 73 years of age and had lived in the Netley for a great number of years.  He was a well known and respected resident. 

Hampshire Telegraph, 29/10/1937:

"The funeral of Mr A Titheridge took place at St Mary’s Hound Churchyard on Monday (24/10/1937), the Rev W E Henty Summers officiating.  The “Last Post and “Reveille” were sounded by a bugler from RVH. The coffin was draped with the Union Jack and Legion colours.  Family mourners were his widow, Mrs Titheridge, his mother, Mrs A Titheridge, his brother Mr G Titheridge, his sisters - Mrs Cook, Mrs Fry, Mrs Harvey, Brothers-in-law R G Fry, D F Harvey, F + J Fiedler, sister-in-law, Mrs Old and Mr F Baldwin. 

Mr Titheridge lived in Station Road, Netley Abbey.  He had recently retired from being steward of the Netley British Legion Club through ill health.  Cause of death was pneumonia."

Hampshire Telegraph, 29/10/1937:

"Mr Fred Matthews of Netley Abbey passed away on Monday morning at Chandlers Ford Sanatorium after an illness of about 3 months.  He was only 29 years old and married 2 years.  He was a draughtsman at Thorneycrofts.  He is buried at St Mary’s Churchyard."

Hampshire Telegraph, 03/12/1937:

"The death took place at Royal South Hants Hospital, after a short illness, of Mr William James Whitehead, Mayholme, Station Road, Netley Abbey.  The funeral took place at St Mary’s Church Hound on Monday 26/11/1937. 

Mr Whitehead had resided in the village for some years and leaves a widow and grown up family."

Hampshire Telegraph, 31/12/1937:

"The death took place at her residence, The Lodge, Victoria Road, Netley Abbey, of Mrs Potter, wife of Mr W J Potter.  She was 87 and had been ill for some time.  The funeral was at St Mary’s (Hound) by Rev W E Henty Summers."

Hampshire Telegraph, 31/12/1937:

"Miss Gwendoline Annie Davis, twin daughter of Mr and Mrs H Davis, Waverley Avenue, Netley Abbey, passed away in the Royal South Hants and Southampton Hospital on Wednesday evening, 22 December after an operation, at the early age of 24 years.

She was a member of the Netley Abbey Rangers.  The funeral took place at St Mary’s Hound Church on Monday, 27/12/1937.  Mourners included Mr + Mrs Harry Davis (brother + sister-in-law); Mrs Amor (aunt), Mrs Conell (aunt), Miss Joan Johnson (cousin), Mr + Mrs R Moorman (Godparents) as well as her parents and twin sister, Rita. 

She had been employed at Messrs Mayes, Southampton."

Hampshire Telegraph, 20/05/1938:

"Mr James Newman who met with an accident on Friday last at the RVH died on Saturday in one of the wards of the Hospital.  He was very badly scalded when a boiler exploded when he was engaged in removing a manhole cover from a steam pipe boiler. 

Mr Newman had been employed at the Hospital for 40 years and had been a fitter for 18 years.  He was about 60 years of age and resided in Woolston Road, Butlocks Heath, Netley Abbey and leaves a widow and a grown up family."

Hampshire Telegraph, 29/07/1938:

"Mrs J Newman, widow of Mr J Newman who met with an accident at his work in the RVH recently, died last week.  The funeral took place at St Mary’s Churchyard, Hound on Thursday, 21/07/1938.  Rev Henty-Summers took the service."



Hampshire Telegraph, 20/05/1938:

"Mr William Sharp who was working with Mr Newman (see "Despatches" above) was also scalded but is making satisfactory progress.  He resides in New Road, Netley Abbey and is the Captain of the Netley Abbey Fire Brigade."

Daily Herald, 21/06/1938:

"Police and boatmen at Netley Abbey were looking last night for a corpse which would fit a set of girl’s clothing and a bicycle found on the beach there.  And then the “corpse” still looking attractive in spite of borrowed garments stepped off a bus and claimed the clothes and the bicycle.

When the clothes were found on the beach, the police had been informed.  An old sea salt said that about an hour or two earlier, he had seen a young girl shed her dress and he remembered seeing that underneath she had a bathing costume.  Then he saw her go for a swim in Southampton Water. 

With fears of another bathing fatality, inquiries were started all along the coast.  It was then, however, that 20 year old Miss Sylvia Bruce stepped off a bus and calmly asked for her clothes.

Miss Bruce is a telephone operator living at Netley Abbey.  She was surprised to learn that the villagers had been inquiring about a corpse.  Her adventure on her day off was a 4 mile swim and she was sorry to hear it had caused such alarm."



Hampshire Telegraph, 02/09/1938:

Brothers again remanded

“The doctor assures me that the principal witness in this case will be fit to come here and give evidence next Monday” said Supt E Pragnell at Eastleigh Petty Sessions on Monday when further remands were granted in the cases of Nelson James, aged 32, labourer of Locks Heath and his brother Albert James, aged 28, labourer of Sholing, Southampton.  The accused ere charged with maliciously wounding Horace Ayres at Netley on 1 August.  Supt Pragnell explained that Ayres received bad injuries in an alleged affray at Netley on August Bank Holiday.  The man had been in hospital and so far had not been fit to give evidence.  The case was adjourned for 7 days and the accused were re-admitted to bail in their own recognizances of £10 each.”



Hampshire Telegraph, 07/10/1938:

"Mrs Bugden, 91, popularly known as “Granny” passed away on Saturday at her residence in Hunt Avenue, Netley Abbey.  The funeral took place at St Mary’s Churchyard on Tuesday, 04/10/1938."

Hampshire Telegraph, 16/12/1938:

"Mr C Moore, 2 Pasadena Cottages, New Road, Netley Abbey who died last week was buried at St Mary’s Hound Churchyard on Friday 09/12/1938.  The chief mourners were his 3 sons and 2 daughters. He was over 70 years old when he died.

Mr Moore joined the Royal Navy in 1887, retired in 1909 but rejoined and served during the Great War.  He was accorded Naval Honours and at his funeral a guard of honour was formed by members of the Netley Branch of the British Legion.  Captain Buckmaster of the Netley British Legion gave a short address."



Hampshire Telegraph, 10/02/1939:

"Mrs Taylor of the Bungalow, New Road, Netley Abbey celebrated her 92nd birthday."



Hampshire Telegraph, 10/02/1939:

"Mrs Perry, Victoria Road, Netley Abbey passed away on Saturday 4 February 1939.  She is buried in St Mary’s Churchyard."

Hampshire Telegraph, 10/02/1939:

"The funeral took place at St Mary’s Church Hound on Saturday, 4 February 1939, of Mr Albert Arthur Gatesman (57) of 23 Victoria Road, Netley Abbey who died on 1 February after a short illness.  For many years, he was the Caretaker of the Jubilee Hall."



Hampshire Telegraph, 10/02/1939:

"The pupils of Butlocks Heath Council School gave an evening’s entertainment of carols at the British Legion Hall on Monday.  The Conductor was Mr Harding (Headmaster) and Mr Kilford was the accompanist on the piano."

Hampshire Telegraph, 10/03/1939:

“A meeting of Hound Parish Council was held on Monday in the Jubilee Hall, Netley Abbey.  Tenders for fencing the Old Netley Recreation Ground were reviewed and it was agreed to erect a wire fence at a cost of £42 and to proceed with the levelling of the ground.  

Strong protests were made that proper consideration was not been given by the District Council to the recommendations of the Parish Council as to the tenants of Council houses.

The annual parish meeting was fixed for 23 March at which the question of the Hard and street lighting for Old Netley will be on the agenda.  It was agreed to ask the District Council to extend the curbing in Grange Road and alter the position of the 30-mile speed limit sign in the newly-built up area and complaint were received that overhanging hedges in Station Road, Burts Road and Sellwood Road were dangerous to pedestrians.”



Hampshire Telegraph, 10/03/1939:

"The funeral took place at St Mary’s Church, Hound on Friday of Mr William Westbrooke, 88, who died at 1 Gomer Cottages, Hound Road, Netley Abbey on 27 February.  Amongst the mourners were Mr + Mrs T Gardner and Mr + Mrs Honeybourne (daughters + sons-in-law), youngest daughter Jessie, Mr + Mrs J Page, Captain Buckmaster, Messrs R C Moorman, A Ferris, J Kill, C Collins, Mesdames R C Moorman, F Hobbs,  J Rowe (representing the British Legion); Messrs T Curtis, F Barr and T Cutler (Royal Victoria Lodge of Oddfellows)."

Hampshire Telegraph, 10/03/1939:

"The cremation took place on Wednesday of Mrs Florence Catherine Gape of Waverley, Station Road, Netley Abbey whose death took place on Saturday."



Portsmouth Evening News 09/05/1939

"For driving a car in a dangerous manner on Easter Monday, Edward W French, motor mechanic of 55 Victoria Road, Netley Abbey was fined £5. His licence was endorsed but not suspended. A summons for exceeding the 30mph speed limit in Bridge Road, Sarisbury was withdrawn.  PC Bower and PC Andrews gave evidence that French, driving very fast, passing several cars and narrowly avoided a head on collision when he cut in between a bus and 3 approaching cars. French denied the charge and said that there was not the slightest danger to himself or other road users when he passed the bus.  His passenger corroborated."



Hampshire Telegraph, 09/06/1939:

"The wedding took place at St Edward’s Church, Netley Abbey on Monday 04/06/1939 of Miss Gwendoline Lily Andrews, second daughter of Mr + Mrs E A Andrews of Chez Nous, Station Road, Netley Abbey and Mr Norman  Whitaker, second son of Mrs Whitaker and the late Mr Whitaker of Ladye Place, Alston. The Maid of Honour was her cousin, Miss Audrey Andrews.  Mr Edward Whitaker, the Groom’s brother was Best Man.  Miss Lane was the Organist.  The ushers were Mr Harrison and Mr Scott."

Portsmouth Evening News, 06/06/1939:

"The wedding was solemnised at St Edward’s Church, Netley Abbey between Miss Victoria Viola Springett, fourth daughter of Mr + Mrs L Springett, Irene Villa, Chamberlayne Road, Netley Abbey and Mr Raymond Francis Moore, only son of Mrs E A Moore and the late Mr Moore of Midhurst, Landscore Road, Teignmouth, Devon.  There were 3 bridesmaids - Misses Violet and Lorna Springett (bride’s sisters) and Audrey (bridegroom’s niece).  The Best Man was Mr F Heath."

Hampshire Telegraph, 06/10/1939:

"The wedding took place at St Edward’s Church on Saturday 30/09/1939 of Miss Joan Elizabeth Chalk, 3rd daughter of Mr + Mrs B Chalk, 53 Denzil Avenue, Netley Abbey and Mr Ronald Napier, RAOC, 18 Denzil Avenue.  The bridesmaids were the bride’s sister, Miss Rita Chalk; the bridegroom’s sister, Miss Freda Napier.  Mr T Davis was Best Man.  The organist was Mr Fielden."

Hampshire Telegraph, 15/12/1939:

"The funeral took place at St Mary’s Churchyard, Hound on Tuesday, 12/12/1939 of Mr Walter Orman, 79, at his residence at 54 Victoria Road, Netley Abbey.  He was a well-known builder and decorator but retired from business several years ago.  He leaves a widow, 5 sons and 2 daughters."

Hampshire Telegraph, 23/02/1940:

"The funeral of Mr Edgar Thomas Bell took place at Hollybrook Cemetery, Southampton on Monday 19/02/1940.  Mr Bell whose home was Grange Cottage, Grange Road, Netley Abbey died in hospital on 14/02/1940 after a short illness.  He was only 42 and leaves a widow but no family."

Hampshire Telegraph, 13/09/1940:

"The wedding took place on 07/09/1940 at St Edward’s Church of Miss Heather O Earwicker, only daughter of Mrs L Earwicker, 2 Harfield Villas, Grange Road, Netley Abbey (and the late Mr W A Earwicker) and Mr George F Bartlett, 2nd son of Mr + Mrs Bartlett, Middle Bridge Street, Romsey.  The bride was given away by her Uncle, Mr George Earwicker.  Her bridesmaid was a friend, Miss Ruth Daniels.  The Best Man was a friend, Mr Herbert Cross.  Mr Bunney was the Organist.

The bride was employed at the Telephone Exchange, Southampton."

Hampshire Telegraph, 07/02/1941:

"The wedding took place at St Edward’s Church, Netley Abbey on Saturday, 01/02/1941 of Miss Margaretta Rose Davis, only daughter of Mr + Mrs H T Davis, 1 Waverley Avenue, Netley Abbey and the bridegroom, Mr Robert John William Binfield, only son of Mrs E Binfield and the late Mr Binfield, 197 Victoria Road, Woolston.  Three bridesmaids were two friends, Miss Vera Thorne and Miss Freda Capon and the bride’s niece, Barbara Davis.  The bride’s brother, Mr Harry Davis, was the Best Man.  Mr R A Bunny was the Organist. 

Billy Bishop (a small friend of the bridegroom) presented the bride with a decorated silver horseshoe.  Miss Rita Glasspool should have been a bridesmaid but was unable to attend due to illness.  Aircraftmen Douglas Hal Brown should have been the Best Man but was called away on active service just before the wedding."

Hampshire Telegraph, 21/03/1941:

"On 12/03/1941 0130h, 5 bombs dropped in the village one of which demolished “The Hermitage” killing Mrs Pyke, 84.  Her remains were interred on Friday 14/03/1941 at the Roman Catholic Burial Place, Bursledon, Father Haines conducting the service.  The family mourners were Mrs Ensell and Mrs V Hammick (daughters), Major Pyke (son), The Rev C Ensell (son-in-law). 

Mrs Pyke was a well-known figure in the village and often visited those in need, giving cheery words and helpful comfort."

Ken Ford’s History of the Netley Abbey Fire Brigade:

"On 14/04/1941, D Wozencroft was married at St Edward’s Church, Netley Abbey.  The Bedford and Wilys Tender was used to bring the Wedding Party from the Church to Jubilee Hall.  15 Firemen attended the Service and formed an archway of fire axes."

Hampshire Telegraph, 21/03/1941:

"The funeral of Mr Walter James Castleman, 4 Wilton Terrace, Netley took place at St Mary’s Churchyard, Hound on Tuesday18/03/1941.  The family mourners were - the Widow, his son Mr Arthur Castleman, Mrs Benham and Mrs Hedley, his daughters, Mr Billy Hedley (son-in-law); Mrs Gatrell, his mother. 

Mr Castleman was 52 years of age when he passed away at The Mount, Bishopstoke on Saturday after a short illness.  He was a very respected and well known resident in the village where he had lived all his life."

Bury Free Press, 24/05/1941:

"The engagement is announced and the wedding will take place shortly at St Edward’s Church, Netley Abbey between Ernest Edward Robinson, only son of the late Mr E E Robinson and Mrs Robertson of Thetford, Norfolk and Miss Gwendoline Violet Fox, step-daughter of Mr J T Robinson and daughter of Mrs G M Robinson (late Fox) of Netley Abbey."

Ken Ford’s History of the Netley Abbey Fire Brigade:

"R Schofield was married at Weston Church on 24/05/1941.  11 Firemen attended with Bedford Tender and formed an archway with fire axes."

Hampshire Telegraph, 04/07/1941:

"The wedding took place at St Edward’s Church, Netley Abbey on Saturday 28/06/1941 of Miss Margaret Rickeard, only daughter of Mr + Mrs Stanley Rickeard, Hatfields, Station Road, Netley Abbey and Mr Wallace George Ashman, only son of Mr + Mrs W Ashman, Chamberlayne Road, Netley Abbey.  Her bridesmaids were Miss Anne Davies and Miss Betty Lanham.  Best Man was Mr Clifford Rickeard.  Mr R A Bunney was at the organ. 

The Reception was held at the Jubilee Hall."



Hampshire Telegraph, 20/02/1942:

"Miss Phyllis O Nethersole of Netley Abbey has been presented with her second Royal Humane Society testimonial for gallantry.  In July 1931, she rescued a young man from the sea and on October 23 last, she attempted to save the life of a four year old boy who fell in the water at Netley."



Hampshire Telegraph, August 1942:

"Miss Florence Barbara Jean Timson, only daughter of M + Mrs R J Timson, Wallasey, Denzil Avenue, Netley Abbey married Mr Allan Stuart Fisher, at St Edward’s Church, Netley Abbey on 5 August 1942. 

The Reception was held at the Jubilee Hall. Miss Timson is a member of the First Aid Party of ARP, Netley."

Hampshire Telegraph, 12/06/1942:

"On Saturday 6 June 1942 at the Parish Church, Netley Abbey, Lieutenant Bertram Sylvester Manley, son of Mr + Mrs J S Manley of Kew Cottage, Bursledon was married to Miss Olive Grace Ray, daughter of Mr + Mrs G Ray of Butlocks Heath, Netley Abbey.  Miss Rita Glasspool and Miss Audrey Wickham (cousins) were the bridesmaids.Mr J Manley (brother) was Best Man.  The Rev Hardy officiated.  Mr R Bunney was the organist.  The Reception was held at the Central Hall Netley Abbey.  

Lt Manley joined the Royal Corps of Signals before the outbreak of war and was later commissioned as Signals Officer in the Hampshire Regiment."

Hampshire Telegraph, 17/07/1942:

"The wedding took place at the Methodist Church, New Road, Netley Abbey on 8 July 1942 of Miss Joan Mortimer, only daughter of Mr + Mrs W R Mortimer, Lodge Farm Dairy, Station Road, Netley Abbey and Mr Francis Bryan Webster of Masham, Yorkshire.  The Rev H Biggin and Rev C W Wall officiated.  The organist was Mr Baxter.  The bridegroom’s sister, Miss Elizabeth Webster was a bridesmaid and the bride’s brother, Mr Edwin R Mortimer was Best Man.  The bride’s other brother, David Mortimer was absent due to being on active service. 

The bride is a Sunday School teacher-organist.  She has helped to entertain patients at the RVH."

Hampshire Telegraph, 04/06/1943:

"The funeral of Miss Hilda Mary Summerfield took place at St Mary’s Churchyard, Hound on Saturday, the Rev A J Beach officiating. The chief mourners were Mr Summerfield (father), Mr Fred Summerfield (brother), Miss Axton and Miss A West,  She was 40 years of age and lived with her parents in Victoria Road, Netley. She passed away on 26 May in the Royal South Hants and Southampton Hospital after an operation.  

Miss Summerfield was employed by Frasers Ltd in Southampton.  She was a staunch member of St Edwards Church and a Sunday School teacher for a number of years.  She had been a member of the White Rose Tent IOR all her life and was Chief Ruler for this district."

Warwick + Warwickshire Advertiser, 21/04/1944:

"At St Edward’s Church, Netley Abbey on Saturday, the wedding took place of Miss Ruth Mary Daniels, only daughter of Mr + Mrs E Daniels, Hound Lodge, Netley Abbey to Sgt Douglas James Finlayson of the RAMC, only son of Captain and Mrs P Finlayson of the Roebuck Inn, Warwick, late of the RVH.  The Matron of Honour was Mrs Teresa Dawkins.  A cousin of the bridegroom, Aircraftsman, Cyril John Gould of the Fleet Air Arm acted as groomsman and Messrs Arthur Fudge and Stanley Foyle as ushers.   The Rev W Beech officiated.

Mr + Mrs Finlayson will reside at Hound Lodge, Netley Abbey.  Captain Finlayson (bridegroom’s father) has been a PoW since 1940."



Hampshire Telegraph, 23/05/1947:

"For Sale:"

"Instructions have been received from the Trustees of the late H G Ross to offer for Sale by Auction at The Royal Hotel Southampton on Thursday 12, 1947 at 3 pm, the well-built Freehold Residence known as Rimpton House, Station Road, Netley Abbey.  The property comprises of entrance hall, cloakroom, 3 reception rooms, kitchen, scullery etc, principal and 3 bedrooms, bathroom etc, garage and other outbuildings, good gardens with tennis lawn, having frontage of about 200ft to the main road, all main services. Vacant possession."