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Who lived in Hound?

The List below excludes Surnames and Locations in Netley Abbey.  Please see "Who Lived in Netley Abbey?" for that information.

The Surnames and Locations listed below are extracted from the articles shown on the "Parish of Hound Timeline" Page on this website or possibly in some of the Trade Directory Listings we hold.  If you require information from the Trade Directories, please contact our Chair, Maureen Queen whose contact details can be found on the "About Us" Page.

If the House Name on a particular Street is available, then we have shown the surnames who lived there.  If a House No has been found, this is shown after the Surname in brackets; otherwise if only the Street is named, then all that can be confirmed is that, at some point in time, those surnames lived somewhere along that road. The article on the "Timeline" Page  may give further information.

Up until about the 1950s, there were no individual street names in Butlock's Heath; addresses tended to be simply either a house number or house name followed by "Netley Abbey".  Please note that the names against the Public Houses below may not be the actual Proprietors.  The surnames are not in chronological order.


Botley Road - Allen

Butlock’s Heath - Alexander; Cole; Curtis; Dyer; Elliott; Finch; Gillard; Hodder; Kelly, Kiley; Pressley; Ray; Shearing; Vanderplank

Butlock’s Heath:

   F:  Fernbank - Monckton

   G:  Grove Cottage - Hodder

   H:  Heatherside - Williams | Heath Place - Hayward

   N:  New Inn Public House - Hellhouse; Riddle

   P:  Post Office - Vanderplank | Priory Cottage - Collins

   R:  Reading Room - (Caretaker) Hallum

   T:  Thatched Cottage - Fielder | The Roll Call - Gribben; Russell; Tolfree

   W:  Woodside - Hodder; Stock.


HIghtown - Stride | Hound House - Brown


   G:  Gibraltar House - Moorman

   M:  Melville House - Ritchie

   N:  Netley Cottages - Ricketts; Spanner

   S:   Sunnyside* - Cudlipp; Gabriel; Hoare | Surrey House - Parker 


Old Netley - Abraham; Cockerman; Fisher; Jarvis; Norton; Whitlock

Old Netley:

   F:  Farm - Berryman; Cudlipp; Johnson; Warwick 

   M:  Manor House Public House - Eldridge; Shepherd; Weeks

   S:  Springfield - Edginton; O’Connell

   T:   The Plough (Inn) Public House - Gale; Harwood; Neal; Perry | The Towers - Dawson


Portsmouth Road - Coles; Gosling; Hartley; Mallet; Spencer; Thomas; Warner

Portsmouth Road:

   B:  Berlin Villa - Alford

   E:  Elmslie - Bevis

   P:  Prospect Cottages - Fox; Hibbert

   R:  Roseneath - Gibbens

   S:  St Ives - Gosling | Sunnyside - Hoare; Spence

   T:  The Nook - Worley | The Swan Pubic House - Pearce

   W:  Waverley - Gibson


Sea Breeze - Barrett; Metcalfe; Horwood-Barrett


The Grove

   A:   Ambleside - Green   

   H:   Honeycombe - Baker

   S:   St Francis - Dicker

   T:   The Nest - Gibbins


Woodside Road

     P:  Poplars - Scovall

Woolston Road - Baker (No 74); Blatch (No 3); Farr; Gray; Hallum (No 57); Hodder; Newman; Morgan

Woolston Road

   A:   Annandale - Jeans

   G:   Glenwood - Anscombe

   L:   La Haye - Herman

   S:   Sunnyside* - Hodder

[*There appear to be several "Sunnysides" in various locations.  If you are able to give information that helps to confirm or otherwise the locations and/or surnames, please contact our Chair, Maureen Queen whose details can be found on the "About Us" Page.  For the time being, however, the different locations show all the found surnames.