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Hurst Centre Badminton Club

Quote of the month

July 2014

Mike: I've been to a ladyboy show. 
Mark: Are you telling me you went to a ladyboy show of your own free will?
Mike: No. I paid to see it.

June 2014

Kev.E: I read a heated argument  on NDBA's Facebook page and Mark's posts seemed rational and he conducted himself with dignity. 
Ben L: The "F" key on his laptop must have been broken.

April 2014

I'm unemployable. I haven't had a proper job for years. I wouldn't give me a job. (Steve - On the joy of being self-employed). 

July 2013

My body is a temple. Now pass me that chocolate cake. (Dave O). Yes Dave... a large structure dedicated to the worship of food. Dave again! Please, someone else say something daft.

March 2013

Could you make it a bit more family oriented, or tone it down, whatever? You know, like 'Mark said...well, you can guess what he said'. Or something better than that, obviously. (Dave O). Toning Mark down? Not easy, obviously.

February 2013

You didn't just win, you .....  ..... over and  ........  them up the ........ !!! (Mark P, censored). A compliment? Er, thanks Mark. I wouldn't advise a future career in the diplomatic service.