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From the doctor - September 2017

Two Rivers Medical Partnership Whitchurch and Derrydown Clinics

“Healthcare in hard times, holding the line”

I think we all know and recognise the tsunami facing general practice - demand for care is increasing
but the NHS is under significant funding constraints.
To cope with the increasing demand for appointments we have changed the type of appointments
patients can access.

For medical emergencies - that is medical problems that must be seen that day you use the
telephone triage system. The receptionist will take your details and a clinician will ring you back.
If appropriate you will then be booked into a same day emergency appointment with an advanced
nurse practitioner.
For non urgent medical problems you can book routine appointments with your named GP or
advanced nurse practitioner, practice nurse or healthcare assistant.
You no longer have “to ring on the day” for a non emergency appointment.
We know our phone lines get busy so do look at the alternative sources of medical advice on our
website tworiversmedicalpartnership.co.uk. Here you can ask clinicians or reception questions or
find links to medical information, order prescriptions or book appointments.
Examples of what our GPs do… manage patients with severe frailty, multiple long term health
condition/complex medical conditions, injections/minor procedures, support other clinicians, help
plan and commission services.
Examples of what advanced nurse practitioners do… acute minor illness - i.e. infections, pain,
minor injuries, support people with time off work, women’s health, request blood tests/xrays, prescribe
medication, refer to secondary care i.e. a lot of what GPs used to do in the past.
What our practice nurses do… long term health reviews (diabetes, asthma, copd (breathing
problems)), minor illness - e.g. urine infections, contraception reviews, immunisations, smears,
travel reviews.
What our healthcare assistants do…. blood pressure reviews, health checks, blood taking,
ECG, breathing tests, dressings.
We value your continued support. We can’t keep working harder than ever, we need to work
smarter, and we will continue to hold the line.
Our next patient group meeting will be on Thursday 7th September 7.30-9pm in St Mary Bourne Village Hall.
Dr Dan Lickman GP