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HbT Community Fund

Hurstbourne Tarrant Community Fund

To all households in the Hurstbourne Tarrant Parish – including Ibthorpe and Upton
October 2018
A small group has been looking at the possibility of setting up a Community Fund serving the villages that fall within the civil parish of Hurstbourne Tarrant (including Ibthorpe and part of Upton). The purpose of this document is to briefly explain what the purpose of the fund would be and to seek your opinion.
The fund would enable us, as a community, to raise money for the benefit of all residents and to support organisations and initiatives within the Parish of Hurstbourne Tarrant. It would do this through fund raising, donations and legacies.
Some examples of what the fund could support might be: Community Centre hire for Swifts group; young people’s groups and activities; subsidised transport for hospital/doctor appointments; making the village more disabled friendly; outings to local places of interest; replacing children’s play equipment; village social events; maintaining and encouraging local wildlife and environment. It could also respond (in an entirely confidential way) to any specific needs of individuals and families from time to time.
The Fund would be set up as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (this is similar to the Hurstbourne Tarrant Community Centre) and would be governed by Trustees. The process for appointing Trustees would be in accordance with Charity Commission guidelines, but the role would be open to everyone to ensure all sections of the community are represented. The fund’s role would be distinct from the responsibilities of the Parish Council, which is funded through the precept (taxation).
Timetable, consultation and recruiting volunteers
 Oct-end December 2018 – seek opinions, comments and offers of help
 Jan 2019 – decision whether to register Hurstbourne Fund CIO
 February onwards – commence fundraising activities
 The timing of initial grants will be dependent on funds raised, but it is hoped to start, in a small way, early in 2019
We would sincerely appreciate your feedback over the next three months as we ‘test the water’ with the proposal for The Hurstbourne Fund. We are also keen to hear from people who would like to get involved. You could register an interest to be a Trustee, or to help with fund raising or even donate money to the fund. The team will also need help from people who have particular skills such as marketing, communications, accounting etc.
Thank you.
Please let us know what you think - The Hurstbourne Fund Working Group
Revd Trevor Lewis (Tel: 736565 Email: revtrev02@gmail.com)
Dr Jane Jones (Tel: 736323 Email: vjijones@yahoo.co.uk)
Jane Lonergan (Tel: 736464 Email: jane@lonergan.co.uk)
David Baker (Tel:736436 Email: bakerdavid201@gmail.com)
David Sullivan (Tel: 736514 Email: horseshoelane2@btinternet.com)
Mark Thomas (Tel: 07815 082326 Email: mc.thomas.204@gmail.com)

Hello and welcome to the E-News Bulletin of Unity.

These bulletins will be sent out regularly bringing you the latest on community news & events, information, services, training, funding and more....

Note: Unity (previously Test Valley Community Services) provides services to support local charities & community groups.

Unity – Bringing the Community Together
Most people locally have heard about Unity (previously called Test Valley Community Services) but did you know that they run various services throughout Test Valley such as Community Transport, Volunteering, Shopmobility? Were you also aware that they can signpost people to other groups and agencies and hold a database of over 800 organisations based in the Borough? Did you also know that they provide Payroll services and even run a not for profit Home Support service called Cardea Ltd?
This charity is complex and works in the heart of the community to help people improve lives and they have decided to open their doors to enable the wider community to find out a bit more about what they do.