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Hurstbourne Tarrant Parish

Neighbourhood Watch

Latest scam Alert issued 12th July 2018 LINK

Advice on making best use of Neighbourhood Watch can be found Link

Details of the new 101 non-emergency phone number can be found Link

Details of Your Local Area can be found Link

Hurstbourne Tarrant Neighbourhood Watch Scheme LINK

Trading Standards - Scams Bulletin May 2017  LINK


Dear coordinators and members,

I have pleasure in attaching the newsletter for this month and hope it is of interest to you.  Please distribute it as you wish.

The new Data Protection rules have now come into force -  there are different requirements for commercial organisations and those for voluntary, non-profit organisations such as Neighbourhood Watch, which is causing some confusion.  To try and clarify any confusion amongst our coordinators –

NO EXISTING members need to confirm their data being held by Neighbourhood Watch organisations.

NO EXISTING coordinators need to confirm their data either.

IN DUE COURSE holders of data on Members or on Coordinators will have to check that the data they hold is still valid – a repeat interval of 2 years is suggested but there is no need to panic.  At the time that data is checked, the data holder should advise those whose data is being held how they can amend their data or have it deleted.

I hope this helps but please do get in touch if I can be of further assistance.  You can always contact me if you wish to have your data amended or deleted from this database but I very much hope that you will continue to allow me to send emails to you.

Thank you for all you continue to do for Neighbourhood Watch.


Sara Walker 41755

Neighbourhood Watch Administrator