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Brownlow Bridge - Update 29062018

By IPC Ivinghoe Parish Council

Friday, 29 June 2018


Ivinghoe Parish Council Contributor


The latest update re Brownlow Bridge

  1. The works to repair the bridge is on going and IPC have not been informed of any changes to the possible completion date.
  2. The Canals and Rivers Trust have a progress meeting on Tuesday 3rd July and it is hoped that there will be more information forthcoming after that meeting.
  3. It has to be reiterated that there should definitely be no traffic (vehicle, motorcycle, bicycle or pedestrian) movement across the bridge at present, it was highlighted to Canals and Rivers Trust that some traffic is attempting to cross. Until the bridge is fully repaired there is only a minimum amount of structure under the road surface. This is also a building site and should be respected as such.
  4. IPC have been issued with a Road Closure Notice for the works to upgrade the traffic lights on Brownlow Bridge. The road closure is effective from 24th July for a total of 56days.
  5. IPC have also been made aware of roadworks to commence on Station Road at the Maud Janes Close junction which will involve 3-way traffic lights. This work is planned, at present, to commence 3rd September. This is immediately after the traffic light work is finished. This work is to be completed by Anglian Water. IPC has asked for the work to be done whilst the road is closed to all traffic, but AW have advised that they are not allowed to work on the same stretch of road at the same time.

As and when we get further updates we will publish them at that time.

Further updates will appear here.

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