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Fly Tipping in Bucks on Channel 5 Documentary

By Anne Wight Ivinghoe Parish Council

Wednesday, 3 July 2019


Ivinghoe Parish Council Contributor


The exhaustive work carried out by County Council enforcement officers in the war against fly tippers in Buckinghamshire features in a brand new Channel 5 documentary series starting this week.

The six-part programme, 'Grime and Punishment' follows the hidden army of Council enforcement teams and inspectors up and down the country who work tirelessly to nail those who think nothing of blotting the country's towns and countryside with their mess and rubbish.

As one of a number of local authorities featured, Buckinghamshire was selected because of its zero-tolerance approach to fly tipping and continuing success in bringing perpetrators to justice.

Film crews followed the work of two enforcement officers, David Rounding and Matt Shutter as they hunted for clues and interviewed witnesses to help bring fly tippers to justice. On average, one fly tipper is successfully prosecuted in Buckinghamshire every week, one of the highest rates in the country.

Buckinghamshire County Council Cabinet Member for Planning and Environment, Bill Chapple OBE, praised the programme for spotlighting the tireless work by council officials to combat those intent on destroying the country's environment.

"As far as Buckinghamshire is concerned, our message is clear: fly tippers are not welcome and we will use the full force of the law to prosecute whenever possible. Through the hard work of people like David and Matt, we are now seeing a reduction in fly tipping across the county for the first time in six years, which is great news.

"We also do a lot of awareness raising and education particularly around people's legal responsibility to dispose of their waste correctly. The last thing we want to do is knock on someone's door having found their waste dumped by an unscrupulous trader they might have used in good faith.

"Programmes like Grime and Punishment help get those important messages across and we were delighted to have taken part," he added.

Commentating on their appearance, David and Matt said: "It's all in a day's work for us. Whether we're visiting fly tips, giving advice to local residents or preparing cases for court, our single aim is to rid Buckinghamshire of fly tipping for good. Everything we do that helps towards achieving this means a better, cleaner environment for our residents."

The first episode of Crime and Punishment started at 8pm Thursday, June 13 on Channel 5.

David and Matt's work in Buckinghamshire features in episode five, scheduled to air at 8pm on Thursday, July 11.

The series was filmed by multi-award winning Lambent Productions Ltd, based in Brighton.

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