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Ivinghoe Parish Council


The principal planning authority, for the parish of Ivinghoe is Aylesbury Vale District Council. All planning applications are made to the district council, which then consults the parish council; seeking their opinion on all applications made on properties within the parish.The parish council is only consulted, by the district council; it does not have the power to grant, or refuse, planning permission. The district council may uphold the parish council's opinion; or reject it. However, whenever the district council decision differs, from the opinion expressed by the parish council, it usually explains the reason to the parish council. For up to date planning applications please see our planning tracker

Any parishioner is entitled to make representation to the district or parish council about any application. This may be made either in writing to either, or both, councils. In the case of the parish council you may also make personal representation at a council meeting. The parish council welcomes parishioners' comments; either for, or against, any planning application.




Planning Consent within the Conservation Area

If you are planning any works within the Conservation Area it is your responsibility to check with the planning department at AVDC prior to starting any work. Failure to get the correct consents could lead to Enforcement.

This work could include

  • new buildings
  • building conversions
  • replacement windows, roof, or any other replacement/repair/new works to the exterior of the building
  • removing parts of the structure of the building
  • tree cutting

If in any doubt, please ask.

For further information please go to the AVDC Planning Website

Contact AVDC Planning