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Jaywick Martello Tower

About Us

Jaywick Martello Tower supports creative collaborations relating to the themes of Community, Heritage and Environment that affect our lives today.

Jaywick Martello Tower is our Environment, our Community and our Heritage. We pursue opportunities and ventures that make this not only a gallery, workshop space, or meeting point but all of these things.


The coastal location of JMT makes it an ideal site for creative exploration of our environment. JMT offers a unique space and opportunity to research, inform and communicate with its broader community. It does so by dealing with environmental issues that not only impact on the local community, but also national and international communities. JMT has the potential to bring together residents, professionals and academics in collaborative projects that focus on environmental issues. The aim is to establish Jaywick Martello Tower as an innovative partner alongside significant international research programmes.


JMT taps into and supports Jaywick's strong sense of community.

With many local residents interested in volunteering and contributing to their local community, JMT acts as a central hub. This strand contributes to an exciting programme which also communicates aspects of the other two themes of Heritage and the Environment. JMT's community is not limited to the local people of Jaywick, but also incorporates regional and global communities, not only in a physical but also in a virtual sense.


The history of JMT as a military fortification provides an exciting opportunity to work and communicate with the community. This alongside the wider history of Jaywick offers a rich mix for developing innovative heritage programmes within the spirit of community engagement, a spirit that has always existed here.