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Kidlington Parish

Kidlington CP
Address Mill House Mill End Kidlington OX5 2EG
Description T1 x Corsican Pine - Fell. This is a mature tree with significant historic management and storm damage. Fibre buckling was noted at the base. Numerous insect emergence holes all up the main stem with a significant column of internal decay from 1m to at least 3m on the main stem - hollow sound when tapped with sounding mallet. Deadwood and broken branches throughout. Central stem and large limb at 4m SE historically lost. Reason - the tree has a limited safe useful life expectancy, it is close to the house and within the garden of Mill House and it should be felled to address the potential hazard of its poor health and structural condition.
Status Decided
Decision Application Permitted
Received Date 7 Feb 18
Updated Date 4 Apr 18
Validated Date 7 Feb 18
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