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Kingsclere Medical Practice


Long Term Medication

Patients requiring regular drug treatment may obtain repeat prescriptions without consultation, once this has been authorised by one of the doctors. In most cases, each individual prescription is for one month's supply of medication, but the authorisation for the supply of repeats may last for up to one year. 

All prescriptions are issued through the practice computer system, with which we carefully monitor our prescribing. The doctors are alerted when an authorisation expires, or when medication is requested more or less frequently than planned. The right hand side of your prescription acts as a repeat request slip and is also used to give you messages about the need for review appointments. 

Requests For Repeat Prescriptions 

  • If possible please try and request your repeat prescriptions in writing. 
  • All telephone requests for repeat prescriptions should be made on the direct line to the dispensary, where our staff have immediate access to medication records on computer. You will need to know the proper names and dosages of the medication you wish to order. 

Prescriptions or medication will normally be available within 48 hours of the request being made, but it is best to allow a few days if possible. It always takes longer to process requests for medications which are not authorised for repeat prescription or for which the authorisation has expired. There will sometimes be a delay in obtaining more specialised drugs or appliances.

The Health Centre Dispensary 

The health centre has its own dispensary, which is run by the practice. The dispensary staff handle all enquiries related to medication and deal with all requests for repeat prescriptions. 

Medications are dispensed for those patients who live more than a mile from the centre of the village of Kingsclere. Unfortunately the regulations prohibit us from offering this service to those living in the central part of the village. They must collect their prescriptions from the health centre and take them to a retail dispensing chemist.