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Kingstone Parish Home

Welcome to Kingstone Civil Parish Website. 

This is the website of Kingstone Parish Meeting, South Somerset.

This website is intended to serve local residents and visitors to the parish. Please use the menus above to find information about the Parish Meeting, local contacts and history.

Kingstone Parish lies in the South of the County of Somerset, 1 mile south east of Ilminster and 5 miles north east of Chard. The parish falls under South Somerset District Authority. Consisting of three rural hamlets, Kingstone, Allowenshay and Ludney the Parish has a population of about 140. 

Kingstone is a parish rich in history. The Fosse Way carves through the eastern end of the parish and remains of a Roman Villa lie nearby. Referred to in the Doomsday Book as Chingestone there is evidence of Kingstone having been a settlement for at least 10 centuries. Records exist of an Anglo Saxon settlement here in 940. The Anglican Parish Church of St John the Evangelist and All Saints in it’s earliest form existed in 1291. The National Archives hold many documents relating to Allowenshay Manor from the 14th Century on, (variously named Halwenesheye 1280, Alwynesheye 1316, Alwyneshegh 1447, Allowenshay 1640 and Allenshay 1693). (Allowenshay, The National Archives)

To read a fuller history of the parish click here: British History Online.

The villages consist of many fine examples of Hamstone buildings, 22 Grade II listed buildings, 7 listed monuments and both Kingstone Farmhouse and The Old Farmhouse in Allowenshay date from the 17th century.

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