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Match Reports

w/c 25th April 2021

The first midweek game had Linslade come to Kitcheners BC for the afternoon. The weather was not its best but the game was played in good humour and saw a home win 57 to 42 with Val Higton, Ian Davis and Brian Rumph as highest winning rink. 

This weekend was two away games with the Saturday game being played at Luton West BC. There was a scenic route taken by some but we all arrived on time and the game commenced. Some of our opponents were from Harpenden Indoor BC so there was quite a bit of banter between the players and everyone joined in. The excuses for the delivery of some of the woods from the Kitcheners team started quite early with Kate saying her woods were struggling to find their way through the daisies which I had to let her know were not on the green but in her imagination. She neither admitted or denied that :) The score was 64 to Kitcheners and 39 to Luton west with our highest winning rink being played by Maggie Moore, Vic Allen and Brian Rumph, I believe there is photographic evidence of some of my better woods !!! 


Sunday and a trip to Hazells BC. The Whoop Whoop girls were missed and although we lost overall 71 to 62, the men's captain did say that it was a draw due to two rinks from each team winning, I prefer your version Ken Woodward. Anyway, it was a good afternoon and hopefully when we meet Hazells again on the 15th May, we can get our revenge. Ooops nearly forgot we had a winning rink of Kate Jenkyns, Vic (it's me again) Allen and Steve Davis. 

I am really hoping that we can all get together again soon and with only a couple more weeks until the next road map from the government I am sure that we can all meet up.

Your intrepid sports reporter

Tuesday 4th May saw the first of our local derby games against our old foes, Berkhamsted Bowls Club, the weather was more like April than May but it did nothing to dampen the spirits of the News Reporter to whoop whoop her boys on through most of the game before she went home as it was too cold. The match saw the home team try their hardest to push through and get a win on all rinks but unfortunately Berkhamsted thought differently. The overall score was 44 to Kitcheners and 55 to Berkhamsted and in the words of Yazz in that great chart topper of 1988 "The Only Way Is Up" we loom forward to our next games against them.

Saturday 8th May and the only thing that beat us was the weather, we could not play the Philip Cooper Trophy, hopefully we can reschedule it for later in the year when the weather is kinder to us.

The report for Sunday's (9th May) game against Batchwood was sent by the Lady Captain and in her words " Best we forget today's score" but no madam we will publish and lick our non-existent wounds and gird our loins for another adventure.. The score was 38 to the home team and Batchwood won by 4 points, which actually is not that bad. I will say that the one winning rink consisted of Ann Wallis, Vic Allen and Colin Jones. There appears to be an early lead of most mentioned team member in the ever graceful Vic Allen being on the highest winning rink, go Tiger!!!

Your intrepid sports reporter

Saturday, 15th May was the very quick return game between us and Hazells and this time we were at home. This should have been in our favour but needless to say some of us did not find that. We had a great afternoon with the away team on rink four mocking our reporter and saying how quiet she was being, I am going to be brutally honest and say that I did have some competition from Judy, who gave as good as she got on the banter front. Then the weather, which had been teasing us for most of the day, decided to unleash the rain and whilst we watched some of the cheerleaders shelter under a rather large patio table umbrella, we all got wet and decided that for the sake of Health & Safety, it was time to call it quits and go to refreshments and the raffle. I managed a conversation with Captain Steve from Hazells and he agreed that as we had played 12 of the 18 ends it was therefore deemed to be a draw - WHOOP WHOOP

Sunday 16th May and a trip to Wingrave, a couple of our intrepid players were glad to be part of the Mr Woodward’s convoy and said that they would never have found the ground but could have made it to the pub next door - shame on you Jordan and Kelly. We are always greeted well at Wingrave and today was no exception and even though it did rain it did not our dampen spirits - or water the red wine down. We got a win on the day with a winning rink of Dave Richardson and his lovely ladies Sue Halsey and Kate (there were no daisies on the rink today) Jenkyns. 

Monday's (17th May) midweek game against Aston Clinton was played with some old friends meeting up after a long time apart and the game was a success - I am now going to add a bit of poetice license, - the rain and ensuing thunderstorm that was being played out in the far reaches of Northchurch and Berkhamsted did not get as far as Aston Clinton so the game was played to the end. Now back to what I do know, Simon Lambourne, Steve Mitchell and Dave (mentioned 2 days in a row) Richardson won the highest winning rink for Kitcheners, well done team. 

Your intrepid sports reporter.

13th July 2021

Well this is going to be a quick report as there was only one game that took place over the weekend as the Saturday game got called off against St Albans due to lack of names. I shall say that it was due to the Ladies Wimbledon Tennis match.

So to Sunday, obviously not much happening today as we had a visit to Houghton Regis Bowls Club and we put out three triples and they supplied us with 2 players to play with Lisa "Bash It Through" Flint so she could play as well. It is a lovely club and they are always very welcoming so we had a great afternoon. There was an Italy and England football match happening on the playing field opposite the bowls club and to be fair they were nearly as noisy as we were. The Whoop Whoop girls and David Gardiner were raucous as always in their pursuit of flirting with the enemy and cheering their team on - You know who you are Mrs Flirty Pants !!!! Debbie Whiting was a lovely sight to behold on the side lines and even Steve Delderfield came over for a visit.

19th July 2021

Well I hope we have all recuperated from the heat yesterday. It seemed a very noisy afternoon on the green, even our neighbour in the bungalow could not drown out Beech Hill or us today. It was a good afternoon and although we let ourselves down a bit with the score, the very fact that we played was testament to the saying "Mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun". There was laughter, friendly barracking and some gamesmanship across the green, I didn't realise there were so many churchgoers on our rink for example. Just a quick question does anyone know what is wrong with Ian Flints delivery arm, all I could see him doing was trying to get some life out of the "guns" when ever his skip told him he was short!!! The Whoop Whoop girls were all fighting for the shade at the bottom end of rink one, even dodging flying ants who also seemed to want the same shade. 

It was lovely to see some familiar faces with us yesterday and thanks to Yvonne Coe for trying to re-home a bottle of wine with me, unfortunately not mine

W/c 1st August 2021 

Sunday 1st August and Mike Waterhouse takes on the mantle of Captain for the Day at Cheddington Bowls Club. We were a bit short of players and Captain Starling of Cheddington gifted as some players. It was a nice afternoon, the spirit of the game was friendly and we won, it would be improper to give the score, so I won't, but will say well done to our Highest Winning Rink of Barbara Gardiner, Sue Halsey and Mike Waterhouse. 

Saturday 7th August, Wing "flew over" to Kitcheners for a rather loud and bawdy game of bowls. The away team, regardless of what you may hear, loved the fact that they were getting heckled from the Whoop Whoop girls and another rumour to be ignored is a comment by the away Captain that I might not have been wearing a certain item of underwear :) :) In all the excitement of reporting this I nearly forgot to say we lost marginally, today. 

Sunday 8th August, we welcomed St Albans to Kitcheners and like yesterday the weather was fair and although a few rain drops moistened the air it did not actually come to anything more. All undergarments were in place for this game today and your "Lois Lane" was busy trying to find a new angle to a story to report back but alas could not. All she knows for sure that everyone seemed to be having a good time, including the Whoop Whoop girls who were, between them, trying to assist me in completing a knitted hat - my new knitting project for the homeless. All I am going to say it was like going back in time to the days of the guillotine and the women who used to sit and knit while the poor souls lost their heads. I will also say there is a very interesting pattern change about 3 inches up, oh well that is where the cuff will be. Thank you ladies for your assistance you know who you are!!!!

Your Intrepid Sports Reporter

W/c 14th August

Saturday 14th August against Redbourn was cancelled - can't add to that really!

Sunday 15th August was away to Chesham. Jill tells me that prior to this game she had three different phone calls with three different "Captains for the Day" from Chesham, she was convinced they were trying to confuse her. I managed to establish that it was a lovely afternoon and with the assistance of the Lady Captain I can report the following - We had a pleasant afternoon, it was reasonably warm and there was accompaniment from the band stand in Lowndes Park, albeit a little questionable at times!  Sadly we lost on all four rinks ☹️ To my dear readers I have removed the score as it is not necessary to show the result

Your Intrepid Sports Reporter

W/c 21st August

The Ethel Howlet Trophy was cancelled this year due to not enough names, don't take it personally Ethel we will try again next year.

Sunday 22nd was a game at home to Hemel Hempstead in the Dacorum Shield. The rain stayed away and it appeared that everyone was having a good time on their rinks. I will be honest it was quite bizarre to hear the father and son combo on the friendly rink with Ben telling Ian which hand to bowl on, "dad come up this way" or "dad not that way, this way". Anyway, we had a good win on all rinks. It was lovely to play with some old and new friends from Hemel Hempstead and we wish them well in their remaining games unless they are playing against us of course, which is today Wednesday as we go to print. 

Just a reminder that there are a couple of Finals Matches coming up for some of our players.  Friday the 27th August sees Kate, Jill and Sue play in the Final of the Watford and District Ladies Triples at Potten End with the game starting at 10:00 a.m. I am not sure what is being provided as a refreshment incentive but remember parking is going to be very hard to find and please do not park across driveways as this upsets the residents who live nearby. 

Ken and Steve (Davis) are playing in the final at Herts Bowls Club on Saturday morning in the Watford and District Men's Pairs. I am sure this a 10:00 a.m. start and will let you know if that is not correct. I have heard that there are bacon rolls and other refreshments on sale so hopefully that will persuade some more people to come over to watch and cheer the "boys" on. 

Your Intrepid Sports Reporter

W/c 28th August

Well done first of all to Kate, Jill and Sue in putting up a good fight in the finals of the Ladies Watford and District Triples against the ladies from Bushey Bowls Club. Also to Ken and Steve who played in the W&D League against Garston and even after a well played match, also came second. 

Sunday, that's today, we played against Cheddington Bowls Club and we all had a lovely afternoon. Some of us benefited from the half way tea break and some were not so lucky. We did win and the men's captain believes that it was John Coleman, Ian Flint and Jill Birdsell that had the highest winning rink, I know I will be corrected if this is wrong. 

Your Intrepid Sports Reporter