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Koinonia, Andover

Impact Club

Bible study Bible study

Impact club is for children from school year 1 through to year 11. These are monthly events and are held on a Saturday evening The evening is divided into two age groups with a meeting in the middle for a Christian talk, drink and chat. These events are held are at Burghclere Down Community Hall. We have games and activities for the children which are directed at the age groups attending. 

We will have a youth group aimed at older, secondary school age children to be held bi-weekly after the Sunday evening service. The youth that attend will be given sheets to take notes on the evening service and will then go off to various hosts accompanied by their leaders to go through the notes and discuss any issues or questions they may have. It is intended to be conversational and informal and there will hopefully be time to chat and maybe play some games. Transport for children to the host and back home is provided. The group will finish at 9pm.

The joint leaders of both Impact and the Youth Group are: Lee and Helen Willcox and Leigh and Emily Mills; please do not hesitate to speak to us if any further details are needed.