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KWES - Kent Woodland Employment Scheme

About Us

KWES Kent Woodland Employment Scheme is a new charity set up to provide training and employment for ex-Service personnel; young people and ex-offenders in Kent’s ancient woodlands.

Our trainees will obtain recognised qualifications that will ensure that at the end of their three year training period they can secure a worthwhile job. Our trainees are people who have served their country in the armed forces but face difficulty in the transition to life outside, those who have recently left school but are unable to find work and those who have been involved in crime but wish to make a new start.

Kent is one of the most densely wooded counties in the UK. Our woodlands were once the main energy source for a number of industries. Wood coppiced from them supported products over many centuries for coal mining, Kent tanneries, smelting iron and paper making. When most of these industries disappeared so too did the woodland workers. Today there are very few left in Kent and the UK. Those woodland workers are growing older and the Forestry Commission believe that if the number of new entrants does not increase there will be a huge shortage of them in the near future.

But wood is now becoming an important fuel once again and more and more people and organisations are using it to heat their homes and premises. Woodfuel is also a renewable source of energy as trees absorb CO2 from the air as they grow. It helps prevent climate change by displacing fossil fuels such as more expensive oil and gas that are non-renewable.