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Village 20MPH Zone

Lenham Village 20mph zone

The Parish Council is pleased to inform Lenham residents that KCC has published plans of its intention to restrict the traffic speed through the Square and the surrounding area to 20 mph. This is as promised in the Lenham Neighbourhood Plan. It has been achieved by a positive collaboration between the Parish Council, County Councillor and Borough Councillors which enabled this long held Village ambition to reach this final stage prior to becoming a reality.
The documents are available for Inspection online at: 
The traffic order number is (AMENDMENT NO.10) ORDER 2022.

A map showing the extent of the zone can be seen here, it is also available in the Parish Council Office.

The areas covered by the order were determined by compromise between the KCC rules governing 20mph zones (in particular by the traffic speeds measured at various points by KCC) and the positioning of the required street signage (both sides of the street).

It is anticipated that the work to set up the 20mph zone will take place during the early part of 2023.